How to Write Resolutions Using The Chakras (+Yin Yoga Poses)

Weight Loss With Yoga

Find out how yoga can help you reach your weight loss goals. Yoga can be as effective as the more grueling traditional cardio exercises for promoting weight management.

Proper Breathing Can Enhance Your Yoga Positions

Pranayama is the science of breath control. By controlling your breathing, yoga practitioners discover how to control their thoughts and emotions. New practitioners are taught to first focus on the form of the posture and the motion and position of their bodies. The Asanas or exercises are the physical aspect of yoga. This aspect develops your physical form; it allows you to build a strong foundation for what is to follow.

How to Become a Yoga Teacher

Teaching is a noble profession and one that any individual should be proud to be involved in. It’s even better when the topic you’re teaching is one that you love. It’s so much easier to convey your own enthusiasm regarding the subject matter when you really have a feel for it yourself.

Power Yoga to Improve Your Posture and Relieve Back Pain

These days I’ve become more proficient in yoga and enjoy a variety of postures and styles. Like martial arts, yoga works best when we focus on the basics. By continually working on the essentials, we master them and like driving a car, we begin to separate the physical actions from our mental task list.

Instant Weight Loss With Yoga – Lose 5 Pounds in 1 Minute

Yoga is great for weight loss! While this exercise brings a number of health and weight loss benefits, one benefit stands out above the rest. In four simple steps and in less than a minute, watch 5 pounds drop from your waistline.

5 Quick Tips to Naked Yoga Success

This is a brief report on the advantages of practicing yoga nude. Through years of practice and dedication i have put together the most comprehensive report to assist anyone willing to advance their yoga to the next level!

Yoga and Hinduism Spirituality

Yoga is an ancient art form which was brought into practice mainly by the yogis of the Eastern countries. What is not often considered is the connection between yoga and spirituality and the connection between Hinduism, Spirituality and Yoga.

Yoga For Kids – Top 3 Yoga Books For Kids – Part 2 of 3

If you are a parent or you teach children, you may be interested in teaching yoga to kids. As a qualified Yoga for Children’s Teacher, I would like to share with you three of the kids yoga books I use to support my teaching.

Yoga For Women Basics

Yoga for women will give a healthy way of life absent of any stress or strain, every woman should begin her day with breath yoga. The first thing to do when you get out of bed is to sit on a mat and hug your knees. Then lift your legs high in the air and hold this position till your head clears.

Pregnancy Yoga – A New Mother’s Perspecitve

This article describes how pregnancy Yoga can benefit you during your pregnancy. It is written based on the experiences of the author who practiced prenatal Yoga throughout her pregnancy and gave birth without drugs, gas or air.

Yoga For Parents – Five Things You Must Teach Your Children About Yoga – Part 1 of 3

Do you practice yoga? Many of my yoga students are parents and often ask me to teach yoga to their children, or to recommend good yoga books for children. In this three part series, I would like to share with you, some insights and useful information you could share with your children about yoga.

Yoga For Busy Parents – 3 Quick Yogic Tips to Help You Survive the School Morning Run

If you are a parent with school aged children or a baby at a nursery you will know how stressful and time-consuming it is getting ready for the “School Run.”The ancient art of yoga offers you simple, practical techniques you can use to help you relax and have a peaceful start to the school day.

Yoga For Mums – 10 Great Ways Yoga Helps You to Survive a Bad Hair Day

As a mum, have you ever been up all night looking after your baby? How do you feel when she finally gets to sleep and it is time for you to get up – fatigued, frazzled and fed-up? When you look in the mirror do you think you look frumpy, flabby and fat and long to lose your baby-fat and feel fashionable, fresh and fun again….

Using Yoga to Deal With Stress

Yoga is an incredible way to reduce stress and help relax your body. It is not for just women either. Check out the techniques that are the best.

Why We Should Yoga, Naked!

This is a quick guide giving some important reasons to try naked yoga. Coming from my experience I explain the real reason to try out naked yoga and all the benefits it includes.

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