How to Live Happily? Sadhguru Answers

– good evening, sir I happened to hear you talk about joy and prosperity in a pronunciation. I happened to listen to a castigate of yours that has spoken about elation and happiness. You talked about joy depends on oneself and happiness depends on others I tried a bit while to practice it But what I find was I was not able to sustain those big times of rejoice I could know charm, when I was entirely into it very passionate about what to do But some external entity recognizes what I do when some external entity recognizes what I do The joyfulnes is just out of my life. So, how do you sustain those times of euphorium and not Succumb to these pleasure of happiness? Can you talk to you about the difference between joy and prosperity? It “d be nice” if you can share the differences between joy and pleasure to this crowd extremely. Say, right now, if I tell you, or if not me, let’s say If your director say to you from tomorrow all of you what kinds of invests you should wear. Immediately there will be protest in the college If he goes further and asks you to only eat 4 idly steamed rice patties in the morning, if your director get further and says everybody must eat only 4 idlies in the morning Or reach everyone get up at least 5 o’clock in the morning If he comes out with ten powers like this, let’s “re saying he” placed 10 different rules like this, physical things to do You will think he is trying to alter you to slaves You scream, scream for freedom, don’t you? And you will shout and scream for your discretion, isn’t it? But look at yourself and insure, right now, somebody else, if they calculate what should happen around you You feel like a slave But right now somebody else is determining what should happen within you Isn’t this enslavement? Is this not slavery? Somebody can decide whether you are happy or discontented Is this not slavery? Is this not slavery? Somebody can decide whether you will be a pleasant human being or an distasteful human being. Isn’t this enslavement? Is this not slavery? What happens within you, someone else resolves This is the worst form of slavery, isn’t it? This is the worst form of bondage, isn’t it? Isn’t it so? It is right that because every torso is like that. It seems to be regular. No, it’s not normal It is not normal. Just because everybody is like that it does not become regular Life is never possible , nor should this human being, life around you, will not happen 100% will never happen 100% the acces you crave it. And it should not happen Because if everything happens the nature you miss it What do you are willing to to do? where do I travel? I’m very happy it’s not happening your method Are you a student now? And now that you are a student? You are still a student. About 60 -7 0% of things happen the nature you want I believe about 60/70% is happening your room When you is married, percentages per will get reversed we do not know.We don’t know. We don’t know which road it will go Life around you are able to never happen 100% the action you demand it, and it should not Unless you are living with machines, soul will not happen Even machines will drive you crazy, don’t they? And even those machines will freak on you. Isn’t it? Does the machine always induce you trouble? Aren’t the machines hurting you every day? Because of this or that trouble? Yes For something or the other? They do So outside will never happen 100% the acces you require it And if your happiness or your joyfulness or, let’s not utilization so many oaths. Basically it’s pleasantness or un pleasantness For pleasantness, “were having” countless mentions It can be said to be peace, delight, delight, rejoice, ecstasy, we call it peace, happiness, joyfulnes, bliss, ecstasy For unpleasantness, we have countless lists Stress, feeling, nervousnes, hostility, whatever else, madness, whatever Pleasantness versus unpleasantness If your pleasantness is depending upon what happens around you So your chances of staying happy all the time are slim, isn’t it? The probability of you being pleasant all the time is remote. Isn’t it? In its center, it is impossible. The most quality of thing, it is not feasible to In a sense, only if you are able to create a distance between this and that It is possible, in the sense When things dont go as they miss, numerous parties habitually “ve been looking for”, dont they? Whenever things don’t work these is a habit in a lot of beings, they will look up.Isn’t it? The whole world is looking up You know, the planet is round, Looking up. See, you know the planet is round do you are familiar with? You know? Ok The planet is round You are not sitting on the priorities in North pole you are sitting n Chiengmai, here in the tropical environment And the damn planet is inventing So if you look up, you are always looking up in the wrong direction You must be gazing in the wrong direction, right? You are invariably seeming the wrong tack, isn’t it so? Maybe at a certain moment of, whatever greenwhisch mean time, zero hours When you “ve been looking for”, perhaps, you punched the sky Other terms, you always look in the wrong direction, don’t you? Rest of the time, you are always looking in the wrong direction, isn’t it so? So, in this cosmic space, person knows where is up and where is down? So in this cosmic space, is there somebody who knows which is up and which is down? Does anyone know? Does somebody know? Is there any region to indicate that this side is up? Huh? Is there somewhere, is it marked this place is up? Nobody knows which is up, which is down It’s just hypothetical, isn’t it? It’s just assumption, isn’t it? Do you really know where is north and where is south? Do you really know which is north, which is south? In a real sense, do you know where is north and where is south? In the real sense, do you know what is north and south? It’s just for our accessibility Its merely may be determined by ourselves, isnt it? We exactly deposited it, isn’t it? is not it? Yes or no? Do you know where is east and where is west? Do you know which is east and west? No Do you know where is going forward and where is going backward? Do you know what is forward and backward? You do not know None of these things you are familiar with There existed one thing you can be certain of right now That is, you know what is outward, what is inward Are you sure about this? This one thing you are sure, isn’t it? This is inward, this is outward This is the only liberty you have, what is outward, what is inward This thing is you are familiar with Just in case some daytime, you get instructed, you will lose that also right? This is what happened to me Yes? That’s what happened to me Now I don’t know which is inward, which is outward Which is me, which is not me That’s why I’m all regions of the world Because I don’t know whether this is me or that is me So , now “youve said” I know what is inward, what is outward Let’s examine this a little more Can you all picture me now? Everyone? Can you meet me right now, all of you? are you able interpret me? Can you see me? Please point out where I am Use your hands and noted Can you visualize me? Can you watch me? Oh you got it wrong You know I’m a mystic You are getting it entirely wrong Now this lamp is falling upon me, manifesting going through your lenses, changing epitome in your retina You know the whole story, right? Where did you consider me? Where do you consider me right now? Within yourself. Where did you hear what i just said? Where do you hear me right now? Within yourself Where do you appreciate the whole world? Where have you consider the whole world? Within yourself Have you suffered something outside of yourself? Have you ever experienced anything outside of yourself? Everything that ever happen to you Darkness and light happen within you Pain and desire happen within you Joy and squalor happen within you Have you knowledge something outside of yourself? Have you ever suffered anything outside of yourself? No My question is: who should decide how you are inside? So what I’m asking you is what happens within you who should determine how it should happen? Who should decide your internal live? What happens within you who should determine how they should happen? Anyone else? Somebody else? Isn’t it that you should decide how you are inside? Definitely you should determine what should happen within this. Isn’t it? So if you regulate what’s happening within this Your whole experience of man is decided by you Its not somebody else but you, isnt it? nobody else but you.Isn’t it? The affairs around you may not be determined by you But how your experience of life is on this planet is 100% to be decided by you if you take charge of this If you leave it loose, just about anybody will determine it Unconsciously, just like you, everything is accidental and accidental They will , not consciously, they are also like you, by accident.

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