Kundalini Meditation for Confidence & Self-Love (25-min)

The Purpose Of Yoga – Anger Management Secrets Of Listening

In Yoga practice, you are taught to listen and observe. Within a Yoga class, self-observation is addressed frequently. Pranayama and meditation require that you first, listen to the world from within – then you can better understand the world outside your body. To observe the world, you must listen carefully.

The Purpose Of Yoga – Anger Management Secrets Of Silence

How can you maintain control “in the heat of the moment?” The ancient samurai warriors, of Japan, practiced meditation before and after being “battle tested.” We do not have to test our meditation skills in this way, but many of us are tested every day by self-control.

The Purpose of Yoga – Anger Management Secrets Of Pranayama

Yogic breathing techniques (Pranayama) are highly underrated by the public at large. Among the many powers of Pranayama is the ability to release anger and tension from within your body and mind. Yoga teachers guide their students in a number of Pranayama techniques.

The Purpose Of Yoga – Anger Management Secrets Of Mindfulness

In Yoga, mindfulness is a basic principle for rational thinking. Mindfulness is when you are intentionally aware of your surroundings. You are “in the moment,” and judgment or intolerance will not distort your view.

Yoga and Aging

Since we are living at the moment, we must give our lives purpose, meaning, and not be afraid to take a chance. Never look back with regret on the life, spouse, or job you could have had – if you only took a chance.

The Purpose of Yoga: The Big Picture

“Why has Yoga become so popular?” Newspapers, and local news reporters, often ask Yoga teachers this question, but what is the underlying truth? The fact is: Yoga classes are a sanctuary for Yoga students, from the every day stress and anxiety, which everyone feels.

Yoga For Health

Yoga is a developing from many years ago. Yoga, by definition, is a training or a remedy, that improves on the current of spirituality. Yoga improves health, muscles, increases flexibility & calmness. Yoga is a medically approved that reduces anxiety as well as sharpens the mind.

The Purpose of Yoga – A Formula for Santosha (Contentment)

So, how can we “bottle” Santosha? Contentment seems to slip through our fingers, and we cannot hold onto it for long. Is there a formula for being happy?

The Purpose of Yoga – Santosha for Your Health

What is Santosha and how can it help your health? Santosha is a moral observance (Niyama). Santosha literally means contentment or happiness. Yet, this is much more than a “Don’t worry, be happy” guideline.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Learn From Other Teaching Methods

Regular attendance to Yoga classes is encouraged, and students are told why. In truth, all Yoga practitioners benefit from regular attendance. Can you imagine learning any valuable skill twice a month?

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Be Thankful for Difficult Students

Every once in a while I will meet a veteran Yoga teacher who is disgruntled over difficult students. The complaining Yoga student, the student who has not washed for days, the student who harasses other students, and the student who believes you should teach Yoga for free, can all challenge your purpose in life. So what can you do to get through to difficult Yoga students?

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Order in the Class

Here’s an example – You have no rules or official policy in your Yoga classes because you believe adults know how to act. Wrong – Why do you think we have traffic lights? We have speed limits too, but how many adults obey them?

Yoga And The Good Samaritan

What is Yoga? Many students of Yoga will easily answer, “Yoga means union.” “Union of what?” you may say. Whether you believe Yoga is the union of mind, body, and spirit, or the union of your soul (jiva) with God, Yoga is a life changing method, which has improved peoples’ lives for thousands of years.

Yoga Tips and Tricks – Swami Ramdev Baba Yoga Tips and Tricks

Yoga is very beneficial for your whole body if it is done properly and regularly. Every one has the busy schedule in this fast life. No one has the time to go for medicine, doctor and body care centers. Therefore yoga now a day is taking popularity to keep the body feet and away from disease.

Yoga Basics For Beginners

It’s tough to be human. Unless you’ve reached enlightenment, stress causes disease in your mind, body and spirit. Yoga releases stress from the body, increases energy and brings practitioners happiness and health. Yoga is a transformative tool that helps people set themselves free from all sorts of mental and physical blocks.

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