Hatha Yoga Flow (1-Hr Class) Feel Relaxed and Energised!

It 39, s super important and that is really what yoga is yoga is not about. The. Pose it’s? An inside job, so you don’t have to worry about. Oh, my gosh, i’ve got to get into the most extreme form of the pose every single time you don’t, really it’s best to work at about 80 percent of your capacity of what you could do. That way, your body will stay. Nice and safe, because the harder you are in something the faster it wears out, so keep that in mind, work at your own pace and skip things you want to skip. Take a child’s pose rest. Whenever you need to all right, are we ready to start okay? Let’s do this so begin in a comfortable seat? You can always sit up against a wall. You don’t have to cross your shins. You could be sitting like this. You could take virasana or, if you’re sitting on your heels, that’s vardra whatever you like, but just sit up nice and tall and rest your hands on your legs or on your yoga mat or on the earth and just start to take a Few long, smooth breaths, so whatever you are grounding down on make sure that feels heavy. For me, it’s my sitting bones, so my hips feel heavy. My legs feel heavy and then, from that place of heaviness start to lift away so think about your lower body is the trunk of a tree and your upper body are the leaves and branches, so stability, rooting, heaviness and then movability lightness and flexibility. For the moment, slightly constrict through the back of your throat as you breathe, that is your ujjayi pranayama and if that doesn’t make sense, just breathe in and out through your nose. If, for any reason, you’re congested, which i hope you’re. Not, but if you are breathe through your mouth and let’s bring your hands together in front of the heart, so may your practice open up your energy channels in your body, especially through the heart chakra backbends, help to increase the blood flow throughout the body. Physically and then energetically, they pump love throughout your body. So may you feel the love and let’s join our energies together and our voices by chanting, the divine sound of om, exhale, everything out and inhale for om Music release, your hands and softly. Let your eyes blink open, let’s make our way onto our backs and i’m going to push start. So i know line up your heels under your knees and make sure the outer edges of your feet are parallel and take a moment to take your hands to your inner thighs and just spin them in toward each other. So you know what that feels. Like point your knees straight up to the sky, draw your low belly in and now right here at the top of your pelvis are two bones: this is your anterior superior iliac, spine or or your hip bones start to tilt your pelvis up toward the sky. So your hip bones move closer to your ribs and then press onto the heels and inhale come into a gentle bridge. Lengthening your low back spinning your inner thighs down exhale, lower down vertebra by vertebra and again inhale to lift and exhale lower back down. Now bring your arms by your sides. Point your thumbs to the sky, inhale, lift as you reach your arms up and over. Your palms will face in toward one another notice. If your low back arches and your ribs pop out draw them in and lengthen through, the low back, exhale lower and again press through the heels inhale, lift and reach. So if your arms don’t go all the way to the floor, that’s fine. Take them wherever you can, while keeping your rib cage in and lengthening through the low back, exhale lower and one more time inhale, lift up and exhale lower back down and bring your feet as wide as the mat take your arms out to the sides drop your Knees over to the left look right, breathe here. Turning your belly up toward the sky, inhale the knees to center exhale knees to the right. Looking left turn your belly to the sky and inhale back through center exhale knees to the left, looking right, big breath and then inhale through center exhale knees to the right. Looking left now take a big breath through your nose exhale out of your mouth. A little sound, ah and then back to center, now roll to your right side. Press your left hand down press up. So your head comes last and roll yourself onto the hands and knees and line up your wrists under your shoulders and your knees under your hips inhale. So move here from your upper back and pull your belly in as you bring your heart forward. Look up! Lift your tail exhale press away from the earth and round and again inhale widen across the collarbones look up exhale round your back chin toward chest and once again inhale bring your heart forward dry. Your shoulder, blades gently toward the waist look up round the back exhale. Now we’ll come into a neutral spine and then extended child’s pose so reach your arms forward. Take your hips back your heel, so your head can rest on the floor. Just let it hang but start to make active arms, spread your fingers press down into the base of the fingers and then straighten out those elbows without letting them lock for a moment. Turn your thumbs up to the ceiling and notice that makes an external rotation of the arms. We want to keep that as you take your palms flat, so press a little extra into the thumb. First finger side now up onto the knees and tuck your toes stretch. All the way back into