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Are you inclined towards body movement that helps calm the mind? Do you have a deep passion to
help others experience the magic of being in the present? Do you truly believe that Yoga rescue
everyone eventually? Then what are you waiting for? Get your mats out and become
a yoga teacher! If not anything else, the covid-19 pandemic taught us the importance of physcial
and mental health. As our country was grappling with one of the harshest lockdowns
in the whole world, Yoga and Virtual Yoga teachers
came to rescue people from Corona induced stress. But before we delve deeper into the
career of a yoga teacher, let’s revise what Yoga truly means.

The misconception about yoga, is a yoga class is physical exercises, postures and asanas. It’s just about doing beautiful and
difficult postures. But that’s absolutely untrue because Yoga as a word comes from the
word – ‘Yuj’, which means connection or bringing
2 things together. It could be the connection between
your breath and your body, your mind and your body, the outside
and inside world. Now that we have that cleared up, let’s see how you can become
a yoga teacher in India. Every second and third person
is looking for a yoga class. So just capitalise on that. You just hear somewhere that
you this person here wants to do yoga. Grab on to that. That person will bring 3 other people. If you do it at a gym, they usually take a percentage and pay you
whatever is left. And lastly the most lucrative is
personal classes. AKA PTs or personal trainings. Know your worth, the effort you put, and know that definitely you'll
give your clients the result. If you're confident about that
you can literally charge Rs. 15,000 to 20,000
for 12 classes per person per month. That's not a lot! You can also join the Kool Kanya
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