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Yoga in Practice – Sustain Your Level of Inspiration

How can Yoga help people live inspired lives? Yoga is perceived by many to be a physical exercise system, only. Some Yoga classes teach nothing about the eight limbs of Yoga. The entire practice may be devoted to posturing only. How can a practitioner, with only a taste of Yoga, learn about the deeper aspects and benefits of this practice?

Yoga a Path to Happiness

There are many paths to happiness and Yoga is one of them. Within all forms of Yoga, we learn the principles tolerance and acceptance. To avoid judging ourselves, and others, is a key to finding contentment. Let’s look at how the practice of Yoga can be your path to happiness.

Five Methods for Yoga Teacher Progress

Some people say that Yoga instructors, gurus, and teachers should not contemplate progress. Yet, Yoga has grown to what it is today, as a result of progress. How can I state this? If the opposite were true, and Yoga teachers contemplated failure, this treasured practice would have died thousands of years ago.

How Can Yoga Influence Our Lives?

Yoga is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Its holistic practices help people go back to what is essential in their life and forget about the little things and concentrate on the big important issues of life. Its meditation techniques do not influence only the state of mind, but also the shape of the body.

Yoga And Buddhism

Yoga originated in India. In Sanskrit, the language of ancient India, yoga means “uniting”, “joining”. It refers to the unity between mind, body and spirit achieved through meditative practices, combined with the practice of physical postures or poses. The latter ones are described by the Sanskrit word “asana”.

Meditative Yoga: Tracing Its Hindu Origin

While yoga evolved as a spiritual practice in Hinduism, its popularity in the West is limited only to meditative purposes and physical exercise. Known to many, yoga is now part of therapeutic alternatives.

Yoga For Beginners – Having Inner Peace Practicing Yoga

You have heard about the controversial matters that Yoga practice has aroused and you are willing to give it a try, but your inner voice says that it is too expensive for you, that it is only for the young people or maybe you are afraid that you are not that flexible as this practice would require. It is time to put your inner voice at rest as Yoga is an accessible activity for everybody, regardless of financial status, age and fitness level.

Yoga and Christian Traditional Concepts

It has been recently reported that an Islamic body in Malaysia has forbidden Muslim people to practice Yoga. This measure has come as a result of a similar prohibition that an identical body has issued in Egypt in 2004.

Practicing Yoga and Eating Healthy – How to Keep a Good State of Health

Various sayings have marked the implementation of healthy diet into the eating habits of people, such as “One apple a day/Keeps doctor away”, or “Carrots can help you have better sight” or the famous one “Eat the breakfast like a king / Have the lunch like a prince / And eat your dinner as a pauper”. We all should take these to heart.

How to Face Menopause With Yoga Practice

When you are already at menopause, there are various moments that can be stressful for you and as such you are determined to find means through which you can be relieved of stress. This is the reason why many women have adopted yoga as a practice to help them alleviate this stress and reaching to serene states of mind.

Snapshot History of Yoga

With all the publicity that Yoga has received lately, one cannot help but wonder what yoga is all about. Everywhere in the world people are digging for information that can help them determine if Yoga is something worth taking time to do.  If you are intending to take up yoga then you can as well take a look at the history of the Yoga before making a full decision.

The Noticeable Benefits of Yoga

You know deep inside you that yoga is good for you and can benefit your body, your mind and your spirit. But when you start to do the physical past of yoga on a weekly or daily basis what can you expect in the way of noticeable benefits of doing so?

Yoga Tips And Equipment For Maximum Results

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, yoga requires a lot of self discipline. The postures (also known as asanas) are designed to be slow and steady. None of these postures are meant to be painful, but they are challenging.

Yoga for Well Being

Yoga is a wonderful discipline because it has so many benefits for body mind and spirit. You may be considering starting to do yoga as a physical practice to become fitter and wonder what the benefits of so doing would be or perhaps you have been practicing yoga already, as I have been. After many years you would realise how much better you feel when you do your yoga practice but may not be aware of how vital it is for your general health and well-being too.

Yoga Fights Stress

A research in England shows that more than 30 percent of women are not happy with their lives and they do not find the meaning of it. The lack of meaning can cause crises, conflicts, lack of understanding with others, not much qualification skills, lack of ideals, difficulties when dealing with every problem on the way to success, lack of philanthropic feelings and aspiration for beauty, egoism, avidity and greediness, limiting the freedom, sexual and intellectual degradation, destructiveness, alcoholism and drug evil. We can overcome the art of living, only on condition we understand that it is subordinate to the…

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