ara, mukashwanasana, downward dog arms, shoulders, distance feet, hips width and then just start to bicycle the legs. Now, if your wrists bother you at all, you could try turning your fingertips out to the sides. If your shoulders bother you that’ll help as well, if your wrists really bother you a lot, you can always do this on your forearms. Instead, if your hamstrings are really tight, i know mine are in the morning. You can take your legs as wide as the mat bend your knees a little bit and then, whenever you’re feeling, you’re feeling ready to just take your feet: hips width apart and your arms shoulders distance. If that works for you and stretch your legs back so even here, your inner thighs will spin back just a little bit and keep the outer edges of your feet parallel and then inhale. Come way up onto your toes exhale everything out, look forward and walk your feet to your hands, now inhale, bring hands to shins and lengthen the spine belly in and then fold as you exhale bend your knees as much as you need to as much as you Like let your head hang and inhale reach up exhale bring hands to heart, so we’ll come to the top of the mat big toes touching heels slightly apart or feet hip socket distance apart your arms by your sides firm your legs, lift your belly wide Through your chest, lengthen your butt to your heels, now inhale reach up. You can circle the arms or bring them in front of you. I like circling, but the wall is kind of. In my way, exhale hinge from your hips to fold inhale halfway, lift exhale, bend the knees plant, the palms step, your right foot way back and take your right knee down. Pat up your right knee as you need to inhale, come up, pull the left hip back and sink the hips forward. So right here, lift your hip bones up face your palms to the front of the mat exhale wide open chest. Bending the elbows bring your hands down, come to plank top of a push up. Let’s take the knees down for this. One shift forward about an inch slowly lower, have everything touch down at once on your exhale and then hands by low ribs. All 10 toenails down inhale peel the chest up: exhale lower tuck, your toes under knees can be up or down pull your belly in exhale press up and then back into down dog. As you inhale right leg lifts from the inner thigh exhale step. It all the way up if it doesn’t make it pick it up and put it, take the left knee down and pad up that knee as you need to inhaling come up, pull the right hip back lengthen through the low back sink in face the Palms forward inhale reach, exhale, open up the chest. Bend the elbows use your own resistance. Bring your hands down, inhale, look forward as you exhale step, your back foot all the way to the front, lengthen and fold exhale press down for the feet and rise up. As you inhale exhale the hands to heart, now we’ll do the other leg. First, inhale reach and exhale to fold inhale. Look up, lengthen, exhale step your left, foot back, left knee down right knees over ankle and then rise up, pulling right, hip back tilt. Your pelvis forward a little if you can then inhale reach up nice and tall as you exhale bring your hands behind you hook your thumbs or interlace your fingers and roll. Your shoulder heads back. You can look up if it’s, okay, on your neck and take a breath reach your hands to the mat release them step to plank. So you can always have your knees down as you move through chaturanga, we’re going to lower to the floor again. Try to have everything touch at once: hands by low ribs, again inhale for baby cobra or a higher one. Keep lengthening through the low back, especially if you go up high and now look over your right, shoulder, take a breath here and then to center exhale inhale up again roll shoulders back and down. Look left, keep your inner thighs lifting up and release down tuck! Your toes under take a big breath in knees can be up or down as you exhale and stretch back into down dog left leg, lifts inhale level, hips, exhale, step it up right, knee down and reach all the way up, inhale pull that left hip back. As you think now reach up nice and tall keep your ribs in and then exhale swim. The arms back, take the other thumb or pinky on top and roll your shoulders back. Lift your chest. Any amount try to avoid locking your elbows, take a big breath here and then release the hands, bring them down. As you inhale step, your right foot all the way to the front halfway, lift and then fold, exhale hips over heels. If the legs are straight inhale and reach, exhale bring your hands to the heart. Now turn to the long side of your mat step your feet out nice and wide turn your right leg, all the way out from the hip back toes in a little line up front heel and back arch a little band aid on, because i cut myself doing Pedicures on my own, i shouldn’t be trusted, inhale the arms up, bend the knee over the ankle, pull the belly in and up press through the front heel press to the outer edge of the back foot and gently lift the back inner thigh now bring Your hands behind your back either press your fists together behind there or take reverse namaste roll, your shoulders back for three breaths opening the chest, but keep the ribs and belly in and two and then inhale straighten the leg release the arms. You can keep this length or you can shorten your stance a little for more stability, hinge and