Muscle Strains & Muscle Tears | What to Do / NOT Do & How to Heal From Them

Simple Morning Yoga

Yoga is one of the best fitness programs that has passed the test of time. It helps you to release stress and tension and stimulate the body to heal itself.

How To Improve Your Yoga With Sports Massage Treatments

Massage Treatments are used to for a wide range of disorders from muscular tension, repetitive strain injury and sports injuries to insomnia, migraines, work related stress and depression. However, good massage is also a simple way of increasing the efficiency of your yoga by helping with your body’s flexibility.

Yoga and the Very Misunderstood Shiva Lingam

The oval-shaped stone called the Shiva Lingam is celebrated, worshiped and mediated upon today by Hindus throughout India. The stone is not carved, and found exactly in that suggestive shape that leads the uninformed into concluding that a culture of worshiping the male genitalia is an important aspect of Indian history. It does not help that, in the Sanskrit dictionary, one of the meanings given for the word ‘shivalingam’ is ‘phallus.’ Further perversions also lead the misguided to think that perhaps there was a primitive Hindu tribe where all females worshiped the male organ.

Yoga for Beginners: What Clothes To Wear?

So, after hearing of the endless health benefits from Yoga and the assurances that nobody expects you to sit with your ankle behind you head on the first lessons, you have signed up to a Yoga for beginners lesson and are ready to go. And then it hits you: What clothes should you wear to a Yoga class? What equipment do you need? And most importantly, how do you get hold of it on time for your lesson? Relax: You probably already own everything you need, or can get it with a quick visit to your nearest sports store.

Yoga for Weight Loss: Yoga Poses That Help Burn Belly Fat

Most of the time, when people talk about losing weight what they actually mean is “I want to get rid of my belly and get a flat tummy”. Yoga offers a great alternative to sit-ups and squats, despite most thinking of it as a low effort exercise. In fact, a yoga class can be exhausting and the following Yoga poses will help target that gut that refuses to go away. If you haven’t practiced Yoga before you may want to attend some lessons to be taught how to perform them for maximum benefits.

The Risks of Pushing Yoga Students Too Far

Yoga teachers are greatly responsible for the well being of their students, making sure they understand the rewards of practicing Yoga in a safe manner. This responsibility includes explaining the benefits and risks of each pranayama technique and Yoga pose.

Yoga – A Treatment to Avoid Treatments

The simplest definition of yoga is disciplining the body and its movements so as to preserve energy, improve health and prevent disease. It helps to gain control over the nervous system and develop tolerance of body and mind. Continued practice is a must for getting thorough with the yoga asanas.

Yoga For Beginners – Basic Routines

Finding time for relaxation can be difficult. We can look forward to the weekends but sometimes even those are so busy we still can’t relax. Long working hours added together with other preoccupations leave little time to relax and reflect.

Yoga – A Guide for Beginners

In the fast paced world today where everyone is continuously stressed, we need a little peace of mind. Yoga is an effective way to block yourself from all the stress and noise of the daily grind of life. There is quietude and inner peace, along with a balanced, healthy mind and body.

Advanced Yoga Techniques: An Insight on the Difference Between Mudra and Bandha

Contrary to popular belief, traditional hatha yoga texts did not spend a great deal of time talking about the “asanas” (poses) and their benefits on the body, but rather devote much attention to the more subtle practices of raising the potential, unexpressed energy called “kundalini” into higher psychic centers. There are two main approaches designed to elicit this reaction: First, there is “mudra,” and then there is “bandha.”

The Many Benefits of Yoga

Benefits are yoga are endless and we can all benefit in our different ways. Have you discovered what yoga can do for you?

Benefits Of Yoga For Youngsters

Yoga is beneficial for adults, but especially children! When you think about it, they are naturally more yogic, as their bodies are more flexible and their minds are concerned about the present. Children can learn to appreciate letting out feelings, a healthy body with a healthy mind, higher levels of natural energy, as well as control and focus.

Do You Need Yoga And Meditation?

A time tested remedy against stress and tension. Allowing the body and mind to feel transcendence.

Ancient Yoga Techniques

You can come up with a customized routine that suits your preferences at a particular time. Specifically, you can put together a personalized mix of poses, stretches and other exercises that fits your daily schedule.

Where To Find Cheap Yoga Pants

Yoga is practiced by millions of people everyday. In order to relax and enjoy this incredible form of fitness, you need good clothing. Good fitting yoga pants can be very expensive, but with a little effort you can find good quality yoga pants at a price that won’t break your budget!

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