Pure Beginner: Lesson #1 of 6 Yoga for 100% Beginners – Jumpstart Your Yoga Practice Safely at Home

Yoga Teacher for a Day, Part 1

Yoga teachers spend time preparing each lesson plan. The particular lesson plan is designed for the needs, health, and age of the group.

Yoga Teacher for a Day, Part 2

The demand for Yoga teachers has also created a part time niche for some. There are Yoga teachers who work a full time job and teach in the evening, at noon, or in the morning.

Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! It’s Off to Yoga I Go!

Yoga is a system of exercises practiced for thousands of years as used to promote control of the body and mind. It has consistently been used to cure and prevent back pain by enhancing strength and flexibility. Yoga helps reduce pain by helping the brain regulate the secretion of natural painkillers into the body. A Yoga therapist will assist you by creating a program that is specific to your needs and limitations, especially those pertaining to your injury and medical condition.

What Chair Yoga Teachers Need to Know About Teaching Seniors

Adding chair yoga as one of your specialties as a yoga instructor not only increases you ability to add classes to your schedule, but it also lets you do a lot of good in this world. This article discusses some of the particulars about how chair yoga classes should be conducted.

Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Yoga Teaching Service, Part 3

The bottom line is that you will never find a better advertising tool, at this time, than your own web site. You can get a free web site, Blog, or a paid web site for next to nothing.

How to Shift Gears, Change Careers, and Become a Yoga Teacher, Part 2

How would you pay your bills by teaching Yoga for a living? Everyone needs a certain amount of income to live on and Yoga teachers are no different. Yoga jobs may not instantly “fall into your lap.” So what can you do to make a painless transition into becoming a Yoga teacher full time?

How to Shift Gears, Change Careers, and Become a Yoga Teacher, Part 1

Do you enjoy practicing Yoga? Does teaching Yoga seem like your ultimate dream job? Does the thought of becoming a Yoga teacher feel like a “calling from within?” How would you pay your bills teaching Yoga? If your life mission is becoming a Yoga teacher; let’s look at a few practical solutions to your obstacles.

Yoga – One Size Doesn’t Need To Fit All

Yoga’s great, but a lot of people won’t try it. Why not?

Why is Teaching Yoga so Rewarding? Part 2

Having time to spend with your family, enjoying life, and having the “time to smell the flowers,” are newfound parts of a Yoga teacher’s life. What is more important than the quality time you have to spend with loved ones and dear friends? Yoga gives all of us time to reflect on the real priorities in life and Yoga practice could be compared to a brief vacation in your daily life.

Why is Teaching Yoga so Rewarding? Part 1

Can teaching Yoga really be that rewarding? Why do Yoga teachers love their job? Will your Yoga training open up doors for your dream job? Let’s look at some of these questions and see how you can make your dream job become a reality. Even if you have no desire to teach Yoga, the practice of Yoga can be your gateway to satisfaction, fulfillment, achievement, and a successful life.

Five Reasons for Yoga Instructors to Teach Chair Yoga

One baby boomer turns 50 every 8 seconds! You can increase the number of classes you teach while helping people live healthier, happier, and longer lives by learning to teach chair yoga.

Relieve the Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis with Chair Yoga

It is well accepted that the practice of yoga is beneficial for those coping with multiple sclerosis (MS), and chair yoga is an especially gentle form of yoga. This article explains the benefits of chair yoga for people with MS in their own words.

Yoga For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a physical as well as mental experience. Women often becomes hyper aware of all the changes their bodies are going through. Yoga allows pregnant women to adapt to these changes more gracefully and to feel proud and a sense of appreciation for their bodies.

Why Yoga Should Be a Part of Your Daily Fitness Routine

If you would like to really put your daily fitness routine in overdrive and get better results than you ever have in the past, you really should consider adding yoga exercises into your home fitness workouts. Aerobic exercise is great for burning calories, and strength training works very well for strengthening your muscle groups. But yoga goes far beyond either of those forms of exercise and can benefit you both physically and mentally. Let’s see how.

What You Need to Know When You Start Yoga Exercises

No down you have heard about yoga for years but you may not really know much about it. If you are just a beginner in the yoga world, here are some things that you need to know about before you start.

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