Hatha Yoga Flow How to Improve Your Flexibility and Alignment | Yoga for All Levels [45-Min]

hi I'm Brett Larkin and in this class we're really going to focus on alignment above all else if you're looking to kind of align and refine your standing poses to take them to the next level this class is going to be amazing for you whether you're a beginner or advanced duty if you have a blanket into blocks they're not required but if you have them grab them so we'll just start in child's pose so you can use the blanket to kind of pad your knees and then if you like having a block long way between the heels under the seat or under the head you're welcome to add either or both otherwise just close the eyes just give yourself a moment to land in the space if you close your eyes and feel your forehead press into the mat just begin to notice the breath in the body just looking for where the inhale is happening I'm looking for where the exhale is happening as you tune into that more see if you can find the inhale really widening your low back in some sort of capacity so just think of the inhale kind of going into the low back the space between the hips and the exhale just drawing your navel up and in so subtly so slightly you're breathing in and out through the nose now working on slowing the breath down so there's really that three count inhale should feel the whole body kind of widen in a three count exhale slight activation of the cores you breathe all the air out just finding that two or three more times letting the body get really heavy just letting yourself sink in so my intention for today is we're going to move a little bit slower than normal we're going to focus a little bit more on alignment you can definitely do some yummy shoulder stuff as well notice whatever thoughts are kind of moving through the mind and maybe just start to bring a little movement into the body moving the hips left and right just bringing your attention back to the sensation of that three-count inhale with the body expanding that three-count exhale with the navel drawing slightly up and in just trying to think of any thoughts or mind chatter like passing clouds in the sky and the breath that constant blue beneath it all slowly begin to engage the arms maybe reach the fingertips far apart walking the hands away from the hip so just creeping the fingers forward till your tented up so all the fingertips are pressing into the floor and then just move the hips from side to side here noticing if you still stretch in the back of the shoulders or maybe throughout the whole back really reaching the fingertips away and then on your next in-breath as you're ready gently come up to all fours stock shoulders over wrists hips over knees you can keep your knees on the blanket for right now I want you to lengthen your tailbone back in space keeping the eyes closed so really feel the navel hug up and in as you lengthen the tailbone back and then glide your shoulder blades down the back and feel the sternum your heart kind of reaching away from the tailbone but I want your abs to be really engaged so draw your abs up and in so it's like your abs are a little suction cup so you're drawing them away from the floor very actively and then find your breath here just breathing in for three moving the shoulders and hips apart from one another exhaling three breathing in filling the hips and shoulders with breath so this torso of your rectangle torso gets wider and then exhale keep the navel drawing in last to on you're all just breathing in get bigger breathing out firming navel to spine and last one a huge breath in exhaling all the way you could keep the navel drawing up and in curl your toes under your next in breath find a little gentle up cat so it doesn't need to be super deep just take the collar bones and shoulder heads back and as you exhale really press through the knuckles of your hands dip the chin into the chest draw your abs up again imagine that little flexion Cup drawing the ABS up away from the floor and then flow through a few more on your own you're just going to inhale open the chest keeping the navel firmed in so the belly is just not splaying popping out and exhaling really rounding think of a Halloween cat a few more just moving really slow eyes closed just imagine you're moving through molasses or water good and then after your next inhale whenever that happens you'll press back on the exhale into a downward facing dog there's no rash keep your knees really really bad so it's just like you're pressing through the knuckles trying to lay your torso on your thigh bones at first so you're just interested in lengthen the spine keep the knees so bent that they're almost touching the ground spread the fingers apart press through the knuckles reach the sitting bones higher towards where the back wall meets the ceiling and it's just like a big yawn for the spine knees deeply Bend just reach the crown of the head towards the floor reach the tailbone towards the ceiling and then as you're ready after that maybe pedal through one leg straightening one leg and then the other and then maybe rebending both and just finding again that sensation of the navel pulling in and sending your sits bones high to the sky so it should feel like you're doing handstand in the upper body and then maybe straightening one leg and then the other good usual Holton breath to rock forward to a plank poles breathe it shoulders over wrists as you breathe out downward-facing dog pull the ABS up in it two more like that inhaling slow use your