Preview – Knoff Yoga – Yoga Teacher Training 2014

today I’m Ross I’m Rachel Mackey my call is Li Chiao my refer is Louisa still Ian hello my call is James Brian I’m here today to talk to you about the Kentucky okay teacher training courses and why you should come along and do them one of the things I’ve noticed over the years running these teacher training courses is the stunning the incredible transformation that takes place in our students I witness them come in their front opening very anxious very nervous full of hopes and aspirations they go through a little of Hell in the process because again these are intensive directions and you are working with a surmount educator who not only expect but requires then you afford it your all but at the end what a modification now you have a woman who’s done all the work all the work that we want to do that we were able to not get to do and she is done and when we’re in a pose because she are well aware and feels it can be it she can tell you exactly what to do Knopf Yoga is mixing the anatomical alignment the temper approach with the forceful particular aspects of the Ashtanga approach and we find those two things actually fit together like hand in glove Nikki cannot started yoga in 1970 when I had begun in 1982 the compounded know of looking off and myself James Bryan is just shy of 80 years that’s amazing to see that listen to this constellation of acclaimed yoga teachers Bikram Choudhury Beek si younger Sri Jessica chart and Pattabhi Jois the fact that Nikki’s worked with these four acclaimed yoga educators is something that can no longer be replicated and if you come and do a directions you will gain the benefit of your experience it’s pretty exciting having this nature of yoga opening up for me truly more and more all the time interpret what is possible what can be achieved with dedication practice some time that that does give me a serious buzz and it does obstruct things most exciting for me I think it is worthwhile to come to knock your daughter from yoga anyone who comes here will learn um what the foundation of your that really is a lot of people have got now thinking that they’ve got a pretty good grounding and actually have found out that including myself that that’s not the case verify a lot of the month we depleted stopping the bad attires and assembling new wont turns to the focus on technique and adjustment is out of this world it’s definitely not one of those teacher training schools where you know yourself in lovely Bali or the likened and it’s very floaty and and is actually a really intense experience that brings you know your focus to techniques to alignment and also into yourself you need to leave or your preconceptions and you know your even your ego at the door and just come here with an open attention and get ready to learn to do yoga the proper way you

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