Kundalini Kriya – Kundalini Yoga Sequence for Fear and Anger

Yoga Mats – Finding The Perfect Yoga Mat For You

There are many different kinds of yoga mat from which you can choose. Many are made from polyester latex, and have a slip-resistant surface. “Sticky” mats, which have a textured synthetic surface, are also very popular. Discover how to choose the perfect yoga mat for you.

Different Stages of Yoga

Generally, Yoga consists of and is described in eight stages astanga-yoga, (‘eight-membered Yoga’). Yama (‘restraint’) denoting abstinence from injury (ahimsa), falsehood, stealing, lust, and avarice is the first stage- with niyama (‘observance’), denoting cleanliness of body, contentment, austerity, study, and devotion to God, the second stage.

Branches Or Basics of Yoga

Ancient practitioners have likened yoga to a living tree with six branches coming from the trunk, with each branch having its own unique function relating to a particular lifestyle.

Yoga Explained

Originating and implemented in India thousands of years ago, Yoga, essentially is a way of life and an integrated means of synchronizing mind, spirit, and body, a system now practiced universally, regardless of caste, creed or religion.

A Comfortable State of Mind and Body

Yoga Guru Patanjali has defined Yoga as a ‘steady and comfortable state of Mind and Body’.

Office Yoga – Corporate Yoga for the Office

Could Yoga increase office productivity? Can Yoga teachers help the corporate sector? What can Office Yoga programs do for large and small businesses? Let’s look at solutions that Yoga can offer to the business world.

Yoga and Your Body – Health Benefits of Yoga Practice

Yoga aims to bring together the mind, the body and the spirits. People that practice yoga view that the mind and body are one and that if given the right tools, it can find harmony and find a way to heal. Practicing yoga is then considered to be a form of therapy. Awareness of posture and patterns of movement, flexibility and relaxation are only a few of the things that can be achieved with the practice. To feel fit, be more energetic, be happier and more at peace are only some of the reasons why people choose to practice yoga.

The Breath and Spirit Linkage

The significance of respiration is explained through the philosophy and the practical science of the breath called pranayama in the Yogic system. The mysteries of the human spirit and the gift of material life energies are intimately associated with breath and sometimes seen as synonymous.

12 Step Yoga Therapy, As Easy As Breathing

Yoga therapy for better health. This article briefly takes a look at how yoga can be used a a form of therapy. One example of this is the yoga breathing techniques.

Learn Ashtanga Yoga For Strength And Flexibility

Ashtanga is a dynamic practice that allows you to build strength very quickly. If you want to learn ashtanga yoga, there are two main ways to approach it.

Yoga Postures For Kids

Kids get stressed just like adults do because they are placed in demanding situations where they feel they must excel. School, athletic programs, and daily tasks will tend to stress many kids to the breaking point. All of these expectations that are placed on them afford them little opportunity to relax. Yoga postures for kids helps children in many areas of their life, and sometimes transports them into a whole other self.

5 Tips To Gaining Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) Through Practicing Yoga

Your yoga practice is not just a physical exercise but also a valuable avenue to relieve depression and absorb PMA a positive mental attitude. PMA delivers success in all areas of life. Make it your choice to choose the positive and let go of the negative.

How Yoga Helped Me Navigate Choppy Waters

After the loss of her husband, Melanie Camp finds a route to self-discovery that takes her on an ocean passage, yoga retreats and goal setting. The average age of widowhood in America is 59. Yoga has been more than a life saver; it is a new way of life!

Yoga Options for Managing Anxiety

The worst action you can take is to ignore anxiety. Anxiety requires a plan of action to instill positive energy within your being. If your plan of action is to take a Yoga lesson, you are “on the right path” to eliminating negative feelings.

Yoga Tips for Managing Anxiety and Cultivating Positive Energy

When I hear anyone, who can walk, or easily stand on two feet, make statements such as, “Life isn’t fair” and “I don’t have enough time to take care of my health” – it reminds me of Russell Conwell’s book, “Acres of Diamonds.”

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