How To Do a Standing Backbend | Quick 3-min Tutorial for Yoga Beginners

Yoga Teacher Training: Joint Health

Yoga can be a wonderful form of therapy for a number of skeletal ailments. This is the reason why yoga teacher training courses spend so much time on skeletal anatomy, precautions, and alignment. The bodies’ joints provide cushion where two bones intersect.

Yoga Teacher Training: Grief

There are many healing methods learned during yoga teacher training, but some the most puzzling problems humans face are emotional in nature. Grief touches everyone at some point in their life. The loss of a loved one is a devastating blow for some, while career setbacks such as firing or layoffs can send others into a tailspin of sadness.

How to Relax at Work: Yoga Tools for Naysayers

Every day I have to decide: Is this the day I run, bike, hike, do anything other than Yoga? Although I find yoga is an excellent complement to other pursuits, I am personally challenged to make it a very regular practice.

Things to Consider When Searching for the Best Yoga Teacher Training Courses

If you’d like the best yoga teacher training course, you can find one using the Internet. But when choosing the best training course for you, there are some factors that you need to consider. This article will tell you what they are.

Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss Beginners

When you think about weight loss, and dieting and exercising makes you remember those unsatisfactory times, you should start thinking of other alternatives, such as yoga. Yoga exercises for weight loss is a form of meditation that helps you lose weight and help metabolism, toning up the muscles, etc.

How To Lose Weight With Yoga Exercises

It has often occurred that people who want to know how to lose weight with yoga if they wonder about yoga as a form of achieving it. Although it is a good method, you need to first gain your knowledge about yoga and how it is significant with calming the mind and toning the body.

Yoga Weight Loss For Beginners

Anticipating how to lose weight? You may have heard it is good way to try a yoga weight loss program. As a beginner, you must be looking for some easy Yoga poses for losing weight. If so there are some simple yoga poses for beginners, specifically designed for weight loss.

Do You Need Permission From Physicians Or Midwives Before Attending A Prenatal Yoga Class?

We all know that pregnancy is the most crucial phase in a woman’s life. Health is at stake not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. Exercising is the best way to get rid of the negative spirits and improve a pregnant woman’s vitality.

How Yoga Helps You Keep Healthy and Fit?

Yoga is a great form of exercise to connect with inner self and keep your body healthy and fit. It helps to calm your mind and body through deep breathing exercises, stretching and mindful exercises.

Benefits of Yoga

This article talks about the benefits of yoga. It provides examples of the benefits on all 3 aspects, namely, body, mind and spirit.

Hatha Yoga

Since the mid-20th century, hatha yoga has become an extremely popular option for people who want to improve their mind, body and spiritual health. This ancient practice is designed to promote balance between those three components. In fact, the word “yoga” actually refers to this union, literally the “yoking together” of spiritual, physical and mental health.

The Secrets to Optimal Health and Regeneration

It’s never fun dealing with chronic illnesses or medical conditions while searching for vitality. Discover the method of regaining immunity, strength, and reach your optimal health naturally with these simple lifestyle changes.

Four Yoga Positions For Beginners

Are you afraid of some yoga positions for beginners? Don’t be so. Yoga is not a discipline which consists of exercise alone. In fact, it comprises of one’s mind, body as well as faith. At the end of the day yoga is simply a path to nirvana, a state where the mind and body becomes one and a person achieves serenity.

10 Reasons To Go To Nicaragua For a Yoga Retreat

Are you planning to spend a week or two on a yoga retreat somewhere on the beach where the sun is shining? Have you considered Nicaragua for your next yoga retreat but you are searching for the right excuses. You are lucky because here are the top 10 reasons why you want to go and make your reservation now.

Yoga Is a Way of Life

Yoga has become the “in” thing these days. Well known celebrities are practicing yoga, dietician and doctors, politician, grade school teacher even simple housewives are into it. But what is Yoga? Some says it is a science of life while to others it is a spiritual, physical and mental discipline.

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