HIP OPENING – YIN YOGA: 10 Days Yoga Challenge *Day 2*

what’s up people welcome to day number two of the ten days yoga challenge today we’re going to be focusing on one of the tightest body parts that we all have and that’s our hips the above reasons being is that we sit down for so long during the day that our trendies really get tighter and tighter so we need to do something in order to contrast that tightness so if you’re a person that sit down for too long during the day or if you’re playing to get displayed the affix performance centre slab this workout is right for you so I’ll told you in your mat alright chaps so let’s begin on the same position we began yesterday which is kneeling pose bring your hands to your nature center and close your eyes bring your attention to your breathing activating your who you breath let’s can your physical body all the way from the tip-off of your toes to the top of your ability deep-seated an intention for your tradition maybe there is something going on in your life right now and this is a good time for you to let it go and a pitch things as they come and as they are the yoga practice is here to teach you that there is nothing else besides this precise minute and whatever else do you think is real being in the future or in the past it’s actually an illusion so let’s begin by planting your hands and going into plank pose press securely into the mat engage your core and be aware of your part mas we’re gonna inhibit now four three two one lean forward come down chaturanga inhale upward facing or Cobra and evaporate downward facing again satisfy feel free to bend one knee at a time don’t worry your hamstrings still too tight I predict you that if you deter practicing day by day your hamstrings will feel open over day and you’ll be able to get your ends to the ground but once again it’s not about get your ends to the ground it’s just about doing your practise crouch your knees looking for a step or float to the top of your matting breath halfway raising and exhale full breath rise the whole way up look at your thumbs exhale mitts to your mettle center inhale rise back up and breath fall forward inhale halfway lift plant your hands a gradation or float to the back of your mat lower down chaturanga breath upward facing and exhale downward facing from here we’re going to take a big breath and rise our leg left to the back of our mat we’re on a excavation now for two or three seconds then you’re gonna bring your knee to your dresser wall evaporating weed your left foot and breath for high-pitched leap this is different from a warrior one since we got our ends off the mat bosom your hands lower down chaturanga and move through your vinyasa we are back in downward facing pup from here inhale your right leg up that’s all for two one exhale bring your knee towards your chest to your snout plant your feet and inhale rise up to lunge exhale plant your hands save outdo while you’re decrease down to chaturanga inhale upward facing and evaporating Child’s Pose take a moment to reset your breathing slacken the body down sluggish the sentiment down flora your hands going to be home to downward-facing puppy bring your left foot to the top of your matted and lowered the right knee down from here inhale and rise up a little back bend reform and opening up the chest the shoulders sending your trendies forward and down lower down and we got a couple alternatives here we can stay on our hands if our trendies are feeling too tight or if you are a little bit more flexible you are eligible to lower your figures to the mat you can also keep your toes tuck under or you can release them like I simply did this pose is called lease or lunch and we’re going to be holding it for about half a instant to a hour and every time we’re give a position for a long time which one minute is not that much but once you start getting into the range of 1 2 or 3 minutes you don’t want to go to your peak degree right off because that’s only going to send pain signals to your intelligence it’s going to tell your person to contract and we wanted to actually relax and open up so go to a residence where you feel cozy “youre feeling” the unfold but it’s not extremely intense flora your hands and bring your right foot next to the left foot then your knees squat down face-lift your dresser and propagandize your knees out with your shoulders opening up the hips if this constitute looks really hard for you or your ends doesn’t get to the ground hitherto don’t worry simply settled something to heighten your ends and that’s a progression to eventually be able to hold these constitute weed your hands and fall forward your paw a little wider this time lend your hands you can float or step back to your delineate lean forward chaturanga inhale updog and breath to down up we’re going to work on the other side bring your right knee towards your dresser lower your left knee down to the mat and once again you can stay in your hands you can lower down to your shoulders your toes can stay talked under or not just go to a lieu where you feel comfortable you may start on your hands and as “youre feeling” your mas opens up you can lower down to your joints time if it feels right for you you may find that you have one side tighter than the other that’s completely normal don’t justice it and don’t compare it just watch it and be aware of it slowly come up place your hands on the map you’re going to scoop your liberty hoof towards your left for Pigeon pose we’ll be working on our inner hips but these berth targets the other side which is or other trendies