Gentle Morning Yoga For Infertility and Conceiving

Yoga Pants Guide

You might not think that yoga pants would be of such great importance, but I’m here to tell you that they are. People always dress for what they are doing and yoga is no different.

Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites – Ancient Wisdom For Modern Fitness

“Tibetan rejuvenation rites” is a phrase you are going to be hearing more of over the course of the next few years. More correctly called The 5 Tibetan Energy Rejuvenation Rites, this ancient, 5 part yoga exercise routine is the subject of a popular book for western audiences.

Infertility Yoga – Boost Your Fertility and Get Pregnant With Infertility Yoga

Infertility yoga is a gentle way to enhance your fertility, while relaxing your mind and body and strengthening your reproductive organs. Yoga is an ancient tradition specifically practiced for general health and well-being and, it is particularly helpful for resolving difficulties with fertility and sexuality.

How Yoga Can Help With Back Injuries

Back pain can frequently be a source of huge discomfort, making it difficult to even do the straightforward things lots of people take for granted, such as bending over, lifting objects, or lying down on a soft mattress. Yoga can help with back pain and help to heal you faster.

Yoga – Is it Only a Physical Exercise?

Many of us believe that it is a kind of exercise, mainly for the body and thus leading to a peaceful mind. It is not so. It is a very vast subject like a ocean. The branch that deals with the physical exercise is just a drop in the ocean.

The Health Benefits of Yoga

The lives of most individuals are hectic, and take a lot away from the mental and physical reserves of a person. The everyday life of any particular working professional is, more often than not, frantic in pace. In such a situation, it is not uncommon for people to feel the heat of the strains of life, both at the physical and the mental levels.

Neck Pain Part 3

You now have a picture of my situation at that time. I was restricted some what in what I could do, so every movement required some thought. You know when you’ve hurt your ankle your reluctant to put any weight on it in case you hurt it more. By using GENTLE movements – simple every day movements that you take for granted.

Yoga and You

You may have noticed an alteration in attitudes to health-related issues over the last five years. Lots of bookstores are selling thousands of self-help related books, books that dispute that traditional eastern practices such as meditation, reiki, tai-chi and yoga are vital to having a healthy lifestyle.

The Purpose of Yoga – Is the Path Toward Prosperity Un-Yogic?

Since the humble beginnings of humankind, we have prayed for prosperity, abundance, and happiness. Why have so many Yoga teachers scorned the path of prosperity?

How Important is Physical Assisting in a Hatha Yoga Class?

Opinions about the importance of physically assisting students, during Yoga posture (asana) practice, vary. Some styles, such as Iyengar, Restorative, Anusara, and Viniyoga, place much emphasis on proper alignment, props, and physical assisting. Most Yoga teacher training programs focus on physical assists, which guide a student toward proper alignment.

Yoga Meditation – The Logical Benefits

All forms of Yoga originally contained meditation techniques. Some Hatha Yoga styles have little to no meditation time within the classroom structure. How did this happen and why?

Neck Pain – Part 2

I walked around bringing myself to. A helicopter and ambulance and police were at the scene within 20 minutes, how they knew I don’t know…

The Five Things You Should Know About Yoga

Yoga, an exotic form of exercise, is now the new trend in the fitness world. Just like any other form of exercise, it is based on basic philosophies in order to attain a healthy body and mind for its practitioners.

An Overview of the Yoga History

We may have been practicing yoga for quite some time now, but to understand it better we have to look further into its origins and roots. An overview on yoga history will help us appreciate the yoga tradition better.

Neck Pain Part 1

With any neck or shoulder issues there is always some form of trauma to the rest of the body as it tries to correct the imbalance. Some muscles go into spasm to protect you from doing further damage to your body, a reflex action.

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