Morning Power Yoga Flow – A Twisting Vinyasa Flow

Back Pain and Crystals Part 3

Once a crystal has been chosen, cleared, cleansed and charged, it is time to activate the crystal. According to Randall Baer, formerly a recognized authority of crystals, most crystals have yet to be activated into their full energetic potential, and are presently in a state of relative dormancy. When a crystal becomes more highly activated it is able to work with a more encompassing degree of the universal energy spectrum than before.

Yoga For Beginners – Ten Practice Guidelines and Safety Tips

Yoga is a safe form of exercise. To ensure your safety and maximise your enjoyment of your yoga session, you need to pay attention to the following practice guideline and safety tips.

How to Choose a Yoga Mat – The Best Way

Searching for the perfect yoga mat? You will find that while there are a wide variety of mats available on the market, the “best” mat is the one that meets your needs. Find out the MOST IMPORTANT factors to consider when purchasing a yoga mat, and avoid the common pitfalls.

Back Pain and Crystals Part 2

The ancient art of crystal healing is safe and easy. It uses the gentle, transformative qualities of crystals and gemstones to treat the body holistically, focusing on the individual as a whole, rather than on physical symptoms alone. Crystal healing works on the electromagnetic field around the body, known as the aura. Crystal healing aims to restore wholeness, balance and health to the mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Work-Related Stress – Five Easy Yoga Relaxation Techniques to Manage Stress at Work

How often do you feel tired, tense, stressed and stiff at the end of your working day? In the UK about half a million people experience work-related stress at a level they believe is making them ill: figures from the Health Safety Executive (HSE) indicate: o Work-related stress accounts for over a third of all new incidences of ill health. Too “much pressure” at work leads you to experience distress and pain. In this article we look at 5 easy yoga seated poses to reduce stress at work so you feel more productive and vital.

Relax! Twelve Essential Yoga Tips to Help Working Mums Manage Stress

It’s tough being a working mum. You need super human skills to manage the varied and complex demands of parenting as well as coping with the fast-moving pressures of your job. To keep your energy levels up, practice the following yoga exercises, massage tips and breathing practices throughout your day.

Namaste – I Bow to You

Literally translated, Namaste means, “I bow to you.” The gesture goes much deeper than that though. To perform Namaste, we place our hands together (prayer pose) at our heart chakra, close our eyes and lightly bow the head. This is a deep form of respect.

Yoga and Children – A Perfect Match

Just as Yoga is beneficial to adults, so it is to children as well. Children’s natural curiosity and flexibility lends perfectly to practicing yoga.

How Can Yoga Calm the Mind and Body?

How is the practice of yoga able to calm the body and the mind? One such methodology is the application of drishti, targeting the gaze, which helps to quiet the mind.

Yoga For Kids – How Yoga Benefits Your Child

Did you know that just like adults, kids also undergo stress? This article tells you why yoga is great for a kid for its all round development!

Proper Yoga Clothes – Essential Yoga Clothing Tips

Yoga clothing is an important aspect of yoga. This article gives you information about the needs of proper yoga clothing.

Keep Fit With Yoga – Some Excellent Yoga Postures

When you practice yoga you will achieve a sense of balance, get greater flexibility in your limbs and help you be calmer. Here you can learn a step by step procedure on various yoga postures that will keep you fit!

Basic Yoga Postures – Enjoy Great Benefits

Did you know that the basic yoga postures are quite easy to learn and do? Here you can read all about basic yoga postures and its effect on your body!

Tantra Yoga – Facts You Never Knew

In Tantra Yoga the physical well being of the person who practices it gets boosted. This article tells you all you need to know about Tantra Yoga!

Yoga Escapade – The Best Savior In Any Stressed Ambiance

The article elaborates on the main objective of yoga and how it works. It also compares yoga with other working out practices.

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