or so us and our glutes once again go to a situate where you feel cozy maybe stay on your hands maybe on your formations or you are eligible to put all the way down you may be wondering what the deed of video intends the yin yoga part so for this practice I want to focus on opening the trendies but I likewise wanted to make emphasis in a particularly other mode announced yin yoga in fruit style we’re comprising postings for longer than you would on a regular tradition if you were to go to an a yoga studio and take a yin yoga class you’ll is my finding that you actually braced the posters for acces longer than we’re actually doing up there they hold it for three for even two five minutes so gradually come up plant your hands tuck your toes under and going to be home to plank from here lean forward lower down chaturanga breath updog and exhale downward facing hound[ Music] now bring your left knee to the middle of your hands crouch your knee and going to see t impose on the other side conclude a pleasant home maybe your hands maybe your assembles or you are eligible to crease all the way down remember it’s not about how deep you can get into a constitute it doesn’t matter how it looks it merely matter how it feels for you and in your body and in your body today because it might not be the same as your mas yesterday and you’ve got to be for yesterday or your organization tomorrow and there is something that the other practice will educate you is that yes you will progress over meter but you’re gonna have good day and you’re gonna have bad eras and it is your choice to be attached to that and feel that you have a bad rule and I’m actually doing quotation marks with my hands because there is no such thing as a bad rehearse actually those practise were you don’t feel perfectly right aren’t these best practices that educates you the most about yourself seed your hands gradually come up and you’re going to bring your right leg around for butterfly or bakasana triumph the soles of your paw together you can stay here standing tall or you can fall forward try to keep your back straight first and then you start round you try to on every breath heave your chest a little higher and on every breath descent a little deeper you might be on your meetings or you are eligible to come all the way down if you’re a girl probably you’re most flexible than most chaps on the hips effect chaps tend to be like really really tighten including our internal hips and I’m gonna say it once again it’s never too much to hear this whichever your shape examines even if you can’t even sit tall on this position that’s totally fine merely find a arrange where you can stay and I promise that your torso will open over duration seizure your left foot with your hands and introducing it over to your hip inch from there you are going to fall we’re doing a half Lotus with the left leg and then we are folding forward you can grab a towel or a defiance stripe to wrap it around your nutrient and imparting it closer to you but remember it’s not such matters of grabbing your food it’s just a matter of going to a target where you feel the elongate filch your chest up and imparting the opposite foot towards your hip fold forward if you feel any pain on your knee on this position please forestall it absolutely that means that you’re actually forcing your knee to to bend which is not a movement natural change for your need to do so you want to make sure you’re actually applying the outer part of your hips to a unfold instead to actually folding from the knee now we’re going to breath heave your dresser keep your legs as they are laid down bend your left knee and bring your arms 1 is going to be in the middle of the legs and the left hand is going to be across you’re gonna grab your shin your left shin and you’re gonna bring it towards your chest here you should feel the strain on the outer one of the purposes of your hips again like on monkey constitute now we’re going to swap backs bring your left knee across and push it with your right knee towards you with your weapons across grasp your shin and bring your knee towards your chest actively send your lower back towards the net for a deeper extend we’re almost at the end of the practice couple more constitutes next one is gonna be a happy baby and they’re gonna ensure why that is the name fluctuate I grab both ankles or toes which are so comfy you’re gonna bend your knees and you’re not actively bring your foot towards the mat so you’re opening up the hips you can strengthen the legs if you like you can move around you need to be static you can rock back and forward like an actual joyful baby then you’re going to bring the soles of your hoof together and we’re going to be doing this reverse bakasana or butterfly from here we’re going to finish up with a change bring your knees to your dresser and changing over to your right side examining over to your left shoulder take a moment to slow everything down prepare your body and mind for shavasana bring your knees again to Center twist over to the opposite side and look to your right side this is a time of the practice where you congratulate yourself for showing up for being amiable with yourself and for doing the practice the best that you could so now bring both knees together and straighten your legs loosen into shavasana you can stay on this constitute for as long as you like thanks for coming for letting me share my practice with you I’ll see you guys all tomorrow on your matting number three[ Music][ Music][ Music]

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