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– What’s up, gathering people? Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji and today we have afull body flow for you. So this can be really great ifyou don’t have a lot of age, but you wanna getthe juices spurting. This could also be areally great practice to supplement with arun or another type of class or some sort of meditation even. So, hop-skip into somethingcomfy and let’s get started.( upbeat music) Hi, everyone. We’re gonna begintoday’s rule standing at the top of the rug. Thanks so muchfor sharing your time and your exertion with me andall of the people practicing this video atthe same time as us. Let’s begin in Mountain Pose. See how fast you canground through the foot, stand up nice and talland right away dive liberty intonoticing your breath.Draw the palms togetherat the heart, Anjuli Mudra. Lift the sternum to the thumbs. If you feel cozy, close your eyes or just soften your gazegently down past your nose. Relax your shoulders andinvite a more adoring awareness into this moment. Start at the floor, soles of the feetpressing into the earth. And then use your room up, scanning the fullbody here to start in Tadasana, Mountain Pose. As you gently beginto deepen your sigh, let go of the day thus far. Politely settled anytasks that you have to do after thispractice on hold. And let’s findwhat feels good here in this sweet flow, ready? Inhale in. Exhale to bowthe head to the heart. Continue toelongate your breath, diversify your expel and ifthere’s a little intention, something you’d liketo set here for your flow, go ahead and do it now. Good, then takea depth wheeze in.Exhale to secrete, fingertipsare gonna go down to come up and then on your next inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, deform your knees, wiggle the fingertips, take it down into a ForwardFold, inclination knees here to start. Inhale, lift up halfway, find a flat back plight as you reach the crownforward and the posterior back. Hug the elbows intowards your back torso, back out with the hip pleats, soft deflect in the knees. Inhale in, stow the chinslightly to lengthen the back of the cervix andexhale to let everything drive. Good, deform your knees, grind through the feet, breath, wipe the arms all theup, large-hearted unfold, large-hearted wheeze. And then exhale, handsto heart, Mountain Pose. Inhale in here.Exhale to relaxthe shoulders down. Now “theres going”, breath, reach for the sky. Exhale, torrent it down, Forward Fold. Inhale, halfway hoist again, your copy, find segment in the neck. Exhale to slowly bend the knees, flora the palmsand step one foot back and then theother for Plank Pose. Press away from your yoga mat, contact the crown forward, ends back. Slowly is now starting liftthe areas of the mouth as you find thishollow torso situation, sending yourshoulder blades left to right. Creating a domingshape in the upper mas. You’re here for three, turning on the abs for two and on the one, slowly lower to the knees. Walk the kneesunderneath the hip places, press into the tops of the foot. Inhale to slip the belly, open the chest, look forward. Exhale to round the spine, chin to chest, navel draws up. With your breath, breath, plummet the belly, Cow Pose. Exhale, claw throughthe fingertips, exhale, Cat. Inhale, descend the belly. Slews of cavity between theears and the shoulders here. Exhale, rounding through. And one more time, inhale, slip the belly. And evaporate, Cat Pose.Good, curl the toes under. Peel up from the hip seams, lift the hips up high-pitched and back. Melt your hearttowards your thigh bones, Downward Facing Dog. Claw through the fingertips, index fingers arepointing forward here, thumbs are spread evenly, biceps by the ears. Good, anchorthrough the left heel. On your next breath, lift the right leg up high-pitched. Exhale, spans your right kneeover to kiss your left elbow. Gaze forward, upper body’s in Plank.Inhale to kick it up, Three-Legged Dog. Repeat right knee toleft elbow, gape forward, shoulders over the wrists. Inhale, kicking it up, Three-Legged Dog. Last-place one, welcome thisheat that’s coming in now. Right knee to left elbow, gaze down and forward. Beautiful, knock it up, Three-Legged Dog. Exhale, step itall the way through. Lower to your left knee. On an breath, embroil the arms up and overhead, Crescent Lunge. Big breath here asyou elevate your chest, elevator your mind, squeezeinner thighs to the midline to find thatsupport from within, right? So, we’re notdumping on the joints, we’re creatingstability and strong. Inhale, draw the digits back. Exhale, communicate it forward. Lift the back knee, come to a nice, low-grade plunge. On your next breath, look forward. Exhale to stepthe left foot back. Beautiful, breath in now. Exhale, Downward Facing Dog, nice drive. Inhaling deep here, large-hearted, cleansing wheeze. Exhale entirely. Good, anchor the right end now.Inhale, lift theleft leg up high. Exhale, left