reach from your front hip reach, reach, reach and then take your right hand down wherever it goes, you can take it to the shin, the thigh, the foot, a block, The earth, so if you’re using a block or if you have fingertips on your mat, put it on the little toe side of the foot look forward or down. Especially if your neck bothers you or lengthen the crown of the head forward and look at your top end and then inhale reach it forward. Exhale big circle reach up, inhale, exhale, big circle around and again reach up, inhale, exhale circle inhale reach up stay for your exhale, relax, your shoulders and jaw, and now look down at the foot and inhale come on up bringing feet to parallel and we’ll. Do the other side left leg all the way out from the hip back toes in a little bit line up front heel and back arch then inhale. Take the arms up. Exhale word two. So make sure your knee right above the ankle and points over your middle toes, so your knee will sometimes have a tendency to drift in and we don’t want that. Also this back inner thigh lifts, so the hips are not square. If i try to square my hips, my knee will probably drift in and or i’ll hurt my low back, breathe here and now take your hands behind you. They’re going to make fists or reverse numbers stay and then roll the shoulders back sink. In any amount or three breaths and two and inhale slowly straighten the leg. Take the arms out at shoulder height. Now we’ll hinge from the hip crease and reach reach reach as much as you can. Take your left hand shin above knee to the foot to a block to the floor and right fingertips up try to lengthen through your torso. Remember you can look forward or down or look up at the hand, keep pressing into the big toe mound of the left. Foot as you draw this front hip under you and inhale reach your right arm forward. Exhale big circle around keep your belly in reach up, inhale, exhale, a big circle and one more reach up, inhale and big circle. As you exhale stretch up through the arm. Take a breath here and now, looking down, inhale, come on up and bring your feet to parallel point your toes in a little toward each other. So the outer edges of your feet are parallel. A little hip cramp take the arms up, interlace your fingers behind you or hook your thumbs roll. Your shoulder heads back open the chest on your inhale. Now bend your elbows a little and then exhale forward and crown the head’s going to reach toward the earth, as you stretch out your shoulders. So if you can straighten your legs here, then shift the weight toward the balls of the feet so that the weight is nice and even in your feet. So hips are just above the heels. Take another long breath and now we’ll inhale and come up with a nice long spine, release your arms, take them out flex, your wrists. Imagine you could touch your fingertips to your forearms and then point them down and imagine you could touch your fingertips to the bottom sides of your forearms and then straight out. Exhale take the other inner lace, other pinky on top or other thumb, roll. The chest open, inhale and then fold exhale little slight bend in the elbows, so they don’t lock and then just focus on letting the shoulders gently open. With your breath, firm outer hips in keep your legs nice and firm as well, without locking those knees. Lift up through your lower belly and your pelvic floor take another breath, and now we’ll inhale, come up with a nice flat back release the arms. Take the arms out to shoulder height, inhale, hold the breath, bend the knees, step or hop feet together and then back to the front. Some cte take your feet hip, socket distance apart and then inhale reach up, as you exhale hinge from your hip creases and fold. Now bend your knees as much as you need to to come onto the tops of your hands with your fingers facing your toes and then maybe walk them forward a little bit. Let your head go, perhaps straighten the legs a bit. Let’s get a little stretch for those wrists and then inhale to come halfway up lengthen. Now we’re going to turn the fingertips toward the feet again, but we’ll be on the palms, so turn them the other direction. So you can bend the knees as much as you need to and slight bend in the elbows as well and then for a little more, you can walk your hands forward. Let your head go and breathe. Now turn the fingertips to face the front and bring hands to shins feet. Hips socket distance or big toes touching, look up, lengthen, inhale, exhale bend the knees plant, the palms come to plank and knees up or down as you lower through chaturanga, then upward dog or cobra, as you inhale. If you’re an up dog, thighs and knees up and then tuck the toes, lift back to down dog and, as you inhale flip your right leg up from the inner thigh on the exhale step it up by your right thumb and stand the ball of Your back foot inhale for high lunge crescent, then knee over ankle bend. The back knee gently pull the belly in lengthen through the lower back and now straighten it now turn your right palm back and bend your elbow spin. The tricep in left hand on top or left hand behind and clasp rolling. The left shoulder back stay for three breaths, keep the belly in and two and one release it inhale arms up, exhale, bring the hands down. You can go right into down dog and stay there or take a vinyasa plank inhale, exhale, chaturanga, inhaling