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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga, in the literal meaning of the words, is the synchronistic application of movements alternating between breathing and positions that are maintained for extended periods of time. To simplify the meaning, the interaction of movements and breathing techniques are utilized in particular manners in which the overall effect is that each one is a foundation for the other.

Yoga Totes

When taking into consideration that most practitioners of the ancient arts of Buddhist Meditation, Yoga, and the more modern version, Pilates, are generally practiced within a particular room in the household, one would have to wonder what in the world the purpose would be for a Yoga tote. Surely, you are not going to pack your stuff up to take it from the living room to your meditation chamber?

Tantric Yoga

It is a well-known fact that Yoga, as a generalized art, is the practice of perfecting some aspect of an individual’s existence. This could comprise the physical well being, spiritual formation, or mental ability or mental perfection. The distinction between forms of yoga, though each one is practiced in a different manner, is not so much as the format that you utilize but the source, which you seek to alter or perfect.

Washing And Caring For Your Yoga Mat

To the avid and active Yoga practitioner, the mat eventually becomes a part of ones personal space. It becomes integral a necessary part of the actual sessions also. A Yoga mat is like a pillow in a lot of ways. Once you have used the same pillow for an extended period of time, simply picking out another pillow when it gets old is not an easy thing to do. A Yoga mat will eventually become THE Yoga mat if you use it long enough. With this in mind, we can begin to see the necessity of making your Yoga mat last as long as you possibly can. Taking certain measurements to extend its lifespan to the maximum can do this.

Yoga Breathing Methods

In a world of corporate stress, traffic jams, bill collectors, and unending debt, it comes as no surprise that a large number of deaths are directly related to high blood pressure and stress. The world is a savage place in reference to the physical health of an individual. There does, however, seem to be a solution to stress related health issues that the modern world so adamantly offers. The source of this opportunity of hope does not come in the form of a pill, a shot, or a technology oriented miracle cure. It actually comes through a process that originated centuries ago. It is known simply as, Yoga.

Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga is more of a spiritual concept of the practice of Yoga. Whereas many Yoga techniques orient themselves towards the physical and mental improvements, Bhakti focuses mainly on the spiritual relationship between the individual and God.

Yoga for Weight Loss

In the United States today, the cases of Obesity have become a constantly increasing cause for concern among the average population. The somewhat alarming statistics inform us that over 130 million adults (20 years old or older) suffer from extreme weight gain issues. The medical implications of obesity make this a great cause for concern. Risk factors for obesity include diabetes, high blood cholesterol, coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke, osteoarthritis (A condition of degenerative cartilage and joint tissue), sleep Apnea, Breast cancer, colorectal cancer, endometrial cancer, kidney cancer, pregnancy complications, menstruation irregularities, urine leakage, excessive bodily hair, and depression.

Pilates vs Yoga

Over the past two decades, both of the arts, and/or practices of the equally promoted Yoga and Pilates have become exceedingly popular. Those who have never had the chance to actually practice either one are left out in the dark on which one that would be more suitable for them. Some individuals even think that the practice of Pilates is an actual derivative of the ancient art of Yoga. Due to several similarities, the state of confusion is actually quite understandable, until you look beyond the surface.

Yoga Bolsters

Being new to the practice of Yoga, it is always a good idea to give your body an opportunity to adapt to unusual positions that one has to go through. Always remember not to push your body beyond what it is capable of. The art and practice of Yoga was never intended to harm the practitioner’s body in any way. Without slowly adapting to the processes, one might end up pulling muscles, stretching ligaments, tendons, or even ripping them, though the latter of the four is extremely rare.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – The Character of a Professional Yoga Teacher

When teaching Yoga classes to the public, there are certain components, which separate some teachers “from the crowd.” Luckily, all of these components can be learned, but what qualities should a Yoga teacher learn to develop? According to one survey, two thirds of all adults had never taken a Yoga class.

Headache Relief – Gentle Exercises to Soothe the Pain Away

Headaches and migraines interfere with work and home activities. Analgesics and medications may offer some relief, but there are often side effects. Gentle exercises, based on yoga techniques, may offer a safe and effective alternative.

Bodhi Tree Pose – Integrating Yoga & Strength Training

Bodhi Tree Pose develops deep muscle stabilization, core development, balance, flexibility, mobility, endurance and strength. A seamless integration of western exercise science and eastern holistics arts.

Yoga for All

The burning question which is generally asked by several modern physicians is that Yoga is not an experimental verified therapy so how come an individual apply it in their life. There might be some hidden risks and side-effects which are yet unknown. The answer is fair and simple.

Yoga Instruction – The Best Way To Relieve Stress

Stress is a killer and one of the top causes of health problems today. Finding a means in which to fight stress is essential, not only for peace of mind, but for your health as well. Yoga instruction can help you with this in many ways.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – How Long Should Warm-Ups Be?

The value of warm-ups, before Asana (Yoga posture) practice, cannot be understated in Yoga, and in life. Warm-ups reduce the chance of injury to the practitioner. The time spent doing warm-ups can vary due to the purpose. The age of the students, the time of day, the outside temperature, and the purpose of the warm-up, can be factors, which determine the time frame.

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