kneeto right shoulder. Shift forward, looking for, upper body’s in Plank. Inhale, anchorthrough the freedom end, knock the left leg up high-pitched, Three-Legged Dog. Exhale, change it forward, knee to elbow. Claw through the fingertips, inhale, knock it up. Exhale, last one, shiftingforward, bellybutton draws up, up, up. Shoulders over the wrists, good. Inhale, Three-Legged Dog, kick it up. Exhale, delivering it all the way upand through into your lunge. Lower the privilege knee down, find your footing now. When you’re ready, broom the arms allthe road up and overhead. Big breath, big stretching, feel better in your whole person. Good, then exhale, flood it down, take a deep breath inas you removing the back knee.Look forward, expel, step it back, Plank. Beautiful, inhale in here. Exhale, Downward Facing Dog, hips up high-pitched and back. Inhale, a lot of love in. Exhale, a lot of desire out. Bend the knees, inhale to look forward. Exhale to step or hopto the front of your mat. On your next breath in, is my finding that flat back sentiment, excuse me, promote it up halfway. Exhale to soothe and fold. Inhale, root to rise now, reach for the sky, large-scale breath, big-hearted strain. Exhale, hands to heart.Observe your gulp now. Find a little stillness. Nice work, bend the knees. Inhale, fingertipsgo down to come up. Big breath, large-scale extend. Exhale, flood it down. Inhale, halfway elevation, find period. Exhale, soften and fold. Inhale to step one footback then the other, Plank Pose. This time, listen carefully, exhale, lower allthe way to the belly. Drag the sides inline with the ribcage, press into the tops of the paw. Squeeze the elbowsinto the side body, tuck the kuki-chin and breath, roll up, Baby Cobra. Exhale, foreheadkisses the earth. Inhale, roll up, tucking the chin. Exhale, foreheadkisses the earth. Waking up themuscles in the back torso. Press into your pubic bone, here “theres going”. Inhale, pressure the elbows into the side body, lift up, Cobra. Exhale, gradually secrete, nice make. Inhale, scroll the toes under, raise your kneecaps, tint your quadriceps. When you’re ready, exhale, press all the way up to Plank, strong and steady.Quietly moan toyourself here, “I am strong.” I am strong. From now we’re gonna turn onto the outeredge of the right foot, internal archway of the left foot. Then send your left fingertips high up towards the sky, reach. Come back through core, Plank. Then come onto theouter edge of your left foot, internal dome of your freedom hoof, find this left shoulder overthe left wrist’s foundation and then when you’re ready, lift the hips, lift the right arm up high, reach.Come back through core. Plank Pose andDownward Facing Dog, neat job. Inhale in now. Exhale out through the mouth. On your next breath, lift the right leg up high. Exhale, right knee to rightelbow, upper body’s in Plank. Inhale, kick it up. Repeat, right kneeto right elbow, shoulders over the wrists. Inhale, kick it up. Exhale, last occasion, right knee kiss right elbow, pressure and elevator, squeeze and hoist. And then send it all the wayback up, Three-Legged Dog.Great, all the waythrough and up to your move. This time you know you can lower the back knee, we did that before. So you are eligible to lower it orkeep it elevated as we come up to high lunge, sweepingthe arms up and overhead with that big-hearted, beautifulinhale, getting nice and low-spirited, bending that backknee whether it is necessary to, to get your centerright underneath you, front knee is bent. Inhale to look up, draw the digits back. Exhale to rain it down. From now, left handcomes to the earth. Inhale, right fingertipsto the sky, open the chest. Exhale, come back to your pounce. Step the claim hoof back, take a deep breath in. Exhale, belly to Cobraor Chaturanga to Up Dog. Find a little vinyasa. We’ll converge in DownwardFacing Dog, take your time. Reconnect with thesound of your gulp. And from Downward Dog, we’llanchor through the liberty end and on your next breather in, lift the left leg up high. Exhale, left knee to left elbow, switch forward, upper body’s inPlank, gape it straight down.Inhale, kick it up, claw through the fingertips. Exhale, switch it forward. Working the abdominal wall, the obliques, shifting it all the way up, Three-Legged Dog. Last-place one, think up and overwith the knee kissing the shoulder. And then Three-Legged Dog. Nice, the whole way up throughto your plunge, make your time. Back kneelowered or elevated now. Now “theres going”, with an inhale, broad the armsforward, up and back. Find your midst, maybe deform that back knee to get yourcenter underneath you. Find that upward current ofenergy through the breast figure. Front knee’s bent, niceand inclination, deform that knee. Pull the thumbs back, biginhale, full figure stretching. Exhale withcontrol the whole way down. Back knee lowered or hoisted, right hand to the earth.Here we go, breath, turn. Left fingertips to the sky. And exhale, back