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Karmic Yoga Where You Are

Some people go around the world in order to do something known as Karmic Yoga. Karmic Yoga, like all Yoga, is a way to connect with one’s inner divine self and with God. Through Karmic Yoga one is actually working in the world in a sacred manner to be the embodiment of love, like the One that many call God, and to help uplift the whole world.

Pregnancy and Yoga – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

If you have been practicing yoga, you can still be able to use these exercises – with care. Yoga is good for both mother and baby, though there has been opposing sides to the question.

Yo Teach! Yoga Teachers, That Is – Are You Creating Enough Time For You?

How many times have you had this conversation with yourself, Yoga Teachers? “Yeah, it counts as my own practice when I’m teaching 17 classes a week! Sure, I’m getting mine! Soon, I’ll be able to cut away a little slice of my time for me. Somehow. But I have to pay my bills. I wish I had more time to travel. I’m supposed to be a role model for balanced living and yet I’m super stressed… I need a vacation!”

Yoga and the Art of Living Peacefully

No matter how long you practice Yoga, meditation, Pranayama, or how many Sun Salutations you perform this morning, it is still possible to encounter a difficult person in traffic, work, school, at home, and anywhere else. Why someone would choose to be difficult, every day, is a mystery to most of us.

How To Become A Certified Yoga Instructor At Any Age

Today, it is possible for anyone to become a yoga instructor, at any age. All you need is to have the determination and interest to become a yoga instructor. This article will discuss how easy it is to become a certified yoga instructor at any age.

Yoga Teacher Training Course – How To Find The Best Yoga Training Course?

If you are really interested in, and love yoga, you may as well consider teaching others the art of yoga by completing a yoga teacher training course. However with the many yoga training courses available today, you may have to do some research to find out the best yoga training course for yourself.

How To Become A Certified Yoga Teacher Without Leaving The House

More and more people turn to yoga teachers to help them cure their health problems. Though there are many courses teaching you how to become a yoga teacher, it is not possible for everyone to attend one. This article will explain how to become a certified yoga teacher without even leaving the house!

Yoga Instructor Salary – How High A Salary Can You Earn As A Yoga Instructor?

There are many yoga courses you can join, and books, e-books, CDs and DVDs for you to read and watch to learn yoga. With continual practice of yoga, you can pretty soon become a yoga instructor. Depending on the way you market yourself and your yoga business you can earn a very high salary as an instructor.

Bikram Yoga

“The exercises systematically move fresh, oxygenated blood to 100% of your body, to each organ and fiber, restoring all systems to healthy working order, just as Nature intended. Proper weight, muscle tone, vibrant good health, and a sense of well-being will automatically follow.”

Teaching Hatha Yoga – When Are Yoga Teachers “Selling Out?”

Lately, there has been some confusion as to the roles of Yoga teachers, Yoga tradition, marketing, business, and “selling out.” At one time, or another, all of the following have been issues, which caused rifts concerning rights, ethics, and traditional thought. For example: Yoga props, innovation, contemporary Yoga styles, certification, and charging money for classes, have been criticized in the past.

Yoga For Abs – Six Pack the Yoga Way!

Among the different methods to achieve a flat stomach, there’s one that has been gaining ground over the last years, and now it stays as a permanent routine on thousands of gyms around the World: Yoga. But Yoga for abs is nothing new; many people in the western world are discovering how it can have a positive impact in their lives.

The Secrets of Karma Yoga to Obtain Your Life Goals

Yoga constitutes four paths, of which one of them is karma yoga. This is a path in yoga that places emphasis on selfless service and action. It believes that anything done against the lord turns out to be unproductive.

Abundant Yoga Teacher – Paradox Or Paradigm Shift?

If you’re a yoga teacher, you probably didn’t spend hundreds or thousands of hours and dollars so you would have to go out and market yourself. And you probably don’t get overly excited about the thought of having to come up with promotional campaigns, referral programs, web strategies, and other tools for attracting and retaining new clients. It’s not your fault… You’re not wired for that stuff. Read on to find out how to make wise, wealth-creating decisions in growing your student/client base without hype or compromising on your integrity.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – What Do Hatha Yoga Students Want?

In general, the public perception of Yoga is classified as a “mind and body exercise.” When you ask the average person what that means, he or she will respond by saying, “Some sort of exercise.” Hence, the reason why Yoga can be found in many health clubs is that Yoga becomes an exercise class, which is categorized with Tai Chi and Pilates.

Yoga Instruction Can Help You Lose Weight

It is true that Yoga instruction can be helpful in helping you lose weight when added to an additional exercise program. There is no doubt that Yoga can assist you in many ways. It will aid you in building strength and toning your muscles, as well as help you feel better about your body.

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