Kundalini Kriya For Beginners: Morning Kundalini Yoga Practice

Yoga – Insomnia’s Relief and Yoga Poses to Consider

Yoga and the proper adoption of the right poses in yoga can help anyone address their insomnia. The following is a mini guide on some suggested poses.

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Yoga

Stress reduction: Yoga is good for relieving mental or physical stress. Concentration which is essential part of Yoga, melt away the day to day stress while doing the Yoga and seem to bestow a lasting peaceful composure.

How Regular Practice of Yoga Prolongs Life

Yoga is an excellent way for us to reduce the effects of aging on our bodies. In fact, the entire yoga philosophy revolves around the idea that our flexibility helps to determine our age, not the actual number of years that we’ve been alive.

Back Pain Distractions Part 1

Have you noticed that with Back Pain how we deal with it? Most of us have an issue with back pain at one time or another, and depending on how much we have hurt ourselves, depends on what we do and how we do it.

Benefits of Yoga Meditation

People commonly believe that worldly achievements and material successes are contrapuntal to yoga. But if we pause to ponder over the exact opposites that may result in poverty and failure, we realize that they are also not words that we would like to meditate upon.

Yoga For the Mind – Body – Spirit

One of the most universally beneficial practices for keeping your mind and body healthy is yoga. It is a form of exercise that does not require any high-impact physical activity, however the physical and mental benefits can be substantial.

The Difference Between Yoga and Exercise

What is the difference between yoga and regular exercise? Like regular exercise, yoga strengthens and tones the body. Regular exercise typically makes a body stronger and less flexible. Weight training for example, builds strength by breaking down and rebuilding muscle tissue. That bulky, muscle bound look and tighter muscle mass is a result of this breaking down and rebuilding muscle tissue.

Yoga Does a Body Good

Busy work schedules, home chores and activities of daily living are more and more causing people to need physical fitness programs that are comprehensive yet effective. As yoga continues to expand in the West, the practice is being described as a comprehensive physical fitness practice that can help with losing weight, building strength, increasing endurance and flexibility.

Corpse Pose – The Yoga Link For Relaxation and Liberation

Corpse pose or savasana is the final pose in many yoga practices that sets the stage for relaxation. While it may be easy to relax the body through progressive steps-from muscular to spiritual-the mind is much harder to tame.

How Yoga Retreats Can Change Your Life

How many times have you wondered whether to take yourself off to a distant and beautiful part of the world to relax in one of the many yoga retreats to be found? Maybe you are considering such a break, a yoga holiday.

Getting Yoga Instructor Training

Did you think that yoga instructor training was all about the physical poses? You will be happy to know that there is more involved in order to become a quality yoga trainer. There are many different facets which you will need to become familiar with and a good program will encompass all of these.

How You Can Relieve Back Pain With Yoga – Stop Living in Pain

Are you living in pain? Learn how yoga can relieve your back pain and get you feeling good again. A regular yoga practice can actually prevent future back pain by strengthening the muscles and increasing flexibility resulting in fewer injuries.

How Mantras Work – Using Sanskrit Mantra Therapy For Practical & Spiritual Growth

Ever wonder what the big deal is with Sanskrit mantras? Why millions swear by them for thousands of years for everything for the attainment of enlightenment to manifesting prosperity? Here, the esoteric formulae are explained, answering the question “How do mantras actually work?”

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Answers

Hatha yoga is one of the most common forms of yoga practiced today. The discipline itself is extremely vast, encompassing aspects of meditation (dhyana), breathing exercises (pranayama), postures and poses (asanas and mudras) and procedures for purification (shatkriyas or neti kriyas). This leads to a complete system of holistic healing for the body and the mind.

7 Tips to Staying Safe and Preventing an Injury in Your Yoga Class

Do you want to get hurt in yoga class? It can happen! Learn how to stay safe in your yoga practice by following these seven steps.

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