whole in breath to arrive exhale pull the navel back downward facing god last one inhale to your plank pose and hold really feel your heels pressing back and your hips moving towards your chin so that sensation of the ABS suctioning up draw your shoulders back we're here for three breathe into the torso breathe into every part of the body for two good last one listen carefully breathe in exhale take your knees to the blanket and then your chest and your chin to the floor yeah and then lengthen your channel on the mat really feel this opening feet high mmm as you're ready inhale push through to your little cool bread you can have hands on the wood and then just inhale kumano draw the shoulders down and back and then exhale pull the navel in and see if you can get longer as you roll down we'll do this two or three more times so inhale press yourself up okay to be on those tented fingers so fingertips on the floor send the shoulder heads back collarbones back then I want your forehead to be farther away than it was before as you roll down to make of rolling down and you're getting longer as you go down good two more inhale this press yourself at your exhale get longer to go down so keep the Cobra and the vertebra spread apart from one another for your forehead touches the floor farther away than when you started and then last one eyes closed exhale thinking of each vertebrate spreading a little farther quite you kind of use your hands like pull the ground back to make it happen awesome and then inhale shoulders hands under shoulders and you'll breathe out you'll press back to your Child's Pose within these on the blanket so just move the hips from side to side good and then take your hands to prayer palms touching and then take that prayer on your back so you're in kind of like a reverse namaste hands touching thumbs on the place between your shoulder blades and just rock the hips side to side breathing breathe out all the way good one more time breathing in sending that in breath to the low back exhaling completely good take the hands in front of you creep the fingertips away reach them maybe up on tented fingers send your tailbone away from that space you're experiencing a stretch here maybe rock from side to side and then as you're ready breathe in come up to all fours set the blanket aside now so we'll just set it to the side and then come in to downward facing dog as you're ready begin pedaling through the feet breathe in breathe out good gently walk towards the top of the mat so just take a stroll towards the top of the net and ideally you want to have your two blocks if you don't have them in front of you right here so we're going to do our little half lift with a little bit more like intention so I want the feet hip-width apart blocks on the highest height and you're just going to inhale get long really feel your sitting bones press back feel your shoulder blades plug down in back so you're really actively pressing into the blocks to glide the shoulder blades back and it's like this beam of light between your collarbones can kind of shine forward towards the wall in front of you and then as you exhale keep pressing into the block but exhale so you can come a little deeper into your forward fold and we'll do this a few more times so inhale press into the blocks it's really simple but it's a really profound hamstring stretch you're going to inhale glide the shoulders down and don't crane the neck but just think of that space between the collarbone shining forward and then as you exhale keep pressing into the blocks to keep the shoulders gliding down the back but kind of like we did it with the Cobras the head is just going to maybe come a little closer to the ground each time maybe inhale get long exhale fold pull the ABS up in in maybe fold a little bit deeper awesome last one inhale finding length really use the blocks to glide the shoulders down the back shine the heart forward and then exhale folding to your deepest point nice and now stay folded press into the big toe and the little toe and the inner heel and the outer heel send your thigh bones back in space and without hyperextending the knees to see if you can find the deepest stretch in your hamstrings here so keep pressing down big toe little toe in your heel outer heel ok last breath nice and then we'll bend the knees really lengthen the tailbone towards the heels we'll round up one vertebra at a time no rush so just stacking one vertebra on top of the other when you get to the top just let the head roll over to the right so you get a nice stretch on the left side of the neck and then take the chin down to Center nice so I'm an opposite side left ear to left shoulder good eyes closed take the chin back to Center first side again right ear to right shoulder as you do this think of your tailbone getting longer so the whole time you do this exercise and are enjoying the next stretch the tailbone lengthening down down down take it to the left side again so that your hip points lever up more and there's less of an arch in your low back because like a thousand-pound weight is attached to your tailbone good and then come to Center inhale circle the arms down around and up big breath in good exhale press the arrow way stand tall just do this two more time so inhale really activating through the biceps spreading the fingertips far apart breathe in take a lot of space up good exhale press the air away get taller good last one inhale reach it mmm exhale press there okay a little different this time inhale reach up as you