to up dog or cobra exhaling to down dog. Well, inhale left leg lifts from the inner thigh as you exhale step it up by the hand, stay on the ball of your back foot and come on up now make sure the left knee is over the ankle lengthen through your lower back. You can bend the back knee to do that and then start to straighten it. If you can reach up through arrow straight arms, draw your front ribs down, but lift up through the back ribs turn the left palm back, bend the elbows spin, the tricep in right arm right hand on left, elbow or right arm out and clasp breathe. Keep lifting your lower belly in and up make sure that knee is still over the ankle and pelvic floor lifts as well one more big breath and then release it. Reach up, inhale, exhale the hands down. Once again, you can go right into down dog and stay or to plank exhale chaturanga inhaling up exhale stretch back breathe here, so we’re going to stay here for a few breaths. If you want a child’s, pose it’s a good time to take one just take your knees down and take a little rest. If you’d, like spin your outer upper arms, your triceps back and biceps forward, if you’re in down dog press, a little extra into the thumb, first finger side of the hand, draw the ribs and belly in and up and firm your outer hips Inner thighs lift your pelvic floor now. If you’re in child 39, s pose, and you want to continue along, come back to down dog, otherwise rest longer inhale come to blank. I’m going to step the feet together. Walk your right hand toward the center of the mat roll to the pinky toe side of the right foot and lift left arm up lengthen sitting bones to heels. Pull belly in reach left arm forward with your pinky side of the hand down and then reach it back up and return to the floor to plank. Take a breath here, chest forward heels back. You can always do this with your knees down. You can do the side plank with knees down as well feet together left hand toward the center roll to the left side right arm up bring this top hip a little bit forward. See bottom knee can be down now. Turn your pinky to the front of the mat and reach your arm up and over belly’s lifting now inhale the arm up release it down, come to plank either, lift your hips and go to down dog or exhale chaturanga, inhaling up exhaling all the way Back take a breath here and then from here we’re going to come right on to your knees and we’re going to sit up on the knees making sure the toes are straight back behind you. So, as i talked about earlier, this low back is super archie, so we want to lengthen through the sitting bones. So, as you’re, moving back into straws in a camel pose like a little wheel here and then another one in the shoulders. This is going to lift the ribcage is going to go down, but the hip bones will lift up now, hands at low back and you can keep hands at low back the entire time. If you like roll the shoulder heads back inhale lengthen through the spine. As you exhale and push your sitting bones toward the backs of the knees, inner thighs spin back, like you,’re, holding a block and lean back any amount, let your head go back if it wants to reach your heels. If you’d, like now, inhale, come up both shoulders at the same time, exhale sit on your heels. Take a breath. I could use a breath. I’m going to do that one more time. If you do have a block handy or a rolled up towel or a pillow, i would recommend that you put it between your inner thighs, because those inner thighs sometimes have a mind of their own and they want to spin out. But if they spin out it causes compression at your low back, which is no good, so make sure your knees are below your hips. Lift your belly put something between the inner thighs. If you have it or just mime it, inner thighs spin back roll. The shoulder heads back inhale to lengthen as you exhale pelvis moves forward. Hip bones: lift toward low ribs, shoulder blades press toward the chest, and maybe you’ll reach for the heels and maybe not head can go back any amount breathe now to come up. Bring your chin to your chest come up both shoulders at the same time and then sit again on your heels. So we won’t do a child’s pose. Yet unless you need to rest, otherwise we’re going to do some more back bends. I don’t want to do a child’s pose in between. So we don’t want to go back, bend forward, bend back bend forward, bend put all our back bends together so from here. Let’s make our way once again into down dog stretching back, make sure your arms are shoulder’s distance feet, our hips width, pressing back and now we’ll inhale lifting right leg. Exhale bring the thigh in toward the belly shoulders over wrists or not step your right foot up by the hand left knee down again and now interlace your fingers put them just above your right. Knee pull the right hip back drop your tailbone down inhale here. If you have any knee issues, you’re just going to stay here and stretch if your knee is good. Exhale hover it off the floor. Try not to lift your hips inhale. Lower exhale, hover ribs in inhale, lower exhale, lift one more time inhale, lower exhale, lift inhale lower it down. Take your right forearm onto your right thigh. You can stay right here or pick up. Your back foot and draw it forward sinking forward for three breaths ribs in lengthen through the low back two and release it