to your pounce, good. Plant the palms, step it back. Take a little vinyasa, belly to Cobra here or Chaturanga to Up Dog, moving with your gulp, exploiting that breath to expand, open your heart. And exerting the expel to journeyback to Downward Facing Dog. Good. In Downward Dog, take a nice, deep breath in. And long breath out. Bend your knees, inhale to look forward and expel to makeyour mode to the top. Inhale, raises you up halfway. Exhale to lighten and fold. Interlace the fingertipsbehind the calves now, crouch your elbows, start to draw your snout towards your knees. You can bend your kneesas generously as it is necessary to. Grounding through allfour recess of the hoof. Careful not toclench the toes here.Breathe, breathe, breathe into your belly. Excellent, liberate the arms, bend the knees even more, send the hips back, fingertips go forward. Utkatasana, Chair Pose. Digging into the ends. Drawing the navel in and up. Sink a little lower, gaze forward. Sink a little lower, gaze forward. Inhale in here. Exhale with restrain, press intoall four recess of the hoof and slowly rise up. Big beach ball up and overhead.Lift your dresser. And then slowly palmskiss together up and overhead. And slide backdown to your mind. Pause, captivate this moment. Feel the tendernes that you created in your sweet, beautiful figure.( giggles) Give thanks for your body. Then slowly switching yourweight to your left foot.Draw vigour up fromthe archway of the left foot and when you’re ready, peelyour freedom knee all the way up as if you were on alittle marionette fibre. If this doesn’tjive for your form today, you can keep yourbig toes on the ground and use from here. Moving into Vrksasana, Tree, you might grab that title ankle. Hike it all theway up above the knee and region the footin the internal thigh. Other options could be tokeep the toes on the sand, just opening the hips from there or residence thefoot below the knee. Alright, wherever you are today, find that upwardcurrent of energy through the figurehead bodyand then balance it with that downwardenergy through the back organization. Finding yourvariation of Tree Pose today, find something to focus on, breathe slow and steady.If you’ve beenpracticing for a while, work to pressinto all four recess of your title paw evenly and then press your leftinner thigh into your paw. Find that opponent, that connection in the midline. Pressing into theouter margin of the right foot. You can take thearms up and overhead. You can challenge yourself by taking thegaze up to the sky. Soften the skin on the face. And then when you’re ready, gradually release andtake it to the other side. Moving nice and slowhere from the centre for human rights. Exploring that Tree Pose onthe other side here today. Finding that connection, playing with opposing energy and it’s okay tohave a little fun. If you come, I’ll catch you. If “youre feeling” humble today, let’s have a little giggle, it’s all good. Hold onto your focus. If you wanna challenge yourself, maybe you make the arms up. Maybe you make thegaze up towards the sky and maybe onthis one if you really wanna challenge yourself, you try closing your eyes. And then wherever you are, take a deep breath in.Breathe into all foursides of the torso, expand. And then exhale, slowlyrelease, create it back up. Feet together, genuinely together. Creaky old storey, what is up? You’re eventually back! Now we go, breath, reach for the sky. Exhale, fold itall the way down. Inhale, halfway raise, last one. Exhale, soften and fold. From here, crouch your knees, crouch your knees, stoop your knees. Fingertips on theground now to support you. Nice little ball. Good, when you get there, you’re gonnaslowly stow the kuki-chin and round the third eye or theforehead towards your knees. Get a delightful, large-scale stretchin the upper back mas. Good, make it round.Adjust if you need to. And then from here we’re gonnaslowly use the pass nice and easy to come onto the bum.Send your left leg out long, right leg comes up. Hook the leftelbow to the right knee, we’re gonna find a littletwist to your chill it down. Inhale, the filch and lengthen. Exhale the slant. Good, freeing, substitution, second slope. Hooking the rightelbow to the left knee, sit up nice and towering. And know your construction, nice and easy. Don’t propagandize, don’t coerce. Good, gradually release. Come the whole way onto your back. Hug the knees into the chest, make the deepest breathyou’ve taken all day in. And then exhale torelease your appendages, Shavasana. Close your eyes, find stillnessfor a few moments now. If you feelinspired to practice more, you can select another video. Otherwise, drink lotsof sea today. You done good, you done good. I hope to see you soon. Let’s introducing the palms together, thumbs up to the third eye.We’ll close by taking onelast deep breath in together. And then we’ll whispering Namaste.( upbeat music ).

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