Kundalini Meditation for Heartbreak – Healing Heart Meridian Meditation for a Broken Heart

Yoga – The Plain Truth

Yoga is a potent form of exercise that originated in India as a form of spiritual practice. Although, today’s version of Yoga has little to do with the Hindu practice, it can provide numerous benefits. For those who are unaware of the Yoga way of exercise, it uses a combination of breathing exercises along with physical movement to free the body while the meditation aspect of Yoga assists in easing the mind and soul.

Could Practicing Yoga Bring Any Benefit To The One Practicing It?

Yes of course, where should we start because there are so many that it would hard to name all the physical benefits. In its core yoga is all about well-being of the self. Yoga is not meant to be a therapy for a one particular illness.

How Big A Part Does Concentration Play In Yoga Practice?

It is common knowledge that damaging effects on our emotions will undoubtedly have similar negative effects on our physical bodies. It follows that whatever you believe is what you will receive, and having a chaotically unfocused mind will without doubt have detrimental effects on our overall health.

Lose Weight With Yoga

Yoga practice can help you firm and help you tone. Your clothes may fit better and, thighs and arms may look leaner. Yoga can help both with weight loss and improving the cardiovascular system, but the approach may be surprising in that it is different from conventional diets and exercise training. You can lose weight with yoga but more important than that the ultimate goal is that yoga teaches us body awareness.

Yoga In The Workforce – The Health Benefits Of Practicing Yoga At Work

Employers are quickly realizing the benefits associated with practicing Yoga in the workforce. With overwhelming workloads and less job security employers are scrambling to find ways to lessen the stress of their employees thereby making them more productive. Is introducing Yoga into the workplace the key to a less stressed employee?

How To Do Chair Yoga Stretches To Relieve Back And Shoulder Strain

This article shows you some easy chair yoga stretches to stretch your back, spine, arms and shoulders. What a relief.

How Strong Is The Connection Between Yoga And Meditation?

So by combining the positive benefits of both yoga and meditation it is almost certain to make significant, favourable changes in your life. It will also remove any bad habits or negative emotions that, if allowed to manifest, will undoubtedly destroy any opportunity you have to get the most out of your life.

Discovering The History And Concepts Of Different Branches of Yoga

The history of hatha yoga goes back in the fifteenth century India when Yogi Swatmarama, a sage during those times, introduced it as a form of “a stairway to the heights” of Raja Yoga which is the preparatory stage of physical purification that makes the body fit for the practice of higher form of meditation. Hatha yoga is also known to be called as “hatha vidya” and the word “hatha” is a combination of the words, “ha” which means sun “tha” that means moon and they are said to refer to the prinicipal “nadis” or the energy channels of the body and must be fully operational to attain the state of “dhyana” or a certain aspect of meditation.

The Best Way To Learn Yoga Poses

The best way to learn yoga is to practice in a good yoga class with an excellent teacher, you can probably find those by asking your doctor or gym and then look the class up on the internet, most of the time you should be able to find some people who have done a class at that specific centre and write what they have experienced. Most classes will also give you a test lesson if you ask for it. It is my experience that you will learn allot from such a lesson.

The Obvious Benefits To Asthma Sufferers Of Using Yoga Breathing Exercises!

It is a long-standing belief amongst yoga practitioners that yoga breathing exercises can definitely help those people suffering from mild asthma and similar symptoms. It is further maintained that these exercises may improve their capabilities of breathing without the aid of low-dose drug inhalers, used by sufferers in wheezing attacks. If they don’t totally remove the use of inhalers, then the systematic practice of the breathing exercises will reduce their usage greatly.

How To Do Some Easy Chair Stretches At Your Desk Or At The Office

Learn how to do some easy yoga stretch exercise sitting right at your desk! Stretch your back and get some blood flowing. Gain flexibility while sitting at your desk.

Yoga For Drivers Back And Neck Pain – 3

Low Back Pain in Drivers: Low back pain (LBP) is a common concern among drivers in all classes of vehicles, particularly among those who are involved in a high vibratory environment. This vibration could be either due to vehicle or road on which it is driven. In India, this problem has an additional dimension of large two wheeler traffic with poor roads.

Yoga For Drivers Back And Neck Pain – 2

Several studies have shown a relationship between driving and low back pain. Risks of both low back and neck pain tend to increase as daily driving time increases.

Yoga For Drivers Back And Neck Pain – 1

By practicing a ‘Rolling Namaste’ in gridlock and traffic jams, you’ll leave road rage behind and benefit from a more healthy lifestyle free yourself of back pain. Low back pain exercises can also relieve passengers with back problems during stressful driving times. Deepak Chopra has written that ‘the body is like a river’ and with Drivetime Yoga that river keeps flowing.

Yoga For Shoulder Pain – 3

The following Yoga Anatomy article is an in-depth analysis of how improper spinal alignment and lack of awareness to the scapular region leads to chronic neck and shoulder pain. This article offers guidance in applying correctional cues in your Yoga Class to reduce and/ or eliminate these chronic conditions.

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