tuck. Your back toes under go right to down dog or move through vinyasa inhaling to plank exhaling chaturanga, inhaling up dog exhaling downward dog. Take a breath here and now left leg lifts inhale as you exhale draw thigh into belly shoulders over wrists or not. You can just hold the leg up instead step it all the way through right, knee down pad that knee up. If you need to, of course, and then take the other interlace of fingers, pull in through the belly lengthen through the lower back tucking, the back toes under you can stay right here. Stretching pull the left hip back or you can inhale lengthen exhale hover. The knee belly in inhale, set it down exhale to lift or not try to keep your hips as low as you can inhale. Exhale inhale lower last one exhale lift inhale lower it down. Now. Take your left forearm onto the left thigh. You can stay right here or picking up your back foot and bringing it forward. So as you get more flexible, you won’t be on your kneecap. You’ll be just in front of it. So if it hurts your kneecap make sure to pat it up a couple breaths here and release and go right into down dog child’s pose or step back for plank chaturanga, exhale, inhaling up and exhaling to down dog. Once again, we’ll breathe here and down dog, so it’s a good opportunity to take a child’s pose and rest. If you are in your down dog, spread your fingers press through the base of the fingers lift up through your forearms. Imagine you could slide a little piece of paper underneath the heels of your hands, so there’s not as much pressure in your wrists that way firm the legs, lift the belly and pelvic floor and breathe. Now, if you’re in child 39, s pose, and you’re ready to come back to down dog, do that now otherwise stay as long as you like, we’re, going to practice. Wild bang inhale to plank stepping feet together, bring your right hand toward the center roll to the little toe side of the right foot. Remember you can always take that knee down this time. We’ll pick up the left foot. Take it flat on the floor. Point your toes in toward your mat a little bit reach up through the left arm, then turn your palm to face the front of the mat and reach it over lengthen through your lower back three breaths and two. Instead of letting that knee go out that’s bent bring it into center and one back through plank pose and then let’s just go into down dog for a moment and then we’ll do the other side. So take a breath here and now we’ll come back into plank, pose feet together, rolling to the pinky toe side of the left. Foot bring your left hand in toward the center of the mat. A little make sure you,’ve got room to the side of you right arm up now. Take that top leg foot flat on the floor point your toes in a little bit and start to lift through your pelvis reach your palm up and then turn it toward the front of the mat and reach it over breathe, keep lengthening your sitting bones to backs And knees, and then back to center and back to plank and back to down dog and from here let’s walk the feet as wide as the mat turning the toes out or keeping them parallel. As you walk yourself in to malasana, malasana is a really nice way to stretch out your lower back, but you can still do back bends. After now, some of you were saying. Last week we did malasana and your heels. Weren’t touching the floor. If that’s the case, remember, you can always roll the edge of your mat and stick it under your heels so that you have more support now, let’s take the right fingertips down. Reach, left, arm up, inhale and then turn the palm to face. The back of the mat as you wrap it around roll the shoulder back. You can also lift this right hand and clasp if possible, if not possible, no worries just doing a little shoulder stretching and then inhale to center exhale, and now we’ll take left fingertips down right arm up inhale, bring this right arm say face the palm Back bring it behind your back, try to roll the shoulder open if you’d like or if you can clasp just rolling that right shoulder back a little bit press your shoulder blades forward toward the chest, so your collarbones stay wide and now inhale to center. Exhale here so this is one of those poses that i didn’t used to like, but now i could stay here all day, but i do sympathize for those who are not big fans of this pose. So let’s go back to down dog stretching back here and then we’ll come to plank on your inhale. Knees can be up or down. We’re going to lower all the way to the belly, so try to have everything touched down at once and then shalabhasana with the arms or sorry the fingers interlaced or hook the thumbs or you can hold on to a yoga strap before you come up. Press your pubic bone down into the floor gently lengthen your sitting bones to heels. Inner thighs lift up like you,’re holding a block. So all 10 toenails will be on the floor. Lift your belly roll, your shoulder heads away from the earth and then lift and breathe. Instead of looking up keep the back of your neck long for three bend, the elbows a little and two and release and rest you can rest your chin down or you can take one ear down whatever you like, or your forehead big breaths. Here, all right. We’re doing it again with the other inner lace, so starting again, pubic bone down. Lengthen sitting bones lift your belly put the other pinkie or thumb on top or