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Penetrate the Silence

Our minds are full of chatter, all day long and even during the night when we dream. We are constantly bombarded by thoughts of every conceivable kind. This is not the natural way we are to be. The ancient ones tell us that to know God is to hear the whisperings of knowing that flow from the cosmic mind. These are not thoughts. They do not come from the head. They flow from the Beingness that you are.

Ease Lower Back Pain – Top 3 Steps To Keep It At Bay

Learn how to control that problematic back pain with 3 easy steps. Practice these 3 methods in the comfort of your own home, without the need for expensive gym memberships and training classes.

Discover The Greatest Yoga Breathing Techniques

To master the art of yoga breathing you need to tune your mind differently. For example pay attention to how your breathing sounds to you, does it sound laboured, shallow or does it sound smooth with an easy rhythm. Breathing is along the same lines as the sound and rhythm of the ocean.

How Hot Yoga Can Help With Your Weight Loss

Weight loss has been something which people have struggled with, as well as managing the health risks of being overweight. Hot Yoga classes London offer an alternative exercise regime to losing weight. Not only do these yoga classes London offer a range of health benefits they make losing weight a new and exciting journey for everyone in the yoga classes.

Where Has My Waist Gone? Get It Back With Yoga!

As we age, our bodies shift and one of those shifts often results in the thickening of the waist. Studies have shown that with age, male and female bodies return to the homogeneous state that they began with. Make some time in your day, every day, for a few yoga poses. Before you know it, you will be looking forward to your yoga breaks and will find that you have a trimmer waist again!

Yoga Relaxation Techniques for Phobias

It makes so much sense to think that Yoga’s relaxation techniques would help a person with phobias, and extreme anxiety, cope with his or her irrational fears. Yet, there are reasons why relaxation may fail. Let’s take a closer look at the obstacles that may hinder the progress Yogic relaxation can make.

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