James Bryan (part 2) – Knoff Yoga – Yoga Teacher Training 2014

one of the major benefits of kunafa yoga teacher training is that you actually get to work with a surmount educator for the entire course there’s no junior teachers running the course so you’re going to be working with someone who has 44 plus years of experience to answer the questions that unavoidably come up one of the things that generates Nicky can offer unique perspective online teaching in yoga is the fact that she spent four years as small children in internment camp in Indonesia and she saw beings in the camps that if they if they didn’t dig depth they didn’t survive those four years where transformative Nicky instantaneously heard the difference between what was important not important in life and she does bring that side into her doctrine she is a master teacher she is old so in the sense that she expects and requires that you do your best and if she sees you wimping out she will jump on your occurrence and she has had some astonishing knowledge with genuinely famous well-known teaches which some of them are passed away now and you can no longer replicate listen to this constellation of famous yoga teaches Bikram Choudhury bks iyengar Shree desica Jah and Pattabhi Jois the fact that Nicky’s worked with these most famous yoga teaches is something that can no longer be replicated and if you come and do er tracks you are able to gain the added benefit of your experience I have never seen Niki stumped by any students question she has had over 40 times know-how and with numerou teaches plainly with thousands of yoga students and she creates this benefit to every course it’s it’s more of water resources than you can imagine things come up during teacher training and she’ll be able to give you a solid explanation based on not only her personal experience but on solid principles as well Nicky is 76 years of age so don’t left open forever to come and join in knopf yoga teacher training you do not have to become a yoga teacher in order to come and participate in the yoga teacher training courses many of our students have perfectly good activities good high-paying jobs and they’re coming to do the training in order to deepen their understanding and for self-development it’s an amazing experience working intensely for of 1 3 or 4 weeks the camaraderie the penetration of relationships that you develop a lot of our students have done great friendships that have previous for for many years so please come and join us you’ll have a great time plus you’ll learn a lot and if wishes to school enormous but you don’t have to if English is not your first language don’t hesitate to come we’ve had countless students from all over the world come and attend the courses and be successful nikki is multilingual and she grew up speaking Dutch English and Indonesian and she’s very sensitive to people who English isn’t their first language so don’t hesitate if that is an issue for you we will take care of you one of the aspects of Nikki’s teaching that may not be immediately obvious is she has a huge heart and compassion and she will always be there for you during teacher training to help you with any aspect obviously students arrive at the course of them with a huge range of capabilities and if there’s anything that you are struggling with she she will help you I’ve seen it time and time again where students are having issues and by the end of such courses they amounted them because of Nikki’s intervention and and mostly lifting them up Nikki never gives up on anyone and she’ll expect that you don’t give up on yourself and between the two of you you will be successful

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