grab the strap. If you’re using that now roll the shoulder heads away, make sure all 10 toenails are pressing down right now and then lift them straight up, so your inner thighs lift toward the sky. Your outer hips roll down toward the earth keep the back of your neck long as you breathe, and release and rest take the other ear down. If you had an ear down before or rest your chin again rest your forehead again and let your body just be really heavy here, just a pile of mush. Okay, it’s time for don your asana, which is upward facing bow. So, oh sorry, don orasana.’s bow pose and your belly is on the floor. Upward facing bow is her vadanirosana, so this is similar to erdva, except you,’re, the other way so lengthening sitting bones: pull belly in press pubic bone down, then bend your knees and make sure your knees are not going wide, no wider than your hip sockets And reach for the little toe sides of the feet. Roll your shoulder heads away from the mat, keep pressing pubic bone down. I know it.’s hard inhale, lift your feet up! Press them back breathe, take one more deep breath here and let it go chin down forehead down ear down relax. Now we’re going to do half frog arda. I can’t remember the name of it, but that’s – okay, it’ll, come to me left form parallel with the front of the mat, bend your right knee. So you can loop a strap on the foot. If you’d, like or take your foot or take your hand to the back of your foot with your fingers, facing the outside of the mat same thing as before, we don’t want this knee to go out so keep it in and then, as You draw it forward and going deeper turn your fingers to the front of your mat lengthen your sitting bones to backs of knees, still pull in through your belly and breathe. Take another long breath here:’s a really good way to stretch out the quads and hip flexors for your back bends and release it and then take the other ear down or the chin or the forehead just for a breath and we’ll do the Other side back to your right, forearm, parallel with the front of the mat, make sure you start with all ten toenails down feet are hip socket distance. Apart, keep your knees, hip, socket distance apart, not the width of your hips, because that varies but the socket for your hip. Bending your left knee reach for the back of the foot from the big toe side. Then you can hold here and sort of make some resistance or elbow goes up as fingertips come forward and bring the heel just a little to the outside of the hip. We don’t want it to go very much to the outside of the hip, because then the knee will go out too much three two breaths and we let it go now hands by low ribs. Now we didn’t rest so rest a moment and then hands by low ribs. We’ll inhale to cobra or up dog and then exhale to down dog, and then we’re going to come through to seated onto the balls of the feet. Bend the knees, keep your hips high, look past your fingertips as you lift your belly and pelvic floor lightly step or hop sit. I’ve got ta. Take this thing off: it is not staying on and then we’re gon na make our way onto the back again, just like we did in the beginning for bridge, but we’ll hold these bridges. So if you have a block, get it handy now. Next to you in case, you want to do supported bridge point. Your toes in a little toward one. Another heels are underneath pull the belly in tilt. The pelvis up inhale to come up, keep lengthening your butt to the backs. The knees spiral the thighs in you can stay here. You can pull the sides of the mat or you can roll the shoulders under and interlace and then see if you can start to lift those shoulder blades a little more toward the chest to get into the upper back, keep the neck long and breathe. One more breath keep those front ribs exhaling into your body and release lower down and either let your knees draw in toward one another or take soles of feet together. Knees apart and either way hand on your heart center hand on your belly. Think of three things that you’re grateful for today: try to make them as clear as possible a clear image if you can all right, let’s release the hands if the soles of feet are together and knees apart, take your hands to the outer Thighs to bring them back up make sure your feet are hip socket distance apart still toes pointing in so some of you are going to continue on with bridges, because that is a great pose others who wanted to do urdhvadhanarasana. Here we go. I’m going to take the hands up by the ears. So if your shoulders are tight, your elbows are going to want to splay out and i would recommend a yoga strap if you’ve got one high elmer, just above your elbows, so that they don’t go out. Okay, now before you come all the way up, you might want to watch first and that’s cool too you’ll, come to the crown of the head line up your elbows above your wrists and then start to come up lengthening your sitting bones. It’s hard to talk in this one toward the backs of your knees, pressing your chest towards your hands, so shoulder blades are moving toward the chest. Let your head hang inner thighs spiral down, like you,’re, holding a block and now to come down. Chin in and lower and rest either let your knees, drop in or slow the feet together. Knees apart, close your eyes and just take your hand, one or both your heart center and just feel oops. I think i touched the