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– Good morning, everyone. Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene. This is sweet Benji. And we have a flow for you to get in your body, connect to your breath, that will hopefully influence your day in a positive way.

So hop into something comfy, and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alrighty, welcome. Let’s begin in Extended Child’s Pose. Come on down to the ground. Reach your fingertips out, front knees nice and wide, toes come together, and we’ll melt the heart here.

And right away, close your eyes and start to notice your breath. Can rock gently side to side here on the forehead as we ease into this beautiful morning flow. Just take a second to notice how you feel this morning. Slipping into the role of the observer here for this practice. So no judgment.

Just kind of noticing what the process feels like today. Hardest part is showing up, and you’ve already done that. So here we go. Walking the hands over towards the right side of your yoga mat. Walk them all the way off the mat, really reach the left fingertips forward, and then it’ll allow the head to just kind of bow here, the weight of the head to relax down.



Should feel a generous stretch in the left side body, left waist, and the lower back. Breathe in. And then slowly as you breathe out, walk it back through center, and take it to the other side. Really reaching with the right fingertips, allowing the weight of the head to relax down. Breathe in.

And breathe out. And breathe in. And as you breathe out, walk it back to center. Go ahead and lift the chest up, shoulders underneath the wrists. Walk the knees underneath the hip points.

Spread the fingers wide. Inhale to drop the belly, open the chest, forward. And exhale to round through the spine, chin to chest, really claw through the fingertips. Now with your breath, inhale. Drop the belly.

And exhale, round the spine.


Inhale, drop the belly, open up through the front line. And exhale, rounding through, opening up through the back body. Good. Inhale back to Tabletop Position.

Curl the toes under. Lift the knees. Let them hover here. Breathing full, long inhalations. And slow, long exhalations.

You’re here for five four, three, two. On the one, lift the hips up high and back. You can walk the hands forward just a bit, Downward Facing Dog. Take a couple of breaths here to pedal it out if it feels good. Clawing through the fingertips.

Nice good morning stretch as you continue to deepen your breath. Now coming to stillness, a nice symmetrical Dog. Inhaling in deeply. And exhale. As you bend the knees, go ahead and look forward and make your way to the top of the mat.

So you can take as many steps as you like. You can hop. We’ll bring the feet hip width apart. Bend the knees generously as you grab your elbows and start to hang the weight of the head down, down, down.


Find a soft, swaying motion here.

Breathing deep. And then we’ll release the arms, bend the knees. Really feel this connection with your feet as you roll up. Strong legs, strong legs. Opening up through the chest.

And standing up nice and tall, Mountain Pose. Step the feet together, really together. And when you’re ready, inhale, reach for the sky. Palms come together here.


Good, exhale.

Keep the palms together as we slice it all the way down, Forward Fold. Good. Hands come to the heart center as you inhale, halfway lift. And exhale to let everything go. Beautiful.

Palms come to the earth. We step one foot back than the other for Plank Pose. So find a softness here. Maybe a little tick-tock of the heels, left to right. Waking up those core muscles that are gonna support us as we move throughout our day.

And then coming back to center, slowly lowering to the belly. And here we go. Inhale, Cobra, squeezing the elbows in. Keep it nice and low here to start. Sweet Benji.

Oh my goodness. So sweet. Take a deep breath in in your Cobra. And then exhale to release it down. Curl the toes under.

Inhale to press up to Plank, top of a pushup. And exhale to send the hips up high and back, Downward Dog. Inhale to lift the right leg high. Exhale to shift it forward. Knee to nose, squeeze it in.

Good. Inhale to kick it up high.


And exhale, stepping right foot all the way up. Nice low lunge. Open the chest.

Look forward. Rock a little front, a little back. And then make sure that front knee is over the front ankle. Good. On your next inhale, sweep the arms forward, up and back.

Nice high lunge here. Deep breath as you maybe open the chest and look up. And then exhale, rain it down. Plant the palms, step the right foot back.


Here we go.

Lowering to the belly, nice and slow. Inhale for Cobra. And exhale to soften and release. Curl the toes under once again, lifting up to Plank Pose. Breathe in.

And exhale, hips up high and back. Downward Dog, breathe out. Inhale, lift the left leg up high. Exhale, shift it forward. Squeeze knee to nose.

Inhale, Three-Legged Dog. And exhale, step it all the way up. Nice low lunge. Open the chest, look forward. Front knee over front ankle as you rock a little, front to back here.

