Gratitude – Guided Meditation | Day 8 EXPAND Breathe and Flow Meditation Program

Peace Of Mind: What If Your Mind Was Your Greatest Ally?

If you were able to direct and develop your mind in such a way that you were no longer controlled by emotion, then you could apply the techniques to help you live with more happiness and awareness in these modern times. Could you imagine a world with more centered, happy, content, and aware people? Sound like an unlikely scenario? Well…it is achievable through the potential and possibilities of Kundalini Yoga “mastering mind meditations.”

Yoga Meditation for Phobias

Is it possible to focus on positive thoughts, and train the mind to think rationally? In short, yes – It is possible. However, training the mind is more difficult than training the body. If we are overcome by irrational fear, or extreme misery, it is even more difficult to focus on reality and positive thoughts.

Why the Smarter Runner Will Benefit From Yoga

So many more runners are turning to yoga for a wide range of benefits. Thanks to yoga, runners report less injuries, improved suppleness and flexibility and better concentration and discipline. This article finds out why yoga is so good for runners.

Yoga and Meditation For Panic Attacks

Many people are not aware that there some natural homemade therapies that can be used for panic attacks. Meditation and yoga are simple yet effective ways to remove anxiety.

Prenatal Yoga and Its Benefits

Pregnancy is a time when the female body is working overtime twenty four hours a day for 40 weeks (or just a little over nine months). It also is a time when women should not put aside their fitness goals. We are not talking about diet regimes and running miles a day, unless you were previously a runner, but about making sure that you exercise to maintain good circulation, improve your breathing, posture and to also help limit the amount you gain when “eating for two”.

3 Significant Benefits of a Yoga Practice

Yoga has been around for centuries and people throughout the ages have experimented or come in contact with someone who has a practice or is curious about learning a yoga technique. The varied forms of yoga are many and so are the benefits. Yoga benefits range from muscle flexibility to immune strengthening to muscle toning.

Does Yoga Really Help to Lose Weight?

Yoga is a type of exercise wherein you release all stress dwelling inside your body. It is the common form of exercise for professionals and mid-aged women. Yoga also aids in improving your physical and mental well-being.

Power Yoga And Benefits For Health, Concentration and Fitness

Power yoga is a type of vinyasa that involves a high level of physical activity that goes beyond some of the more traditional stretching exercises which have been typically associated with it. Some of the pioneers were involved in martial arts.

Yoga – The Route to Successful Practice

Practising yoga successfully can be much easier if you follow some fundamental rules to help you get the most out of your efforts. Make a choice about what you want to achieve – whether it be fitness, flexibility or improved health…

Yoga DVD and Videos – Helpful for Beginners

Yoga a traditional art – followed for the well being of humanity – has today become a gift to modern society which is in danger of health problems or unhealthy lifestyle. People became aware of the benefits of yoga in recent years and have thus started following it. And with the arrival of yoga DVDs and yoga videos this art has created a revolution globally; even people living in areas where this art doesn’t exist are also benefited.

5 Levels of Yoga

In Yoga, the human body has five levels or layers, each level being more subtle than the layer before it. Some could compare this to an onion. However, it can perhaps be better understood when it is viewed like the ripples caused by a stone tossed into a still pond…

Yoga Injuries: 5 Tips for Preventing Strain and Sprain

Eager anticipation is what most of us feel on signing up for the next yoga class. Often though, excitement can lead to impulsiveness and injury. Staying safe means you can enjoy yoga for many sessions to come.

Use Simple Yoga to Improve Your Health

Yoga is extremely beneficial to your overall well-being. But! Keep in mind that you must Avoid the Wrong Path. Learn how to get started safely and easily. Get some background knowledge here. Discover how to use Simple Yoga techniques for your health benefits. I will show you what you need to know so that you can aviod making common Yoga mistakes and enjoy life as you gain strength, flexibility, balance, and self-control.

Fitness Mantra for Your Mind, Body and Soul – Ashtanga Yoga!

How are you maintaining a balance with the fast paced world? Do you sometimes feel tired of life? Do you want to strengthen your body so that it can withstand the daily pressures of life? Are you sick of the daily exercises which are boring and which actually you want to avoid every morning? If your answer is a ‘yes,’ then read on.

Yoga Practice For Sleeping Well

Sleep has become one of the most serious problems in our busy society. Sleep is elusive for many people and natural sleep is becoming more and more difficult. Only through drugs and tranquilizers can you sleep, and through drugs and tranquilizers can you wake. Find out how to get your best sleep with yoga.

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