How To Be A Good Yoga Teacher | Sadhguru | Isha Hatha Yoga

Sadhguru, Like never before twistings are also happening to yoga Serious distortions. Most laughable distortions are happening So at a time like this going out in the world and offering mark my statements, I am saying offering offering classical Hatha Yoga is a very significant and an important thing to do, because the populations on the planet are showing interest, but To provision the genuine thing is a tremendous responsibility. Yoga entails in a manner that was you re trying to marry the cosmos confederation with the cosmos. You shall not be required to be make yourself seriously, but because of what you offer, other beings should make you severely. Hmm You make yourself earnestly. Then you are a Laughs, Your partner, Laughter cosmos. You re a farcical dupe when you have a partner like that, No thing how smart-alecky you are isn t it So that s what yoga entails You re trying consolidation with so don t ever think you re too smart, You re stupid, but that s. What is good about you, because you know Most of the jackass do not know That s a big thing. The difference between being intelligent and stupid is just this. An smart person knows that he is stupid. An brainles does not know that he is an idiot That s the whole problem. Yoga means you constantly recognizing, because you re forever intensifying your sensing, As your knowledge becomes keener and keener, you re incessantly enhancing. If you have to constantly enhance, you must clearly understand that you don t know a damned thing. Otherwise, the moment you think I know you will stop. That represents no yoga The epoch “were having” created, give s say ten thousand classical Hatha Yoga teachers who are actively on in the world. After that, this will become the standard That s all we need to do So. You must live and offer this in such an inspiring acces. Anybody who hears you should want to do it this road. They must understand the reason why we are taking so much care For benefit of future generations on this planet. It is very important that this discipline is continued. In its pristine chassis , not in some crazy ways of doing things,.

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