How to do Triangle Pose as a Yoga Beginner | Easy Trikonasana Tutorial

Some Benefits of Yoga

Wondering what the benefits of yoga are? Here are some you can consider. Yoga is beneficial to the body in numerous ways. Learn how this fantastic exercise can help you.

Kriya Yoga – Brief History

It was master Lahiri Mahasaya who introduced Kriya Yoga to the modern world during his lifetime in the nineteenth century, yet Kriya Yoga is, according to some scriptures, much older than that.It would appear that the Bhagavad-Gita mentions a Kriya Yogi technique in a stanza that states: “That meditation expert becomes eternally free who, seeking the Supreme Goal (Samahdi), is able to withdraw from external phenomena by fixing his gaze within the mid-spot of the eyebrows and by neutralizing the event currents of prana and apana within the nostrils and lungs; and to control his sensory mind and intellect; and to banish desire, fear and anger.”

Can Yoga Boost Immunity To Fight Viral Attacks?

Ayurveda, a holistic way of life, believes that yoga brings in an integrity/ sets a rhythm/ nourishes one’s spiritual life, with which he is able to gain strength to face the stressful situation which both his body and mind undergoes when he is affected by viral diseases. When one is diagnosed with disease like AIDS even his own family tends to neglect him, it is at this time regular yogic practice comes handily. It helps to balance himself and helps to withstand all the emotional hurt feeling that he is subjected to by the society and endure the physical pain that he has to undergo during the treatment.

Use Yoga Exercises To Effectively Treat Addictive Behaviour!

Whether we care to admit or not most of us have a vice or addiction, it is just human nature! For the most part we have a reasonably high level of control over these vices or addictions. Examples of these addictions can be as minor as wanting to eat a little bit more chocolate than is healthy, but they can be much more serious, to the extent that problems can arise in our lives.

Use Yoga Exercises and Postures to Reduce Back Pain and Inflexibility

What do you think is one of the most common ailments that patients consult their doctors for? Did you guess it? Yes, the answer is back pain.

Yoga Exercises Will Banish Panic Attacks!

If you yourself or someone you know has had, or suffers from panic attacks, then you can associate with the fact that these very attacks rob you of your independence and leave you totally unable cope with the simple everyday tasks that we all take for granted. Whilst gripped in one of these attacks, the fear of something happening is often so powerful that it overrides your very will causing you to stay barricaded in your home, left to become a recluse unable to venture out and interact with other folk. Prescribed medication is the obvious choice that people will make to help, wrongly hoping they …

Yoga And Weight Loss

Many students of yoga have found a correlation between the day they decided to steadily practice yoga and their life long decision to improve their health. Students report that they made healthier food choices, due to feeling uplifted and centered from yoga practice. This comes from a sense of focus and mindfulness of the body, which results from regularly practicing yoga.

Yoga For Weight Loss

Anyone with weight loss goals has to consider that there are many variables. Diet, genetics, activity levels, stress levels, and personal mindset, all play a role in weight control. Yoga can help you lose weight by improving all, or several, of these factors.

Teaching Yoga For Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease affects motor and speech skills and is characterized by muscle rigidity and tremors. This degenerative disease is also chronic, meaning life long and progressively crippling.

Teaching Yoga To Students With Parkinson’s Disease

Yoga instructors, working with students that have Parkinson’s disease, must respect the limitations and goals of these individuals. As with any number of physical and neurological ailments, the effective postures and routines will vary. As a general rule, asana practice might require modifications, props, extra support, or assisting for students with Parkinson’s disease.

Yoga Instructor Training – Teaching Multiple Levels in the Same Class

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by students, with a variety of ailments, in the same class? Are you looking for student solutions to your class scheduling? Do you have time constraints? Let’s look at a question and answer session.

The History And Principles Of Yoga

The convenience and affordability of yoga also makes it accessible to almost everyone in some form or other, and it is trendy too which seems to be an added benefit for many people. Practise techniques at work or at home to improve the standard of your life in general.

Practise Yoga And Promote An Overall Healthier Lifestyle!

It is hardly surprising that the majority of people who regularly practice yoga start to develop a healthier lifestyle in a short period of time. These positive changes are seen in many facets of their existence. Once the benefits that yoga can bring about are seen and experienced by these new practitioners, life takes on a whole different meaning and is seen through different eyes.

Yoga Posture Basics That Are Easy To Do

Yoga is a very common style of exercise that is practiced by people all over the world. These exercises help to build strength and flexibility in our bodies by creating a balance. Yoga is derived from ancient India and is still going strong in its beliefs and practices.

Practical Information on How To Open Your Yoga Studio

These days, almost everybody has incorporated some form of relaxation technique into their hectic schedules. Yoga seems to be one such technique, which has come a long way over the past century. The question of how to open a Yoga Studio is, thus, a much discussed topic amongst aspiring entrepreneurs, these days.

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