mic. There. Sorry just feel the heart beating a little bit faster and then visualize in your mind,’s eye the color green, a vivid color, green coursing through your body, because green is the color of your heart chakra, which is called anahata. Anahata means unstruck or unhurt, which is a very beautiful idea, because, no matter how much heartbreak you have experienced in your lifetime, there will always remain a place in your heart that will be unhurt or unstruck, and you know what that means. That means you can heal all right. Let’s if you’ve got souls of feet together. Knees apart bring your knees back up, so the best preparatory pose for urdhva nirasana is urdhva dhaniyasana, so we’re going to do it again, hands up by ears elbows pointing straight up now. If this is hurting your lower back, then you need to really lift those frontal hip points toward the lower ribs. If your shoulders are tight, you can take them out a little bit wider and further away from your shoulders or take your hands a little further away from your shoulders. If you have yoga blocks and a wall, you can put yoga blocks right up against the wall. Put your hands on the blocks and that’ll give you more space for your shoulders. Here we go toes in a little bit pause at the crown of the head line up your wrists, make sure your elbows aren,’t splitting out wrists and elbows line up inner thighs spin down and then pressing up and breathe, make sure the toes didn’T turn out inner thighs still spin down. Like you,’re holding a block. If you have a block, i would hold it there and breathe, keep pressing three breaths. You can do it now to come out chin into chest first and then lower make fists with your hands and circle, your wrists one direction and the other direction and then draw your right knee into your chest and extend your left leg straight out onto the floor. Big breath relaxing any tension, the neck, the shoulders, the jaw moving this right leg, just a little bit both directions and then release it draw the left knee in extend the right leg out, releasing tension, the body and just making little circles both directions and now release It and drop both knees into the chest, rock a little here side to side. So now we’re done with our back bend, so we can start to move into our counter poses because if we don’t go the other way, then we won’t feel balanced and nobody wants that balance is key from here. Let’s take happy baby, so you can hold the sides of the legs, the ankles or the little toe sides of the feet, drawing your knees in towards your armpits and lengthening your sitting bones toward the floor. You could even rock yourself side to side if you like, so if you’re rocking, come back to center, keep your left leg as it is, and then start to extend your right leg out to the right. If you can any amounts you always hold on to the leg you don’t have to hold the foot and now re bend. It extend the left leg out to the left, holding anywhere along the leg, stretching at any amount and then bend it again. Hugging your knees back into your chest: option to roll to the right carefully pressing up with the left hand or option to roll up and down the spine two or three times and we’ll, come all the way up to seated extending the legs for dandasana Staff pose so if you’re sitting up – and you feel like your back – is a little bit rounded, it’s totally normal and fine sit up on a little folded blanket or the edge of a pillow. If you have the folded blanket sit on the edge of it, pull your toes back, but press your heels down all right. Oh my katie, just came back in i’m. Just gon na sit here for a moment lengthening the spine, pulling the belly in it.’s really great it’s a great pose to strengthen your back muscles. It doesn’t feel like a whole lot to begin with. But if you sit here a while, you will definitely start to feel it from those outer hips in inner thighs. And if you pull your toes back and press your heels down that’s going to make your legs more firm. So, just for a moment, let your feet just kind of flop and just notice blah blah blah now bring them back, pull them back. Oh some muscles for him, hey puppy, you’re! So handsome! Yes, you are you’re, just gon na lay down. Okay, now let’s bend the right leg. Take the right foot to the inner left thigh. If you have any knee issues, then put a block underneath your right. Thigh pull the left toes back reach up inhale turn toward the straight leg, hinge from the hip. Creases to come forward, you can hold on to your mats. Use a yoga, strap reach the foot whatever works, but instead of thinking head to knee, think belly to thigh so stretch out that spine keep breathing, try and get your inhales and your exhales to be equal. In length and then head up inhale and release exhale. Now we’ll bend the left leg for badakanasana. So is the feet together and take your hands kind of opening your feet like a book, so your outer thighs will spin down sit up nice and tall inhale and with a long spine we will round the back, but not yet hinge from the hips to come Forward any amount – or you can stay totally up whatever works in your body, it doesn’t matter how deep you get into a pose just feel a stretch, and when you stretch you’re moving the energy through the body and you’re keeping your Muscles and your ligaments and your internal organs healthy