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About the Rabbit Pose In Yoga

Also known as the Sasangasana, the rabbit pose plays a huge role in providing maximum extension for the spine and as a result it increases the mobility and elasticity of the spine. When the spine is well stretched it aids in feeding the nervous system with fresh blood and oxygen.

Ways Of Losing Weight Using Yoga

One of the best ways of losing weight is using yoga. There are a number of ways that you can use to lose weight using yoga: One of the ways is by choosing a yoga style that will allow you to easily lose weight. One of the best styles that you should go for is the Vinyasa style. This style involves a number of vigorous poses that create heat in the body and as a result you easily burn a lot of calories. Vinyasa style also aids in building muscle tone.

Learn The First Lesson Of Pilates Technique With Corefit Pilates Class

There are some myths that Pilates is strictly made for boxers, golfers, belly dancers and injured people who want to improve their body postures after injuries. But the truth is totally different to what people have in their mind about the Pilates techniques. Invented by Joseph Pilates, a boxer and gymnast, Pilates techniques are known for increasing your overall core body strength

Aerial Yoga – Amalgaming Traditional Yoga And Aerial Acrobatics For A Better Lifestyle

The human body is like a machine that needs regular attention and care in the form of a healthy diet, regular exercises and timely sleep. Lack of any of them in your daily routine can cause serious health hazards and can affect your lifestyle. Today’s modern life is full of hectic schedules, stress, overwork and lack of balance.

Reduce Fasting Blood Sugar Levels With Only 40 Minutes a Day of Chair Yoga

The statistics for diabetes are jaw dropping. 14.6 million Americans diagnosed, and a further 6.2 million who aren’t even aware they have diabetes. That’s 20.8 million. 7% of the US population who can benefit from simple chair yoga exercises. The other 93% can still impact their pulmonary functions positively, with only 40 minutes daily and relaxing practice of chair yoga.

Use Chair Yoga With These 3 Lifestyle Tips for the Prevention of Rheumatoid Arthritis

With aging comes illness. It’s a fact of life, but an increasing number of people are paying more attention to morbidity. If that’s you, then this is essential reading. If not, chances are you know someone heading towards a sedentary lifestyle. These lifestyle tips prevent that from happening, and the chair yoga exercises will increase joint flexibility, staving off rheumatoid arthritis, and preventing osteoporosis!

Who Else Wants To Know The Best 3 Chair Yoga Poses for Seniors?

These 3 chair yoga exercise are superb for seniors. Anyone conscious of their health, struggling to find a workout suited to their fitness level, these are time proven to strengthen muscle and improve balance, and they can be done with just your dining room chair.

How Chair Yoga Helps Anyone To Go From Fat To Fit And Combat Obesity

With a third of the US suffering from obesity, there’s a clear need for simple exercise. Chair yoga lets anyone get started on a journey to go from fat to fit, with simple yoga poses. Reduce stress –> Eliminate comfort eating. Build muscle –> Burn more calories naturally.

Chair Yoga Can Exhilarate People With Disabilities

Wheelchair users often have an abundance of contagious energy, Joyful, jubilant and great to be around. When the curtains close though, there’s often upper body pain, due to stress on the chest and shoulder muscles. Chair yoga strengthens the smaller muscle groups, supporting the larger muscles, helping to reduce pain…

Reduce Your Morbidity With Chair Yoga and Manage Chronic Pain Effectively

Chronic pain can stem from degenerative disorders, or as a result of an accident. The NIH report 76 million people suffer from chronic pain. Management of both chronic and acute pain is increasingly being done through exercise. Chair yoga is the simplest exercises, connecting mind and body, for a complete body workout, reducing pain and stress.

How To Teach Yoga Classes For All Ability Levels

Teaching a yoga class is a big responsibility. You have to know how to get all of your students to relate to what you are teaching them despite everyone in your class having a different learning style as well as differing ability levels. What are…

3 Influential Benefits From Chair Yoga

Who would have thought that exercising on your armchair could be so influential on lifestyles. Simple motions that exercise the tiniest of muscles you don’t even think need working are all being worked with every chair yoga pose. For good reason as they can be the difference between assisted living accommodation, or independent living well into your senior years. Find out why…

Stay Mobile for Longer: Just 1 of Many Benefits of Chair Yoga for Seniors

The benefits of chair yoga can be felt after only 45 minutes per week. Ranging from an increase in strength, flexibility, and a reduction to stress, anxiety, and depression. It can mean the difference from assisted living and independent living. Discover how anyone can stay mobile for longer with natural yoga poses done right from the armchair.

The 1 Thing Preventing You From Experiencing the Benefits of Chair Yoga

The benefits of chair yoga go far above the regulation of blood circulation. Out of the hundreds of possible yoga poses there are, each of them have one thing they help to improve, and prove beyond doubt that anyone, regardless of age or physical fitness level can gain better mobility.

Tips On How To Teach Yoga Students On The First Day

There are many resources available that suggest how to teach yoga students. But if students don’t return for the second day, it’s all a waste of time. An instructor has just a couple of hours to convince their students that this will be a…

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