Intermediate to Advanced Vinyasa Yoga – CHALLENGING & FUN FLOW

How to Care for Your Spine With Yoga

The spine is a marvelous structure that houses the nervous system. How can yoga care for the spine? What movement contributes to the spine’s flexibility?

Yoga Leg Exercises for Stronger More Stable Steps

A sign of aging is decreased strength in the legs. We can moderate the aging process.

Yoga for Good Health and Well Being

The other day I was waiting at a bus stop and overheard two women talking about their weight. Without making it too obvious, I shifted position to get a better view of the ladies and I admit, to listen into their conversation. I am not usually so nosy or obvious in my behaviour but the topic of their conversation caught my attention.

All Backed Up? Try These Foods and Yoga Moves

Constipation is usually temporary. It is a signal for lifestyle change. Do you need more exercise, more fluids, or more fiber in your diet? Consider home remedies, specific yoga moves and pay attention to the circumstances surrounding your meals.

Curing the Ailments of Modern Life With Yoga Fitness

Modern life was not made for the human frame. It has made it too easy for us to forget our physicality; it has disconnected us from the energy flowing through us; and it has imposed on us all kinds of stresses and strains. Machines whisk us from place to place, leaving only our eyes and hands in motion; offices are places where we slouch disinterestedly, or crouch stiffly over computers.

What Types Of Different Exercises, Breathing Techniques And Yoga Practices Will Help You Grow Taller

For a very long time people have been using yoga techniques to improve well-being. When you practice it you undergo a meditative type of stretching that works on your entire body. A lot of people have used it and achieved overall better health and balance.

How Lungs React When You Hold Your Breath During Yoga

Holding your breath during yoga may have a negative effect at times, and a positive effect at other times. What happens with the function of the lungs when you hold your breath? And are other organs and physiological processes affected?

Yoga In Difficult Times: 4 Nuggets of Wisdom

Difficulty brings us back to the drawing board. Having lost track of what is real, what is true, we stand once more at that fork in the road. Often we are lead to the practice of yoga without even knowing how or why we’ve arrived. What is important is that we have arrived. Where difficulty brings us back to the path, intrigue keeps us marching, one foot in front of the other, into the light.

Yoga: Will It Still Be Popular in the 21st Century?

Yoga is a, 5000 year old scientific system of practices that originated in ancient India. It is a physical activity consisting of isometric movements and poses that include breathing exercises and meditation. So, will it still be useful and relevant in the 21st century?

Yoga Against Insomnia

You might think that avoiding coffee during the day can help you stop insomnia; well, it’s true for some cases but may not be beneficial for other individuals. As people are aware that drinking too much coffee can cause it, it may not be the solution alone for stopping this condition for all types of individuals. There are many ways to cure it and for many people, they may choose to join yoga classes.

Don’t Take Breathing for Granted

Breathing is a function that we rarely think about yet our bodily organs need that deep breath to sustain itself and run efficiently. Yoga is one example of a practice that really helps your body breathe free.

Why Is Yoga So Popular?

Wondering why everyone seems to be obsessed with yoga? There are plenty of good reasons, and almost none have anything to do with wearing cute yoga pants. Read this article to find out what all the hype’s about.

2011 Yoga Travel Retreats

The new year brings fresh and exciting opportunities for rest, reflection and physical and spiritual awakening at the many yoga travel retreats throughout the calendar months. This year’s yoga retreat lineup is filled with everything from warm getaways…

Health Benefits of Yoga – Back Pain

Used for healing the mind, body, and consciousness, Yoga and Ayurveda are two fields that are regarded as one for many years. Yoga involves cleansing the mind and consciousness. On the other hand, Ayurveda focuses more on the physical health. However, Yoga and Ayurveda complement each other.

What to Look for in Women’s Yoga Clothing

Char was having a blast opening her box of new women’s yoga clothing. She had ordered it last week and was so excited when it finally came. Char had gone shopping because she needed a new influx of clothing, especially some new shirts and yoga pants.

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