circulation. That is the key inhale to come up. Now we’ll keep the left knee bent. Take that right, leg up and extend it out. Remember you can always have a block under the left. Thigh, excuse me pull the right toes back, but keep the heel down inhale up turn a little exhale. Remember you can take your hands wherever they reach, but instead of thinking head to knee, bring your chest forward. Think belly to thigh. Keep your breath steady, long, smooth, inhales, equal exhales, as you exhale, you might find that you get a little more stretch. You might not, and you definitely never have to push it, but just explore it more often than not. The body can do it, but the mind thinks that it can’t, and so we get stuck some places inhale his head up and exhale release. Now we’ll bend the right knee, pulls the feet together, but then slide your feet forward about halfway forward. Whatever feels comfortable sit up, nice and tall inhale, and now we will round the back, so your head can go to your feet and let your head go and just make sure your shoulders are not hiking up around your ears. So you can just let your head kind of hang and if your forehead touches your feet, you can let it as best you can, with every exhale release a bit of tension wherever you hold it and with every exhale release a bit of worry release a bit Of fear, more stress and with every inhale, bring in hope and bring in some peace and let’s add a little joy for the next inhale. And now we’ll inhale and use your hands to make your way up. Bring your hands to the outsides of the knees, bring your knees together and we’ll make our way onto our backs. If you want a little bit of belly work, you can roll yourself down one vertebra at a time without using your hands. If you have any back issues, then bring your hands next to you and roll yourself down so lengthen your sitting bones and draw your shoulder blades towards your waist pick up your hips. Take them off to the left. Take your knees to the right. You can also cross your left knee over your right and then take your left arm out to the left and turn your head looking left as long as that’s. Okay on your neck turn your belly up toward the sky twist and then sometimes i like to kind of scooch my right shoulder to the right and try to make space between my shoulders and it feels nice on my twist. So it’s fun. When you’re practicing your poses to explore a little bit. That way, you can find out what your body likes and if your legs are crossed, we’ll uncross them bring your knees back to center and your hips back to center on your inhale and then exhale knees to the right and sorry hips to the right Knees to the left and if you’d, like you, can cross that right knee over the left and then take the right arm out, and you can turn your head to look over your right shoulder. Turning your belly up toward the sky and then i’m going to scooch now my left shoulder out to the left a little bit because it feels good in my body and i encourage you to explore just little little movements see what happens: hello, elmer kitty. Just a few more breaths, turning your belly up toward the sky and again focus on exhaling out any stress, and if your knees are crossed, you can uncross them now. Are you ready for shavasana? Take your hips to center bend the knees lengthen your sitting bones towards the backs of your knees. If you have a pet handy, you can give them a nice little scratch around the ears and then we’ll make our way into shavasana. So if your back bothers you at all with your legs extended out, you can keep your knees bent or roll up a blanket and put it under the knees, but make sure you,’re lengthening sitting sitting bones toward backs of knees shoulder blades toward waist. I’m going to extend my legs out, although if i had a blanket or a bolster, i would put it under my knees because i, like that, take your arms out to the sides palms up to receive and just let your body go limp so make Any adjustments that you need to get comfortable and then once you get into that comfortable place, just be quiet, mind, quiet body, shavasana, rest now, right where you are start to bring your awareness back throughout your body. Just take your thumb and brush it across the pads of your fingers and then start to move your fingers and your toes and circle. Your wrists and your ankles, your arms and your legs stretch. Overhead inhale and exhale. Here, bend your knees and roll onto your right side and pause here a moment, keeping your eyes closed just for another moment, and now thank yourself and honor yourself for showing up today and taking your practice every time you show up on your mat, you’re, Taking great care of yourself and then use your left hand to come up, let your head come last and sit up nice and tall, and our quote is from pema children. Fema children said you are the sky. Everything else is just the weather: bringing your hands together. Hands to your forehead, reminding you to have clear and loving thoughts, hands to your hearts, reminding you to have clear and loving intentions, hands to your mouth, reminding you to have clear and loving communication. Let’s send out this positive heart opening energy to all beings everywhere. The light in me recognizes honors and loves the light in you. Namaste

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