And then when you’re ready, here we go. Squeeze the inner thighs to the midline. Lift it up. High lunge. Big breath here, big stretch.

And then exhale, melt it down. Plant the palms, step it back, Plank Pose.


Lower to the belly, nice and easy. And then fingertips can come off the mat for this one, working up to a little King Cobra here. As we inhale, rise up.

And exhale to soften and bow. Curl the toes under. Inhale up to Plank. And exhale, Downward Facing Dog. Take a cycle of breath here.

Inhaling deeply in. And exhaling completely out. Good. Anchor the left heel, inhale, lift the right leg up high. Exhale, shift forward, kiss the right knee to the right elbow.

Inhale, Three-Legged Dog, kick it up. Now crossing it over. Exhale, right knee to left elbow. Inhale, kick it up. And exhale.

Shifting through center, squeeze and lift. And then stepping it all the way up into your lunge. This time pivot on the back foot. We sweep the left fingertips forward, up and back. Come into a nice Warrior II here, really taking up space on your mat.

Front knee is bent. Breathing deep. Keep those strong legs. As you inhale, reach the right fingertips up and back. Exhale, send the right fingertips all the way down towards your right heel.

Inhale, send the right fingertips forward, up, around, and back.


Twice more. Forward, up, around, and back. With the breath, inhale, forward. Up, around, and back.

And as your left hand comes down, go ahead and let it kiss the mat. As you pivot on the back foot and inhale, reach the right fingertips up towards the sky. Inhale in here. Exhale. Bring it back down, both hands to the mat.

Step the right foot back. Slowly lower to the belly. Inhale for Cobra. Following the breath and exhale to soften and release.


Curl the toes under, inhale, press up to Plank.

And exhale, Downward Facing Dog. Inhale, lift the left leg up high. Exhale, shift it forward, left knee kisses left elbow. Upper body’s in Plank. Inhale, kick it up.

Exhale, cross it over, left knee to right elbow. Inhale, kick it up. Exhale, slow and steady through center. And then all the way up into your lunge. Good.

Find your breath. Pivot on the back foot. Leading with the right arm all the way up, Warrior II. Back toes are turned in. Follow your breath.

Inhale. Left fingertips reach up towards the sky. And all the way back.

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Peaceful Warrior. Good, and then slowly, left fingertips up, forward and down towards the left heel.

Right fingertips come down. Forward, around, and back. Again down. Forward, with the breath. Around.

And back one more time. And as the right hand comes down, let the palm kiss the earth. Pivot on the back foot. Inhale, big twist to your left fingertips to the sky. Good.

Slowly release, come back down, both palms to the mat. Step the left toes back. Inhale in. Exhale, lower to the belly. Inhale, Cobra.

Catch a wave here in the spine. And exhale, soften and release. Curl the toes under, building strength, inhale, Plank. And exhale, Downward Facing Dog. Take a deep breath in.

And a long breath out.


Inhale, lift the right leg up high. Exhale, shift it forward, right knee to right elbow. Same thing. Inhale, lift it up.

Exhale, cross it over, left elbow. Inhale, kick it up. Exhale, squeeze and lift all the way through center. And then step it up into your lunge. Beautiful.

(chuckling softly) Pivot on the back foot. We rise up, Warrior II. Good. Inhale, Peaceful Warrior. And exhale, Extended Side Angle.

This time left fingertips reaching forward or all the way up towards the sky. You can also bend your right elbow, bring it to the top of your right thigh. Inhale in here. Exhale, left hand comes down. We pivot on the back foot.

And then make our way into the twist. Slow and steady. Take a cycle of breath here. Now, slow and steady, we’re gonna keep our gaze on her right hand. We’re gonna come onto the outer edge of that left foot, stacking the right foot on top for Side Plank.



You can always keep the right foot on the ground as a little kickstand. Everyone squeeze your hips, lift them up, engage your core. Beautiful. Right arm up and overhead, Vasisthasana, as you lift the hips up, up, up. And then slowly maybe taking the right foot back, lifting the hip points up towards the sky for a little Rock Star or a little Wild Thing.

Good. Bring it all back to center, nice and slow. Lower to the belly with ease. Find a Cobra, inhale. Play a little here, lifting.

