Power Yoga – Twist & Balance Yoga Flow | Spring Equinox Class

Teaching Hatha Yoga – The Relationship of Student and Teacher

Traditionally, students of Yoga sought out a particular guru. They may have been referred to this specific guru by his, or her, loyal students, or knew of the teacher’s skills by reputation. At that point, a guru would make a decision on whether or not to take in another student on a trial basis. The trial may have consisted of doing work around the ashram before being recognized as a formal student.

Yogic Mind Training Techniques

Within every form of Yoga are the tools of change. Yoga was designed to give you the tools to improve yourself, your health, and your lifestyle – at this moment. Just by practicing your favorite form of Yoga, each day, you reinforce your emotional health; but let’s observe how the principle works and how to do it.

How is Your Back Pain? Part 1

Most of us at one time or another will suffer from neck, shoulder or back pain. It could be helpful to find someone experienced in treating low back pain with yoga as they can direct you to the appropriate exercise that may be needed.

Yoga Therapy 3

Yoga is a living science. With some experience one develops an intuition for modifying exercises to suite one’s special needs. This article describes one such modified exercise that can be used for treating some physical disorders. It is based on the usual pranayam vidhi and is meant for persons who are already familiar with the practice of pranayam.

Online Yoga Certification – How Technology is Changing the Face of Teacher Training Courses

Traditional Yoga teacher training programs still exist, but traditional programs often last years. Not so long ago, the concept of an intensive face-to-face training, for a month, seemed like a new idea. All you had to do was schedule your time, and you could combine your training, with a vacation, at a beautiful or exotic location.

Yoga Intensives – How to Maximize Your Experience

Whether you teach Yoga, or not, there are a few methods to help you get the most out of your experience at a seminar, retreat, or an intensive training. When planning to attend any kind of Yoga intensive, here are a few tips to help you get the most from your learning experience.

How Hatha Yoga Can Help Anger Management

The idea of practicing Yoga, as an adjunct to anger management therapy, has promise, but it also has disbelievers. Those who would prefer to stay as they are have “short changed” their chances at achieving success through any form of therapy. If we do not believe in a form of treatment, there is not much chance of success.

Yoga Improves Posture and Balance

Standing on your own two feet can be harder then it sounds! But, yoga makes it easy, and improves your strength, posture and balance in the process. Learn how yoga does this with the posture Mountain Pose (Tadasana) in this short, easy to follow article.

Meditation-In-Motion – A Kripalu Yoga Experience

Learn a new way to experience freedom in your body and a deep sense of peace. Meditation-In-Motion is a unique aspect of the Kripalu Yoga tradition. It is an exercise for awakening prana (energy) at its very roots, and allowing it to flow freely through the body. This liberation of prana can bring deep and lasting changes on emotional and physiological levels.

Yoga’s Child’s Pose Relaxes and Restores

New to yoga? Start with Child’s Pose, it’s as easy as child’s play and calms the central nervous system making you happy and relaxed. Learn how to do child’s pose in this short, easy to follow article.

Yoga – How to Say Yes When Your Body Says No

As a student of yogi with a fairly advanced ongoing practice, I see how this is an ongoing problem. There are so many elements at work to keep one from working on the edge and if you’re not working on the edge then you won’t progress. Here are a few observations and suggestions that could help.

Two Easy Yoga Exercises to Beat Stress

Looking for ways to beat stress? Yoga makes it easy. Even five minutes spent doing yoga will give you stress relief.

The Benefits of Yoga For Children & How to Make Your Children Love Yoga

Today stress are very commonly, not only to adult but also for children. The task for regulating the rivalries with other children on the broader question it seems to eliminate the many programming calendars. Unfortunately, children are not learned how to deal with the stress, as adults, and not that stress can lead to mood swings, fatigue and illness.

Yoga – Three Ways to Let Life’s Chaos and Drama Fall Away

Life’s conflicts and dramas getting you down, turning even simple things into a big deal. Here are three ways to help yourself keep them at bay and find a meaningful life of personal acceptance and accomplishment and enjoyment.

Nurses and Back Pain Part 4

In order to increase energy and to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit, a dose of yoga incorporated into a nurse’s daily routine can be the answer. In addition, he points out that yoga is especially beneficial for maintaining good posture, which lessens the tendency to tire, and for maximizing the health of the spine. In order to demonstrate the benefits, we summarized a sample of yoga techniques and poses targeted to the challenges nurses face, categorized by the time that they can take to do.

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