Fiery, Fat Burning Morning Yoga Workout – Day 2

Yoga Stretches For Lower Back Flexibility & Pain Relief

Natural way for us to get relief from back pain Lower Back pains are mainly caused due to bad posture/bad sitting at work places. Overweight and heavy strains on back bone are one of the main reasons for lower back pain. Lower back pain are normally get cured by the stretching of lower back which might although resemble to some people as unusual. But doctors also advise the patient of lower back pain to do the stretching of lower back to get rid of their injury or pain.

Yoga Lower Back Stretches

Right Steps to avoid lower back pain. Generally lower back stretches are said to be stretching exercises done for avoiding the threat of lower back pain. Lower back stretches are also advised to be done by the people who are actually suffering from the lower back pain. This advice is admissible only when it is done with the appropriate assistance of the health care provider or any physical therapist.

Seven Criteria For Finding the Best Yoga Teaching Training Course Home Study Program

Gone are the days when you had to attend yoga training schools to become fully certified. With the range of yoga teacher training courses and home study programs now available it is easier than ever to become fully qualified at home. This article will discuss the seven important criteria for a yoga teacher training home study course.

What Do Yoga Certification and Yoga Registration Mean?

Many students, who aspire to be Yoga teachers, are left confused as to the purpose and difference between certification and registration of Yoga teachers. Let’s take a look at both processes and some of the differences between them.

Yoga Instructor Certification – Certification For New and Experienced Yoga Instructors

Becoming a yoga instructor is a very rewarding career. However, in this day and and age even experienced instructors need to have certification. Keep reading to learn the best method for certification for new and experienced yoga instructors and how to get fully certified in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

The History of Yoga – Almost As Old As Time

The beginning of the ancient history of yoga is not written down, most was transmitted first orally and later with the help of sacred texts on palm leaves. That is how long Yoga is been around…

Meditation, Yoga and Occidental Medicine

The Yoga discipline – centuries old – is nowadays more valid than ever, she provides the means to combat the lack of inner equilibrium, that the actual rhythm of life so frequently inducts. For a great number of illnesses are the psychosomatic origins already mostly accepted, especially in the psychological and psychiatric practice. Often has been asserted a very close relation between psychic components and the symptoms of illnesses in the gynecology, and most times is it sufficient to affront the relations between the psychic components and the symptoms to resolve the accused …

Yoga Stretching Exercises and Beyond

Yoga is an age old science with millions of followers worldwide. It is known to help an individual develop physically as well as spiritually. It boosts the immunity of the practitioner and makes the body very flexible. Yoga stresses on a combined mental and physical development. All the yoga poses are nothing but stretching exercises and each is said to act not just on the physical body but also on the development of the mind and soul. There are a variety of stretching exercises in yoga each exercise stretching a group of muscles and thus, strengthening them. The yoga stretching exercises are so effective that they are a part of almost all forms of workout and sports training.

What is Yoga Flexibility – A Simple and Basic Definition

Flexibility is defined as the ability to adjust to different state of affairs or the skill to easily bend an entity. Flexibility is the outermost range of progress in a joint, or a mixture of joints, that is possible in a momentary effort. Flexibility is related to specific body joints and not whole body. In other words, it is a legend that some people are naturally flexible throughout their entire body. Flexibility is related to range of muscle movement around our joints. Flexibility is also related to mobility and suppleness of our joints.

Yoga Stretching Flexibility Exercises & Beyond

The mantra of yoga – A healthy mind rests in a flexible body Yoga has nowadays become a crucial part of a person’s life. It works on the physical as well as the mental level. No other form of exercise can offer this. Yoga also helps the body in improving the lung capacity, circulation, preventing muscle soreness, loosening the tight hamstrings and most importantly providing flexibility to the body. Flexibility can we obtained by stretching and this stretching can we well done through various yogic poses and asanas. Unless one has a flexible body, one cannot perform the higher level yoga poses that are extremely beneficial to the mind and body. Increasing flexibility of the body is the primary aim of the basic level yoga poses.

What Do Studio Owners Look For When Hiring a Yoga Teacher

Have you ever wondered what studio owners are evaluating, when they hire a Yoga instructor? What can you expect at an interview for a Yoga teaching position? Let’s look into the minds of Yoga studio owners, to get a better idea of which qualities they seek in teachers, before hiring them.

Yoga Sutra Course Choices – Picking the Right One

Teaching yoga sutra is a very rewarding career. It combines doing something you absolutely love with being able to earn a full time income from it. However, the salary that you are able to earn as a yoga instructor is directly dependent on the quality of the course you choose. This article will help you to pick the right yoga sutra course for creating the most profitable yoga business.

How a Simple Leg Stretch Can Help Your Back Pain – Part 5

As you exhale pull both kneecaps up tight – not back and drop the right hip. This seems quite simple to do and does work quite deep around the hips and helps with back pain. Then change legs. To take it the next level this time after you have ‘dropped’ your hip as you exhale arch your back reaching your hands towards your feet and begin to place your torso on your raised leg.

How a Simple Leg Stretch Can Help Your Back Pain – Part 4

Yoga plays an effective role in managing several stress related disorders and ailments. It is effective for all conditions that are the result of lack of exercise and a sedentary life style. Yoga is a special domain of action that does not clash with other treatment of disorders and is well suited to deal with back pain.

Yoga Instructor Certification – How To Become A Certified Yoga Instructor At Home

Yoga instructor certification is really a must for all yoga teachers, no matter how much experience they’ve had. My research has shown that registration is not enough and, in fact, puts you at risk of lawsuits and serious insurance liability problems. Learn how to become a yoga instructor with full certification in the comfort and privacy of your own home at your own pace.

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