exhale interlace the fingers and we're going to round so deep bending the knees chin into chest like you're hugging a huge beach ball chin to chest knuckles towards me really round so I really want you to feel your low back even get a little bit of a stretch so thrust your tailbone towards me round alot good and then keep your lower back kind of neutral your tailbone moving forward straighten the legs flip the palms up and then stack your ribcage directly over your spine so you know a lot of times we like open like this we're not doing that today right I want you to just feel the crown of head stack above the tailbone get longer longer longer and then exhale take the arms down so we'll do this now two more times so the inhale reaches the arms up you interlace the fingers you exhale bend the knees knuckles towards me chin into chest begin feeling like your low back wants to round so think of down pat round round round and the low back keep the low back rounding even as you come up and flip the palms towards the ceiling and find that place we're just finding a lot of legs so plug the shoulders down kind of head Rises away from the tailbone and as you're ready exhale fold so it's very different from like letting us splay open it's the opposite of that inhale reach up should feel really good though because we're finding more length exhale round Knuckles towards knee chin and to chest curl the tailbone forward and that in your low back wants to round keep the hips thrusting forward keep the tailbone thrusting forward flip the palms up towards the ceiling and it's like you kind of just buoy into that line right where you find the crown of the head really far away from the tailbone and then exhale take the arms down awesome inhale circle the arms down around it up then don't lean back too far keep the hips thrusting forward exhale fold forward you can take the hands back to the blocks or to the floor whatever you want to do inhale half-lift use the blocks to glide the shoulder blades down and back or not exhale step it back to your plank pose your choice this time you can lower all the way down to the floor you can take up dog or you can do that knees chest chin little thing that we did at the beginning if that felt good and we'll all meet in downward facing dog reach the right leg up and back switch on the right leg open bend the knee stack the hips good sum the right knee a little higher and then exhale knee to nose draw forward good inhale up and back exhale knee to nose inhale up and back and exhale step the foot between the hands we're going to come into an easy twist so left hand down right arm up good and now feel same concept as we did in Tadasana standing press the left heel away lengthen the tailbone back slide the shoulder blades down the back we're going to do a little self adjust so take the right hand to your hip hook the thumb in the hip perfect and then drag your hip back in space drag it back good keep it back and then from there we lift the right arm and see if you can knit your front ribs together so it's kind of like you're rounding your upper back kind of like round your upper back and then press the heel back more and then rotate your heart towards the sky and see if you find a little bit more length than you maybe did here initially three more breaths close the eyes if you lose it think of that upper back rounding so it comes more in line with the tailbone and then shining the heart to the ceiling last breath good exhale hands frame the foot step it back your choice straight to dog chaturanga if you're looking for a little heat or you can just skip it well I'll meet downward facing dog lift the left leg high to the sky bend the knees stack the hips sum the left knee higher away from the body and then exhale knee to nose plank pose shoulders over wrists go ahead inhale up and back exhale need to note inhale up and back exhale knee to nose this time step the foot through same thing super easy twist so right hand down left arm up good and press through the back right heel like crazy still feel a lot of energy in that right heel maybe we then the left knee a little more and then spiral hearts a feeling best you can good deep breath in deep breath out and then we'll do the self adjust take the left hand for the left hip thumb in the crease of the left hip and just take that left hip back in space if you need to widen your stance to make it happen or adjust the hand that's on the floor just plug that left hip back and then reach the left arm up again and then from here I want you to kind of round the upper body forward and then press through the back heel lengthen the tailbone and then spiral heart to ceiling so you're finding more length but it's coming from a place where your ribcage is really stacked over your pelvis if that makes sense three breaths here looks really good and if you lose it just like rounding the upper body again round upper body and then shoot tailbone and crown up head away from one another to find that length last breath good exhale and spring the foot step it back plank chaturanga or skip it so totally up to you you can just hold down dog if you're kind of digging the dig in the quiet good inhale exhale all the way you breathe in step walk or jump to the top of the mat feet are hip-width apart inhale half-lift glide the shoulders down the back feel the rack on the back exhale fold inhale circle the arms down around and up really reach up look up and as you breathe out press there away and as you do feel the tailbone lengthened down on the crown