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A New Meditation

Describes different approaches to meditation and explains why Sahaja Yoga, founded by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is an ideal way of meditating. Explains the difference between the two approaches to meditation – the path of concentration and the path of insight.

How Yoga Positions For Fertility Can Help Couples Conceive

Whilst it’s not surprising to hear yoga devotees talk about how beneficial it is for conception, the support of a Harvard study is. Find out how asanas can benefit couples having trouble conceiving, and a little about some of the poses involved.

Yoga Tips For Happiness Off The Yoga Mat

Would you like to order “Yoga to go” or package some “inner peace?” If only it were that easy to package Yoga. Yet, here are some Yogic tools that will help you maintain your peace of mind, until your next Yoga class.

Yoga Benefits For All

This article shows how yoga can be used as an exercise, a healing tool or relaxation method and I hope it will help to simplify some of the questions asked by novices. If you are interested in pursuing yoga, this report is a must-read!

The Purpose of Yoga – The Power of Knowing

Every Yoga teacher should make it a point to practice Jnana Yoga, on a daily basis, regardless of his or her style. The practice of Jnana Yoga is the continuing education of every Yoga teacher.

The Purpose of Yoga – Finding Direction

Even when you ask a crowd of Yoga students to visualize what they want – they may not be able to focus. Many people do not know what they want, but they desire everything. Take an adult or a child to a shopping mall, and you may see limited thinking, combined with unlimited desire.

The Purpose of Yoga – Holistic Health

It is possible to miss the entire purpose of Yoga, if the mind is not trained and tutored properly. How many students will discipline themselves without the guidance of a Yoga teacher? How many Yoga teachers see Asana as the “Holy Grail” of Yoga?

Yoga in Pregnancy

Yoga offers simple teachings and methods in relaxation, gentle exercise and breathing techniques which assist in childbirth. It is advisable to attend special classes exclusively for pregnant women.

Which Type of YOGA is best?

Yoga offers many things to many people. It can leave you supple and toned or even, according to some teachers, spiritually enlightened. It’s the latest thing, and has reshaped the stars from Madonna to Sting.

Using Yoga to Promote Mental Health & Fitness

People deeply involved in the ravages of our demanding contemporary lifestyle, often wonder if they are not beginning to ‘lose it’-just a little bit. More worrying is: What can they do about it? This article by a leading Yoga exponent will help.

The Roads to Self-Improvement

The majority of thinking people have a desire to improve themselves, but are often thwarted by an insecurity as to what direction to take. There seem just so many offerings in the market-place, and some come with a rather hefty price tag. This article gives a simple aspect to the problem that is well worth the read.

Yoga – For Health

Balancing Yin and Yang through yoga, Yoga for healthy life. Every one should learn.

Yoga Teacher Telephone Tips

The first impression a potential student receives is through a phone call or an Email. It is extremely rare to advertise in your local newspaper and have Yoga students “drop out of the sky” into your studio, without an initial phone call or an Email inquiry.

Yoga Studio Customer Service

No matter how much time and money you spend on advertising, marketing, and public relations, for your Yoga teaching services, you still have to develop a smooth system for answering phone calls and fielding Emails. Let’s take a close look at answering the phone.

How To find Tranquility And Inner-Peace

Some of the many Yoga itation benefits include – happiness, emotional stability, creativity, and clear thought. You can also reduce stress, anxiety, moodiness, and depression, with a regular meditation practice. There are many more benefits from meditation, which can be measured on the physical and mental levels.

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