Hatha Yoga Flow: Virasana – Hero’s Pose and Reclining Hero for Deep Quad Opening (45-min) All Levels

The Many Arms Of Power Yoga

You should be familiar with the term of power yoga. You may have even practiced it before and maybe even do it on a regular basis. When you became aware of the power yoga, you also now have the great things that this can provide for you.

Yoga’s Bestowal Of Psychic Powers (ESP)

If, you have read any yoga books, you will know that practicing ‘Vashitva’ gives you the ability to control objects, animate or inanimate. And finally, ‘Ishtatva’, the last power gives one the ability to create and destroy objects at will, a power that almost rivals that of God. The ultimate power, it can be attained with dedicated practice of Yoga techniques.

Healthy Mind & Mind With Yoga

Blood flows through the body at a certain pressure, but if the pressure is higher than the normal range, then you can say you suffer from High Blood Pressure, and if it drops below what is considered the normal range, then it is called Low Blood Pressure.

Yogic Truths

A Sanskrit word meaning ‘yoking’ or ‘union’, yoga is one of the six orthodox systems (darshans) of Indian philosophy, with widespread influence among many other schools of Indian thought, one can find its basic text contained in the Yoga-Sutras by Patanjali ( c. 2nd B.C.).

The Basics of Yoga

Yoga aids in weight loss. Yoga also has many health benefits.

Fit at Fifty

I remember being 38 years old and 40 pounds overweight. 170 pounds on a little 62 inch frame was a disaster in progress. I knew if I didn’t take immediate control of my fate, that Fate would sweep me into it’s often merciless arms and throw me into middle age burdened with self-recrimination and a huge handicap… my own weight.

The Purpose of Yoga – Releasing Anxiety

Yoga is a great relief from feelings of anxiety, but anxiety is part of life; and some of us have more anxiety than others. No matter how many years you practice Yoga, you are still human. You are bound to feel feelings of frustration, angst, irritation, and anxiety.

The Purpose of Yoga – Solutions for Releasing Anxiety

Yoga is a 5,000 year catalog of health solutions and an evolving science of life. Therefore, here are some “age old” Yogic solutions for releasing anxiety. To make them work, you must realize that you have to make a habit of releasing a little anxiety, within acceptable limits, all day long.

Yoga For Arthritis – Yoga Contributes To Pain Relief As It Builds Your Confidence

When you suffer from arthritis you get used to living with chronic pain, and pain relief usually comes in the form of a pill, rather than gentle exercise. But studies have shown that not only can yoga contribute to arthritis pain relief, but it provides other benefits too.

The Purpose of Yoga – Motivation for Better Health

Why do most diets fail? Why do most exercisers quit? Lack of motivation is the reason for diet and exercise failure. People already know they should eat better, walk more, exercise, and drink more water, but they need to maintain their level of motivation, without “burning out.”

What Yoga Can Do for Your Health

In the past, yoga has become one of the coolest and trendiest of the exercise and alternative methods that have made a big appearance in the world today. Not only is yoga a fun thing to do, it is also a way for you to loose weight and make yourself more healthy without undo stress on the body. Many people have taken upon themselves to start this wonderful and easy way to get in better health.

Comparison of Anti-Aging Supplements With Body-Building Supplements

Over a period of time (with age), the ability of the body to produce certain hormones also diminishes which results in signs of aging, this is tackled effectively with anti-aging supplements that help to rejuvenate the body and provide those important ingredients that were lost over time.

Yoga Practice Tips

Achieving the best possible results with yoga relies on you being both dedicated to regular practice and having the ability to overcome any obstacles or difficulties you may face in the course of your training.

The Purpose of Yoga – Spiritual Health for All Faiths

Before the Yoga class, the woman with the Holy Water, and her companion, handed out leaflets to inform parishioners of how Yoga is “Anti-Christian.” Strangely, none of the 65 parishioners, who attended Yoga classes, knew this woman.

How To Begin Your Yoga Practice In Texas

When you begin your first Yoga class in Dallas, Houston or anywhere else in Texas , you will probably hear your teacher, or yogi, refer to it as “your practice.” This refers to your individual experience with Yoga over time. And, with Yoga, your practice should always be evolving and changing, so it will never get boring.

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