of the head rise up good look at that same little rounding thing we did before that same vinyasa so inhale reach the palms up interlace the hands exhale bend the knees round chin into chest really thrust the hips and tailbone forward keep the low back rounding best you can and then flip the palms to the ceiling and just stop let everything stack maybe close the eyes and just be in that moment of suspension and as you're ready you can exhale take the hands down good we'll do it two more times inhale arms at exhale knuckles forward round below back think of rounding rounding rounding chin into chest inhale flip the palms towards the ceiling but you're keeping the opening really controlled feel the ribcage stack on top of the pelvis breathe in maybe dip the chin find more length out the crown of the head and as you exhale hands alongside the body for this last one really make it your own so you got never you need never need to be in my breath call but inhale open the arms and then exhale knuckles forward chin in round round round keep that rounding in the low back even as you stack everything palms up and exhale stand top awesome inhale circle the arms down around and up exhale fold forward do you breathe in half lift glide the shoulders down the back awesome as you exhale step back plank chaturanga or just step it back to dog if you don't want the heat your choice good inhale take the right leg high to the sky good then the knee stack the hips exhale knee to left elbow switch keep it across the body good inhale up and back exhale knee to right elbow inhale up and back exhale step the foot between the hands come into your warrior two legs you're going to drop the back left heel take the block and have the block on the inside of the foot and I want there to be no space between your knee and your elbow so we're coming into like a modified side angle so your knee and your elbow or glued together like crazy yeah awesome and then you can reach the left arm towards the ceiling plug the shoulder down and back keep rooting through the back foot back outer edge of foot is really reaching to the ground make sure you're at a 90 the angle in that front knee okay perfect from here we to the left arm straight up towards the ceiling so it stacks over your right perfect now reach the left arm forward folk towards the windows which directly in front of you yes and now I want you to round your low back or round your low back and round your upper back a little bit you're kind of bowing in and then from there re straighten the left arm to where it was initially alongside the gear and see if you can find a little bit more length more length in the pelvis feel your tailbone shooting towards your back heel a little bit more yeah and you can play with it one more time while we're here if you want to so inhale left arm straight towards the ceiling or straight towards the ceiling and then exhale straight out towards the window like an airplane draw the navel in round the low back round the upper back right I'm saying rounding but it's subtle right round and then re extend the left arm towards the front of the room last breath awesome you guys breathe in and then take it into reverse warrior mmm yeah reverse warrior good and then we'll straighten both legs and come into triangle pose so heel toe the back foot in a little bit bump the hips back and you can use that same block if you have it and play with that same concept here so notice if you're like low back is kind of arched and it's great that maybe you're spiraling chest to ceiling but for today's focus again just if you want to play right take the arm forward like an airplane in front of you parallel to the floor so if you can plug the shoulder blade back and at the same time kind of narrow your hips towards one another squeeze the hips towards one another pull the navel in round the upper back a little and then take the left arm back up towards the ceiling and get the crown of the head farther away from the tailbone or wherever you want to take the hand right if you want to take it alongside the ear and maybe do some circles if that's feeling good on the side body I invite you to do that just move slowly yeah awesome so good last two breaths because as you're ready just reeben the front knee taking it to reverse warrior once more reverse and then cartwheel the hands down plank chaturanga or skip it whoo I'm hot it's amazing how doing these subtle things you know you get really hot people think it's always harder to move faster but it's not always true so reconnect with your breath here and your dog press the knuckles down into the floor think of sending the torso towards the thigh bones awesome firming the biceps towards one another yeah it's always thinking this a color spiral yeah nice good and then as you're ready take the left leg high to the sky exhale knee to nose inhale up and back take the knee to the right elbow cross the body inhale up and back don't rush through it you too left elbow go why and then inhale up and back okay exhale step the foot between the hands coming into our warrior two leg second side so definitely using the block really focusing on the length of stamps you want here so maybe adjusting the back foot to make that 90-degree angle happen knee over ankle front heel bisects back arch and then just come into your side angle use the block on either the medium or the lowest height see what feels right for you glue the elbowing me towards one another so first or just in your regular side angle and breathe into that see what it