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Yoga for Prevention and Termination of Drug Abuse

Yoga, as well as other alternative therapies, has been practiced for the purpose of ending drug abuse with fair results. Many people ask how Yoga helps people quit abusing drugs. The Yogic method for ending substance abuse is very simple. Yoga gives the mind a useful daily purpose, which re-programs the practitioner.

My Yoga Demon – A Yogi Laughs at Himself!

I see the Great Void, through which Brahman creates itself as numerous aspects of mundane fingers pointing to the divine. Existence is transcendently integrated because each aspect transcends itself to become the whole, and the whole’s virtue to become itself is present in each aspect. In the end, the mundane and the divine are one.

Entropy Yoga – A Yoga for Engineers

Yoga is a term that most of us in the modern world are familiar with. It is a general term used for a variety of exercises and procedures used for self-development or spiritual development.

Yoga and Ayurveda – Sisters for Life

I am sure most of you reading this either go to a yoga class once or twice a week or know of someone who does. It’s the new fad, there is a yoga studio on every corner. But, did you know that Yoga has a sister called Ayurveda. Not as dynamic and in your face as Yoga, Ayurveda, the quieter and more reserved sister has been waiting her turn for the limelight and now that time has come.

Every Breath You Take – A Guide to Yogic Breathing

It goes without saying that a large percentage of us take breathing for granted. It is one of those things that just happens without us noticing, like blinking, or swallowing. Even while we sleep, this simple act of life quietly continues, day in and day out, throughout our lives. We are never taught how to breathe properly, it just happens instinctively. So vital is proper breathing to physical, mental, and emotional health, that it is a primary component to many yoga practices. Pran means “life force”and yama means “control”. Pranayama then is “control of breath.

Yoga Is An Aid, Not A Cure – For Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be helped with a healthier lifestyle. Yoga is one such healthy alternative.

Yoga Instructor Certification Course – Why Registration Is Not Enough For New & Established Teachers

Yoga instructor certification course or is a teacher registration simply enough? This article will discuss the reason for taking your registration one step further and becoming a fully qualified yoga instructor.

Brahamn’s Eye

Where you look, what you see, this makes possible your conscious union, the yoking, the yoga of Atman – the finite, and Brahman – the infinite. Look in the right place, see the correct vision, and the finite and infinite dance an eternal mystical ballet of spirit. This is completion.

In the Shade of the Yoga Tree – A Living Context for Practice

Without false modesty, pride, or preconception we greet kindred spirits along the path, meeting them eye-to-eye and toe-to-toe because we are all concurrently students and teachers. While individuals experience life through different personalities, we share weighty truths allowing us to recognize one another.

Shoulder Stand – An Easy Yoga Pose That Benefits Your Whole Body

Feeling fatigue? By doing a shoulder stand for 2 to 20 minutes, you can stimulate your entire body. In this pose, you increase circulation in the chest, shoulders, upper back and neck. The many benefits are outlined below.

Weight Loss through Yoga – Loose Weight Effectively!

An hour of yoga burns approximately 200 calories. But, there are other subtle ways that yoga helps you lose weight.

Can Children Do Yoga?

Yoga not only improves flexibility, but also improves strength, stamina, concentration, blood circulation, balance, and more. Whether you already practice yoga or not, you may consider letting your children practice yoga.

Mudras Yoga For Your Hands And Fingers

The Prana Mudra if practiced 15 minutes a day will increase life force energy within you. It strengthens your immunity, muscles, eyes and removes nervousness. The finger positions stimulate the nourishing energy in the pelvic flow and gently increases vitality and assists in reducing fatigue.

Benefits of Yoga Practice for Middle-Aged People

Don’t believe that you need a hard exercise regime to lower blood pressure. Research has shown that with a gentle 30 minute yoga session has many benefits for individuals, particularly for middle aged individuals.

Practice Yoga to Develop Patience

When you look at the list of virtues that Yoga embraces – patience is one of many. Yet, the development of patience, through the practice of Yoga, could change the quality of your life right away. Traffic jams, delays, extra paperwork, and last-second changes, cause many of us to be irritable – but just how important are they?

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