Guided Meditation for Loss – Coping with Grief and Sadness

Can Yoga Help in Fat Loss?

Yoga has been hailed as a holistic system for fitness and health. Fat loss is uppermost in many people’s minds these days as excess fat can invite the so called modern lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease, etc. But can yoga help in fat loss? Get the answers to this very important question.

Yoga – Where is Your Reference Point?

When you are in yoga class doing postures, vigilantly observe whether you have an urge to compare yourself with others, especially if you pretend not to care. When you discover this ingrained human urge, take a deep inhalation.

Yoga Therapy and Preventative Health

Yoga therapy has been sitting by quietly, while the mainstream population has begun to “try Yoga,” but that may soon change. With the world’s governments and financial markets struggling along, there will be many changes in the near future.

How to Become a Yoga Instructor – Inner Vision

The call for us to teach Yoga often starts with a vision from within. This vision of becoming a Yoga teacher is not something that someone else told us to see. We have been systematically trained to ignore our intuition and trust outside resources. This makes focusing on what we internally visualize difficult.

Practicing Hatha Yoga During a Financial Crisis

Hatha Yoga teachers are suddenly seeing a resurgence of student numbers, within their classes. Many new Yoga students have one common factor, which has driven them to attend classes. In short, the population is experiencing chronic stress.

Teaching Yoga to a Revolving Door

If you teach Yoga part-time, or full-time, you are aware of a core group within your classes. These are students who you can set your watch by. As a Yoga instructor, you feel there is nothing better than teaching a Yoga session with students who appreciate the rewards of regular practice.

Why Do You Want to Become a Yoga Teacher? – Explaining Benefits

If you are a serious practitioner or a teacher of Yoga, you might take for granted that everyone knows about the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health benefits. Since we are involved in practicing, or teaching, Yoga every day – we naturally assume everybody knows something about it.

Two Questions Yoga Teachers Do Not Want to Answer

Like everyone else, Yoga teachers get to hear plenty of questions, but some questions come up often enough to develop a standard response. Some teachers do not want to answer them at all. In this case, read on, and you can develop your own canned response.

Mantra Yoga – Meditating on a Sound

Sound is all around us; yet, sound is within us. Both forms of sound can be used for constructive meditation sessions. A repetitive external sound can easily be used to focus the mind. There are musical compositions for meditation. For beginners, the more repetitive the sound, the easier it will be to focus.

Stress – How Hatha Yoga Will Help When You Feel Stressed Out

There are many forms of Yoga. Among the nine main styles, Hatha is the most commonly practiced, outside of India. Some may think of Hatha as a physical exercise, a gateway to physical mastery, or consider it to be a form of Yoga for back pain. Regardless of the reason for practicing, Hatha Yoga is often practiced by those who feel stressed.

Yoga For Beginners – Five Myths About Yoga Dispelled

There are many myths and preconceptions about yoga. As a yoga teacher, I receive lots of inquiries from new students who express their fears and anxieties about yoga. See how many of the following five myths you can identify with.

Yogic Breathing Balances Your Brain

Ever have that oh-so-foggy feeling around three in the afternoon? Or, wake up feeling, out-of-sorts in a way you just can’t seem to shake? Yoga provides a wonderful, easy, portable remedy for those foggy-brained feelings.

How is Your Back Pain? Part 5

Your neutral back spine has three natural curves: the inward curve at the neck (cervical lordosis), the outward curve at the upper back (thoracic kyphosis), and finally the inward curve at the low back (lumbar lordosis). The amount of curving in your spine when you are in a neutral posture determines your support needs. Movement refers to the effect of excessive or inadequate motion on the body’s circulatory and neuro-musculo-skeletal system; Load is the weight one puts through ones back spine; Posture refers to the curve of the back spine.

Yoga Therapy is Only Way to Forever Remain Young, Fit and Happy!

Yoga is basically a tool to keep the body fit and prepare the mind for uplift of the spiritual aspect. The fact is that yoga therapy was never intended as a means to check ailments. It works as a strengthening tool for the entire mind and body. Let’s see how it functions.

Yoga & Ayurveda

Regular practice of yoga provides us with immunity against all diseases. Lakhs of People in the west have appreciated the benefits of yoga and are now regular practitioners of this form due to the benefits it brings. Though yoga was an offshoot of Hindu philosophy and was intended to bring human beings in union with the creator, it has now been practiced primarily to improve the physical and mental health in an individual.

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