feels like close the ads good and then reach the right arm directly towards the ceiling so fingertips towards ceiling and then exhale just press the right arm down so it's facing the side of the room parallel to the floor perfect and now plug the right shoulder back you really feel the right shoulder plug back into its socket and then from here see if you're going to find more length as you lengthen your tailbone back maybe think of rounding the low back rounding the upper back just slightly and then re extend bicep alongside here and then from there maybe think of spiraling the chest to the ceiling a little more it'll really feel like it's coming from underneath your armpit if that makes them so really feel like this spiral or maybe it didn't before and you can stay here or you can maybe try it again right fingertips to ceiling right fingertips forward right arm hovers above the floor plug the right shoulder back round the low back round the upper back and then reach it alongside the ear and now let the chest spin towards the ceiling three more breaths whew two more breaths triangle is coming last breath take it into reverse warrior I know just the breath good and then straighten both legs for your triangle pose so you can adjust your stance heel toe the back foot in press the hips back reach forward to have a long side body and you can use the block at any height to come into your triangle good so firm your legs up and in press down to the toes press down through the heels good and now spin the heart towards the ceiling notice what that feels like before we kind of add the refinement on top of it right to see what feels like good and then keep your breathing bay we'll just refine the architecture right so reach the right arm forward so it's parallel to the floor plug that right shoulder back again and now think like imagine I punched you in the stomach so pull your navel back and then maybe round your upper body just a little and then take the right hand to the sky again and open the chest pull the navel in so maybe everything feels a little bit more contained pulled up but you're also finding more integrity through the length of the spine maybe and then make sure the front ribs are knitting towards one another I can imagine someone punched you in the belly's really pulling the navel back into the fine immensely awesome and if you did it on the other side you made some circles with the arms and that felt good you can do it again here so counterclockwise or clockwise or just looking for that stretch in the side body if it feels good last breath okay and then we'll take it back into reverse warrior so maybe ravenna knee final breath breathing reach back reach reach reach reach reach exhale cartwheel the arms down your choice plank chaturanga or skip it down dog or Child's Pose so your choice long slow steady breaths three counts in and three counts out good inhale Rock forward to plank if you're in dog and exhale downward facing dog you're in Child's Pose and you want to rest that's totally fine otherwise you rock forward plank exhale downward facing dog last time inhale Rock forward to pulling and hold press the heels back glide the shoulders down and back we're here for three feel the thigh bones lifting up two good last one exhale drop the knees to the ground a pat down cat again but see if you can find something interesting and different than when we did it the first time you really slow so inhale up cat hold enabled in shoulders back collarbones back exhale with your down pat now really round again imagine that feeling of being punched right between the pubic bone and the navel and then maybe hang out in your down pat so feel free to do one more up cat if you want but then the next time you're in you're down pat round it I want you to stay here stay here so imagine a little fire underneath you on your mat and you're really pulling your navel up and in so it doesn't touch the flames dip the chin into the chest press the knuckles into the mat maybe prop up on to the fingertips like we did earlier so you have tented fingertips and keep lengthening your tailbone down down down down down so it should feel like a low back stretch hopefully like a little low back stretch keep lengthening the tailbone down last breath rounding with all your might good and then take it back into up cat or a little counter pose who that was heating and then exhale downward facing dog so it's really amazing how much we can heat up the body when we activate these these subtle ways of working all right last big thing before we take it down to the floor so inhale right leg up exhale knee to note inhale take the right leg up and back exhale step it between the hands good we're coming into a high lunge so circle your arms down around and perfect so high lens we're also guilty right of having the low back super arched so just play with already like refining the alignment with what we focused on so far so notice if you can maybe stack the ribs a bit more over the pelvis and then I want you to bend the back knee and really curl your tailbone forward like crazy good and then we'll slowly straighten the leg that keep the tailbone curled under and then lower the back knee and straighten slowly lower the back knee and straighten slowly lower the back knee and straighten okay so we lower the back knee and hold stay here interlace the fingers we're pulling it all together drop the chin into the chest knuckles towards me you guys I already know what to do pull the navel back feel this rounding round round round