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Yoga and Weight Loss – Another Perspective

Yoga can be used as a source of exercise, a stress reliever, or both. It is ideal for people that want to become both physically and mentally fit. Yoga and weight loss go hand in hand; yoga can offer benefits that cannot be found in any other exercise. Learn about those benefits in the article.

Your New Yoga Trainer – Wii Fit

Don’t have a yoga class to go to? Try the Wii Fit game as your new yoga trainer! Seriously. Read this article to learn more.

Prenatal Yoga – Start Your Baby’s Life Off Right With Prenatal Yoga

Yoga can be a very healthy way for expecting mothers to stay in shape and active during pregnancy. Yoga is also a great way to stay connected to your child after the birth.

Yoga Therapy – Dangers of Not Listening to the Beeps of Your Body

Feeling old and so tired? These signs appear on 6 levels: from physical to spiritual. What happens when you ignore soft chimes, the early symptoms? What are your warning signs? Examine 2 ways to deal with the chimes before they become a toll.

Know India Yoga

Yoga is the scientific term which aims at coalescing all aspects of individual body – the mind, body and spirit in order to achieve the state or enlightenment and oneness with the universe. Based on the India metaphysical beliefs, the perniciousness of Yoga techniques and practices can be traced back to over 5,000 years ago.

How to Organize a Corporate Yoga Class

Corporate yoga has increased in popularity as it is a relatively accessible form of exercise that can easily be accommodated in the workplace. During stressful times such as these, an initiative such as in-house yoga classes can be an effective, low cost method to help improve the wellbeing of your employees. If you are considering a corporate or in-house yoga session for your workplace, this article outlines what you will need to get started.

Yoga and Meditation – Five Ways to Be Happy and Thrive in Life

If you feel blue, sad or angry at the way your life is going, it can be very difficult for you to see the good and beauty in life. Our emotions influence the way we see life. Have you noticed that when you feel happy and good about yourself, life flows, friends who you have been thinking about phone, you get an unexpected bonus at work, your skin just glows, life is good.

Yoga For Kids Presents the Key to a Futuristically Brighter Society In General

Yoga for kids is generally considered not an educational formula but rather a way of showing children ways to cope with stress. Presently, some schools include kids yoga as an additional curricular activities, but most of the time classes are independent.

Yoga Therapy – A Plan to Beat Tiredness and Be More Optimistic With Yoga Therapy

So tired of tiredness, and feeling overwhelmed? Want to feel more optimistic and learn how to think positive? These 6 simple tips.

Yoga Toes – Can You Relieve Bunions, Varicose Veins and Aching Feet With Plastic Gel Yoga Toes?

Yoga Toes have been around since 2000, but recently have been hot sellers because of the relief for foot and leg pains of many kinds. You will find out all about Yoga Toes, what they do, how they can help, and where to get them.

The Positive Effects of Decreasing Violence and Bullying in School by Teaching Classical Yoga

There is a growing concern throughout America regarding the increase in childhood stress, bullying, and violence. Living in Colorado, we are haunted by the incident at Columbine High School when two students felt the need to take revenge and take action in a violent manner leaving 15 dead and creating fear and sadness in the hearts of students and parents. This was the first wake up call that affluent, suburban schools were not always safe places. Violence and bullying continue to escalate according to statistics. Seventeen states across the United States report having instituted laws to reduce or eliminate bullying in schools.

Yoga – Where Do You Begin?

Yoga is something that has been around for as long as I can remember. It is something that has never really gone out of fashion, so why take it up? Many claim it will change your life and help bring balance to your body, spirit, and mind. Well, with claims like that is no wonder that many want to get started. But where do you begin?

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a newer form of yoga that allows us to tap into one of the most effective forms of self-healing: laughter. Learn how and why we practice Laughter Yoga, medicine for the soul.

Yoga Breathing Can Beat The Blues!

Have you ever noticed when you’re nervous about something, your breath almost comes to a stop? Just when you need that beautiful oxygen the most, you give yourself the least. Yoga deep breathing can help you get more conscious of this habit, and help you relieve stress in the process.

Yoga and the Spiritual Life

Life is Yoga, many people do not realize this simple fact as it was for many years just some almost cult like adventure for some to have fun with. Partially true, Yoga is fun, life is fun depending on your personal outlook, meaning what is your attitude? Positive, pessimistic, apathetic, complacent, or do you believe your life is balanced and in harmony with the vibrations of the life force of the Universe, of which you are a part of, not a part from.

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