Quick 10 Minute Morning Meditation To Kick Start Your Day – Use it DAILY! (10-min)

If You’re Serious About Being Healthy – Get In Front Of A Computer

Although it’s still more desirable to attend a class to practice yoga, we’re all limited by the practicalities of life and the teaching available in our areas. With the latest technology it just gets easier and more convenient for all of us to share in the joys of yoga.

5 Reasons to Use Yoga to Battle Modern Day Stresses

While many people have always thought of Yoga as some mystic Hindu practice, that image is rapidly disappearing – almost as fast as the stresses of our modern lives are increasing. Here are 5 practical reasons to use Yoga to control stress.

Yoga Can Help to Avoid Cancer

Cancer is the cause of twenty five percent of deaths in Western communities and there is a groundswell of evidence to show that a great deal can be done to prevent cancer by adopting and practising the living of a stress-free life. But how? Let a leading teacher of stress management through meditation, explain how Yoga can help.

Yoga Teacher Training: The Value of the Sage in Yoga

This does not mean a Sage has to be a Yoga teacher, but this is someone you can constantly learn from. If you need a notebook to keep up with all of the wisdom you hear from your mentor, then you have found a genuine sage.

Can You Lose Weight from Yoga and Reap The Rewards?

Lose weight from yoga? There are people who do lose weight from yoga but it entails more than the physical exercising. Yoga is an exercise for the body, mind and spirit. People who have lost weight with yoga have taken a total look at their lifestyle, their eating patterns, the type of food they eat. These are some of the considerations

Types of Yoga

Learn how to identify and use each different type of yoga.

Teaching Hatha Yoga: Cueing Insights

Most Yoga students retain information by actually performing a technique. Some studies estimate that 90% of all people learn by “doing.” In comparison, only a small percentage (10 to 20%) of your Yoga students will retain what you demonstrate or what they hear.

Why Yoga Exercises Are Different From Other Forms Of Exercise

In need of exercise? If you are thinking of taking up a form of exercise with the aim of making yourself look and feel much better you should give very serious thought to yoga exercises.

Why Meditation And Yoga Are So Good For You

Most people are well aware by now that the formula to a happy and healthy life is to exercise and eat well. However, today’s hectic lifestyles often mean that we frequently find ourselves in stressful situations. In order to combat stress we need to learn how to relax, and that’s where meditation and yoga come in.

10 Benefits For You With Yoga Fitness

With the emphasis today on health and fitness, we all seem to be re-evaluating how we stay fit. Some forms of exercise require almost a good level of fitness to even start. Then there are others like yoga fitness that can benefit all ages and all levels of fitness and health.

Destination De-Stress! Newest Trend in Personal Wellness

Maybe we’re an aging society or maybe we’re just all wising up, but personal wellness is becoming popular amongst the 50-something crowd. And, the latest trend in personal wellness is destination wellness retreats. This article gives you an sample of what’s available in Italy away from the big tourist areas.

Popular Yoga Postures And Positions

The Cobra, The Bow, and The Shooting Bow

Yoga Fundamentals: The Seven Chakras

In Sanskrit the word chakra means spinning wheel representing the seven spinal energy centers. The charkas correspond to your spiritual growth, behavioral characteristics and to specific areas of your body.

Yoga Classes – How To Find Your Yoga Classes

One of the most well known and popular form of exercise is yoga, and its popularity has increased the most dramatically recently, in particular over the last decade or so. It matters not what age, fitness level or health situation that applies to you, yoga will have advantages and benefits.

The Purpose Of Yoga

One person says yoga is for relaxation. Another person says it is for fitness, and yet another says it is for weight loss. What is the purpose of yoga?

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