And then following the breath down. Palms underneath. Here we go. Inhale, lift up to Plank. And exhale, Downward Facing Dog.

Welcoming that heat, waking up the body. Anchoring in the breath. Inhale, lift the left leg high. Exhale, left knee to left elbow. Inhale, kick it up.

Exhale, cross it over. Inhale, kick it up. And exhale all the way through. Warrior II, pivot on the back foot, inhale. We rise up.

Stay with your breath. Inhale, Peaceful Warrior. Exhale, Extended Side Angle, your version. Find your breath. Beautiful.



Inhale in. Exhale, right hand to the earth. Pivot on the back foot. Open up into your twist. Big breath here.

Beautiful. Now, slow and steady. Shifting to the outer edge of the right foot, we’re gonna stack the left foot on top, Side Plank. Lift the hips. You can always bend that left knee for a little kickstand here.

Maybe send the left arm up and overhead.


And then maybe taking it back, stepping the left foot to the earth, lifting the hip points up high, Wild Thing. And then slow and steady with control, binging it back to Plank Pose, lowering to the belly, nice and easy. Pressing into the tops of the feet, inhale, rise up, Cobra. And exhale to soften and release everything down.

Curl the toes under, inhale, lift up to Plank. Exhale to Downward Facing Dog. Take a breath. Bend your knees, inhale, look forward. Exhale to make your way to the top.

Take your time. As you’re ready, bend the knees generously. Slowly roll it up. Nice and slow. Mountain Pose here.

Just take a breath. Notice how you feel. Ground through your feet. And pay attention to the quality of your breath. So wonderful to start the day like this.



With the awareness of our breath and the awareness of the quality of our breath. And how it can relate or even depict what it is we’re experiencing. Bring the palms together now, and inhale. Let’s reach fingertips up towards the sky. Exhale, bend the knees, Forward Fold.

Good. From here, plant the palms, step the right foot back, step the left foot back. And then lower the knees, nice and easy. We’re gonna swing the legs to one side and slowly come through to a seat. Send the legs out in front.

Flex the feet towards your face. Inhale, reach for the sky. Bend the knees as you exhale. Reach up, forward, and towards the feet. Allow the hands to rest wherever they fall and allow the weight of the head to fall down.

So turning inward here. Giving yourself this time and this space to just turn inward. Relax the shoulders. Just notice the thoughts that come up. And now let’s come back to the breath.

Inhale, slowly lifting the head, the heart up. You’re gonna bring your left foot in, keep your right leg out long. And then just turn on your mat.


You can turn to one side. Bring the right hand to the left ankle.

And inhale, bring the left fingertips all the way up and over. You may find that you can grab your big toe or the outer edge of your foot, or just keep it in the air here, spreading the fingertips. Nice. And then bring it back up, and we’ll just switch. Bring the opposite heel in, extend your left leg.

Left hand to the right ankle.


And when you’re ready, inhale, reach up and over. Nice and easy. And then slowly bringing it back. Coming to all fours.

Inhale to drop the belly. Exhale to round through the spine. Again, inhale, drop the belly. Exhale, round through the spine. And last time, with the sound of your breath, follow it.

Beautiful. Cross one ankle over the other. Come all the way through to a seat once again. Little twist to the left. Right hand to left knee, twist.

Opening up through the chest, lifting the heart, and release. A little twist to the right. Lifting up through the chest. Looking past the right shoulder.



And then coming all the way to your back here. And let’s take a big good morning stretch. Reaching the fingertips up and over. Spread the fingertips, spread the toes, rotate the ankles, rotate the wrists. And then slowly release the arms, hug the knees into the chest, and rock a little side to side, massaging the back.

Good. Now allow your feet to fall to the mat. Go ahead and walk them to the edges so that you can allow your knees to come in here. Allow your hands to come to rest gently on your belly. Close your eyes.

Feel the support of the earth, of the yoga mat rising up to meet your back body.


Feel your feet on the ground. Then we’ll take a moment here to find the stillness, give ourselves a little breathing room. And if you like, this is an opportunity to set a little intention for your day. Now slowly bring the palms together.

We’re gonna rub them together here. And then bring the thumbs right up to the forehead, this place between the two brows. And we’ll take one final breath in together. Here we go. Inhale in.

Deepest breath. And exhale out through the nose or mouth. Wishing you a beautiful day. Thank you for sharing this practice with me. Namaste.

(upbeat music).



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