so really imagine you're punched in the belly curl the tailbone for the last breath let the back knee drop to the ground now same thing we did standing flip the palms up you're in a low lunge but keep that integrity of the back and I'm going to now let you open the chest open the heart but keep the low back almost like it wants to round forward and then exhale let the fingers split apart if you're just in this low lunge and four breaths here I just enjoy it keep the tailbone rounding forward opening the shoulders in the chest but hugging everything up in it hips or hugging towards one another last breath good and then exhale round forward take the hands to the inside of the right foot heel toe the right foot so the heel is on the mat and the toes are on the wood so you can be in your lizard pose and then whatever you want to do here in your lizard maybe you want to sway side to side we do have the blocks right there so if you're kind of between having elbows on the floor and hands on the floor you can always put elbows on the blocks and that's a nice nice place yeah it's okay to spiral on to the pinky toe edge of the right foot if that feels interesting then really try to close the mouth and just breathe into the right hip so whatever you're feeling any currency any energy in the body just send it in with all your might to the area of the right hip with your inhale exhaling completely last two breaths okay I want you to relax and the lizard but just for our last like breath here I want you to see if you can refined what we've been working on so lengthen the tail bone back you'll see how that lifts your hips away from the floor so as you lengthen your tail bone back as you feel your hips lift away from the floor good and then maybe take your hands to the mat or just adjust and see if you can feel that line a little bit so instead of maybe being here you're just a little bit more lifted and then keep the lift you can grab the blanket and put it under the back knee if you're wanting that we're going to come into a quad stretch maybe you don't need it left hand on the ground right hand up and you're going to reach for the pinky toe side of that back foot perfect and then draw the heel into the seat press the foot into the hand make sure you're holding the pinky toe side of the foot so your shoulder can open that's it press the foot into the hand hand into the foot if you're not feeling a stretch maybe come down onto the elbow here and then the same thing here lengthen your tailbone back think of rounding your low back and it should intensify the stretch just a touch think of rounding your low back that's it Alysha see it that's awesome good boss breath let the breath be really full in the body good and then let the stretch go as you're ready take the hands underneath the shoulders you'll step the right foot to meet the left foot in dog and then you can flow through vinyasa cycling through or you can skip it and you can just fold your downward facing up so it's completely your choice amazing from down dog we'll take the left leg up and back exhale knee to nose just once inhale up and back and then exhale staff the left foot between the hands coming up into our high lunge Circle the arms down around and up so right away trying to kind of find that inner alignment knitting the front ribs together maybe lining the crown of the head directly over the tailbone okay find your breath and then slowly Reeve and or bend the right knee and slowly straight good bend the right knee think of curling the tailbone forward as you do and slowly straight slowly bent slowly straighten and then slowly Bend and hold this time really curl the tailbone forward thrust the hips forward interlace the fingers round chin to chest round round round hollow out the ABS press the low back I'm adding my hand is on your low back press your low back into my hand last breath and then let the knee come to the mat low lunge keep the low back rounding best you can even though it's not round anymore it's energetically just rounding palms towards the ceiling flip the palms up just breathing into this opening and then exhales you're ready to select the arms drift down feel how hugged in and plugged in you are with the hips narrowing towards one another tailbone curling forward and then just enjoy the stretch in the upper body three breaths and it's maybe not the biggest backbend you've ever done in your life but it feels so aligned right feels different hopefully a huge breath breathe in fill up three so all the way inhale huge Philip 3 exhale all the way last one exhale come on forward hands on the inside of the left foot heel toe the left foot to the left heel on the mat toes on the wood lizard pose using the block moving side to side as needed keeping the inhales and exhales really full keeping them through the nose best you can send all your breath and all your energy into the area of the left hip and then before we go into the quad twist just refining it a little so maybe coming a little bit up lengthening the tailbone down so feel your hips move away from the mat so you go from here to kind of pulling up here yeah right hand on the mat if you want the blanket to pad your knee or you want to double wrap than that or you know whatever you need we're reaching the left arm up to hold the pinky toe side of the foot and then pulling heel and to seat feet in to heel and then think of rounding your low back so this whole situation maybe lifts up an inch or two so it's like your pelvic floor lifts up you get a little bit farther