Morning Yoga For Women: A Heart Opening Flow Sequence

Yoga – Using Yoga to Become a Healthier Person

The public is now learning that being healthy means more than just visiting doctors and relying on modern medicine. Instead, some people are using Yoga as a means to compliment traditional physiology. Along with several physical and mental benefits Yoga can be an extremely useful tool after a hard day at work.

Can a Pelvic Tilt Help My Back Pain? Part 1

A great of way of helping back pain is doing Pelvic Tilts. These are often recommended for low back pain, developing your abdominals, working the sacroiliac joint together with the adjacent structures.

Yoga Pants Today – Fashion Meets Function

Once you have begun to see the positive affect that yoga has had on your body, mind, and soul. You might begin to wonder how you can dress more appropriately for your yoga class. While some people think that sweats make the cut, they often times are too baggy to be comfortable during yoga. Instead, you might opt to get a pair of yoga pants.

Yoga Silk Eye Pillows

Despite what some non-practitioners might think, yoga focuses on both the body and the mind at once. Often times causing whoever adopts yoga as a way of life, to become more concerned with their body’s well being. Of which gives you an edge in keeping sane within a stressful world. While you are able to de-stress without props or added help, it never hurts to have a helping hand when trying to keep yourself sane.

Organic Yoga Clothes

As you might have already learned through your yoga class, organic living is extremely important to your health. Despite the world’s obsession with mass-produced items such as clothing, there are harmful chemicals that are use to preserve clothing. However, the yoga lifestyle promotes the use of organic (“green”) materials. Not only does purchasing organic promote a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family, but the world around us as well.

Chakras – The Dynamic System

When most people speak of the chakras they often confuse and mix different concepts. Almost all references that you will come across to opening, balancing, healing, energizing, clearing or meditating on, the chakras, are referring to the dynamic concept of the chakras. The dynamic chakra system act both as energy portals from the subtle bodies into the physical body, and into the stored contents of the subconscious mind.

Clarifying the Chakras

Despite everything you may have heard or read about chakras, there is no unified theory or explanation of exactly what the chakras are and what they do. Unfortunately much of the information on chakras is simply a repeating of what has been said or written elsewhere, and the basis of it is only it’s repetition. Very often components from different theories become mixed together adding to the confusion and misunderstanding. Perhaps the biggest confusion is between the yogic or Tantric concept of the chakras and western or new age concepts.

Yoga Mats – A Shopping Guide

Remember that the use of yoga mats is endless. Offering you the ability to stay safe while in your lesson. They are used to prevent slipping, and can help to pad your body during different stances. They are by far the most important tools used in yoga. They aren’t just made to sit around and look pretty. Instead, an intricate part in keeping you safe while following your yoga instructor. Remember that all yoga mats aren’t created equally. However, if you aren’t too picky with the quality of mat.

Yoga Exercise – March to a New Age With a Daily Meditation Practice After Yoga Exercise

What 3 mistakes prevent you from dropping baggage and moving forward to a new age courageously? How can yoga exercise and daily meditation practice help? Find out.

Can Yoga Help My Back Pain? – Part 5

The more you put in the more you get out, and if you are like me, I want the best out of my body and the best out of life and yoga helps me get there. A few million years ago we stood on two legs and since that we have probably had trouble with our backs ever since. With gravity pulling us in a downward direction when we are awake its no wonder we have trouble.

The Top Five Yoga Accessories

Once you have selected a high-quality yoga mat, you may be wondering which accessories or yoga props will help you improve and deepen your yoga practice. We cover the five most important yoga accessories: bolsters, straps, blocks, mat bags, and mat cleaners.

Can Yoga Help My Back Pain? Part 4

Yoga is very effective for treating neck, shoulder and back pain. It is very personal and gentle to meet your physical needs.

Can Yoga Help My Back Pain? – Part 3

Remember, with back pain as you know every move you make (if your back pain is severe) you need to think of ways to move safely and the best way to do it. There is a school of thought that says bed rest. My thoughts are to keep moving, keep the body mobile, keep the circulation going. Do GENTLE exercise, go with the flow, your body is hurt and will respond to TLC so avoid working too hard. Listen to your body.

What is Hatha Yoga Devanand?

Hatha Yoga is a series of psychophysical exercises that define the third branch of the eightfold Patanjali’s classical Yoga sutras. Hatha Yoga Devanand belongs to the oldest yoga school – its roots are lost in time and it has kept its same essence through out time, no variations no changes no modifications. The objective of the Hatha Yoga Devanand Program is to obtain a level of physical purification where the body can maintain the meditation posture without discomfort. In this way, together with Mantra Yoga Meditation, the individual will attain the development of higher levels of consciousness.

Can Yoga Help My Back Pain? Part 2

Talk to back pain sufferers who practice yoga and they will tell you how the exercises help and ease back pain as the stretching, toning, strengthening that is going on will help. As you get to know more about your body you will find that STRESS is a great contributor to back pain, with yoga practice this can be helped as well. Yoga philosophy clearly asks that you to move in a way that you do not force, strain and in a meditative way.

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