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Knoxville Yoga Offers Variety

Yoga in Knoxville, Tennessee is small but growing. Knoxville is home to some exceptional yoga teachers in a number of traditions. Students new to yoga can be confused, though, by so many choices. This article offers a round-up of the yoga styles you will find.

Yoga and Diabetes

Yoga instructors need to work closely with diabetic students in order to maximize the health advantages from yoga. Recent findings reveal the many positive effects that yoga has on diabetes.

Yoga Instructor Training – Yoga for Arthritis

There are several conditions, classified under the heading of arthritis, which all involve joint pain. Studies reveal that yoga can cause significant relief from this debilitating condition.

Yoga Instructor Training – Yoga and Arthritis

When a student, with arthritis, joins your class, make sure you ask them if their doctor has put any specific limitations on their movement. You want to make sure that you can provide the proper modifications to poses, if necessary.

Bring on the Bikram

A self quest for a new fitness routine to lose the unwanted jiggle brought about by endless consumption of Valentine’s day chocolate introduces me to Bikram Yoga. And in the process, leads me to runaway thoughts on a dream Indian vacation and all yummy things Indian. Bring out the naan!

Yoga – The Facts

Stressed out? Yoga and Pilates can help! Doctors are now prescribing Yoga and Pilates to patients suffering from anxiety and stress. Find out what Yoga and Pilates could do for you.

The Yoga Way to Health and Well Being

Yoga is not a recent practice. It is a practice which through time, has developed and increased in significance and appeal worldwide. The rationale behind the appeal is greatly to do with the physical and psychological benefits experienced when integrating yoga into one’s daily schedule.

Recognized Yoga Education Facilities and Employment Opportunities in Yoga

Yoga, the twin sister of Ayurveda is one unique science that deals with the physical and mental health of a person. Since ancient times, Yoga and Ayurveda were natural part of one’s life. Over time, both sciences got buried in the history. A newfound enthusiasm on Yoga is visible all around the world, especially in the US, Germany, Australia and the UK.

Modifications for Supta Padangusthasana

My student is complaining of pain in the wrists, which lasts for days, after Yoga practice. While performing Supta Padangusthasana (Reclining Big Toe Pose), we have been using a cotton strap around the arch of the foot.

The Truth About Christian Yoga

As Yoga has grown, outside of India, so have the many contemporary styles. Among the contemporary styles is Christian Yoga. Just mentioning the words, Christian and Yoga in the same phrase, could start a controversy, depending upon who is listening.

Who Should Be Allowed To Teach Yoga To The Public?

Once in a while, you read, or hear, an opinion about who should teach Yoga, how many years or hours of training is required, pre-requisites, and the physical requirements of teaching. So, how do you decipher through all of this information? To make it simple, please know, at the time of this writing, Yoga is largely unregulated.

Yoga Your Way to Weight Loss

Yoga is good for you in so many ways. It can even help you lose weight.

Teaching Yoga for Teen Stress Management – It’s a Matter of Perspective

Yoga is a viable solution to teen stress. However, some adults cannot understand the nature of teen anxiety and stress. Some will state that “Kids nowadays have it better than any previous generation.” This reminds me of the self-absorbed statement, “I have problems of my own.”

Teaching Yoga for Teen Stress Management – What Parents Should Know

Are you looking for an alternative method, instead of a prescription, for your stressed-out teenager, at home? If you have researched natural methods to lower the levels of anxiety, and stress – Yoga is probably a top consideration, by now.

Teaching Yoga for Teen Stress Management – Establishing Bonds

Yoga has many uses, but establishing family bonds is a valuable part of the practice. What should you do if the family ties between a parent and child were not so strong to start with? Sometimes, a parent and teen are complete strangers to each other.

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