away from the floor and then spin your heart towards the ceiling and notice how much deeper the stretch is when your low back is thinking about rounding as opposed to just hanging out you can always bend the elbow and come down onto the elbow for an even deeper stretch kick the foot into the hand and the hand into the foot spiral chest to ceiling last two breaths good and then as you're ready let the foot go get it step back into your down dog just feel the whole body press the knuckles down and jetta CLE send the heels down send the torso towards the thighs okay and then you'll just breathe in Rock forward to plank exhale drop your knees down to the mat sit over on to the left side reach the legs long in front of you if you want to sit on the blanket by all means we're just going to take a forward fold to close so inhale reaching the arms up it's okay if the knees are bent then exhale think of the Cobra when we got the forehead really far away from us think of that as you find more length to fold and then once your folded plug the shoulders down and back so glide the shoulders down the back and then maybe straighten one leg and then the other or if both the legs are already straight to think of breathing in finding length an exhaling folding so here I want you to think of what we did when we have the blocks under us in that first forward fold at the beginning of class except now you're kind of like holding your feet maybe in a different way instead of pressing into the blocks but it's that same sensation right so you inhale the collar bone shoots towards the front of the room light between the collar bone shoots to the front of the room and then you exhale and fold a little deeper and just do that three more times just really visualize that you're in a forward fold at the top of the mat with the blocks under your hands it's the same thing the same pole it's just a different configuration good last one hmm breathing exhale come into your deepest rounding hold here and then we're going to roll down to shove off enough from here so keep the chin into the chest keep the chin into the chest as you start to lean back there's going to be this tipping point where your tailbone will suddenly start lengthening towards your toes so imagine you had like a ropes that you were holding here I like to think of the rower right in the gym but you're holding on to a bar in front of you so see how I'm even like dragging my mat with me here you're dragging yourself all the way down and then opening up into your shavasana if anyone wants a bolster under their knees just put a hand on the belly because especially with all the work we just did your low back may feel a little more intense or active than normal looks like you're getting all right and then from here just take a deep deep deep breath in feel the whole body on the floor exhaling all away last time huge breath in open the mouth exhale rest if you don't have a hard stop if you don't have any where you need to be you can stay here for as long as you like maybe another five minutes or whatever your schedule permits if you need to move on I want you to draw the right knee into the chest first and then the left knee into the chest you give both a knees squeeze and take the knees a little bit farther apart from one another so the knees aren't touching almost like you're in a little frog pose and then draw the knees towards the body that way so draw the knees towards the shoulders but the knees aren't touching their splayed apart good and now draw the knees to touch and squeeze down on both knees maybe wrap the forearms around the shins and to come up we'll just rock and roll up to a seat so you'll just start to get a little bit of momentum should feel like a nice little massage on the spine especially after this class little massage on the low back and you'll just rock and roll up to a comfortable seat and then from your seat keep your eyes closed take the palms face down palms face down for today good and then just let the hands rest upon the knees or the thighs and then with your eyes closed to see if you can find that line we've been working on so feel the two six bones rooting in to the mat and then the crown of the head rising away from that space feel the chin parallel to the floor just notice how your low back feels so it feel different than it usually does after yoga does it feel the same do you notice no difference right just bring your attention there and just notice what if anything is maybe different in the way you're aligning your spine good and then take the palms face up cup the left hand in the right and just place the palms in the lap like you're holding a little bowl of water take a deep breath in exhale all the way deep breath in exhaling nose or mouth last time inhaling nose our mouths bring the hands to prayer take the thumbs with the third eye press the thumbs into the space between the eyebrows just fusing this class into the body may be taking your practice with you into the rest of the day and then exhaling just folding forward if you like you can say namaste thank you so much for practicing with me I would love to hear how this went for you in the comments below so make sure to comment below give this video a like if you enjoyed the sequence and the number one most important thing you can do to help me is subscribe to my channel so take a look make sure that subscribe button is indeed clicked and so much love and gratitude from my heart to yours namaste you you

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