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How Can Yoga Contribute Towards Clearer – Healthier Skin?

Exercise plays a big part in keeping our skin healthy and whilst there are many different forms, yoga is often one of the best you can participate in. Yoga and its Benefits for the Skin Long gone are the days when yoga was considered as strange and something that only few people practiced. Today, thanks to many celebrities, the practice of yoga is extremely popular and it is helping people everywhere to obtain a healthy mind and body.

Benefiting From The Unbearable – Pain In Our Yoga Practice

Pain is without doubt an integral part of yoga practice. But is it really something that should be avoided at all costs? Of course pain is our body’s way of telling us that it’s not comfortable with the posture we’re holding. Throughout our practice we should be conscious and listen to our body’s messages. To really start gaining the benefits of yoga we need to practice to make the unbearable bearable.

Yoga: Ancient Wisdom for Today’s Health

We explore the relationship between body, mind and spirit as taught by hatha yoga. We relate the teaching to modern medical information.

Free Yoga Exercises Routines

Helpful free yoga exercises that will help you the beginner to perform yoga.

Beginning Yoga Guidelines

Yoga is a philosophy, a science and an art, which unites the body, mind, and spirit for health and harmony in everyday life. It is an essential part of any fitness program because it tones and strengthens muscles while increasing flexibility

Christian Meditation – The Yoga Alternative

Can Christian meditation be combined with Yoga, or is that a conflict of interests? This is the question Michael Hawkins asks in this article.

Yoga for Self-Confidence

How can Yoga help you to start living your own life, enable you to pursue your passions, and stop living for the approval of someone else’s standards? How can Yoga help us discard feelings of guilt and self-doubt? How can Yoga help you to be pro-active about life, instead of waiting to solve problems when they surface? Let’s look at these questions, and see how Yoga can help anyone establish self-confidence.

The Health Benefits Of Yoga

Simply put, the health benefits of Yoga are attained through the combination of exercise and meditation. Or rather, exercising in a meditative state. Learn some of the health benefits of Yoga in this article by Michael Hawkins.

Yoga Can Harness the Power of Attraction

The practice of Yoga allows you to be in harmony with the universe and tap into the power of attraction. Humans attract others by a number of methods, and all are enhanced with the practice of Yoga. Very often, you will attract like-minded people, so observe yourself carefully. This may require honest self-reflection, but it is worth the exercise.

Yoga Teacher Training: Introduction to the Yogic Energy Body

The energy body (sukshma sharira), is often called the subtle, vital, or Pranic body. This is very often a mystery to many, and confusing to more, but let’s take a tour of the Yogic energy body and you will understand it much better.

How Paul Brunton Was Directed to Go to Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi – Part II

Paul Brunton was a British philosopher, mystic, and traveler. As advised by the great sage of Kanchi, His Holiness Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Swami, Paul Brunton met Maharishi Ramana. He introduced Bhagavan Ramana to the west in his book A search in secret India published in 1935. He had spent several months at Ramanaramam.

Bikram Yoga Positions

The Bikram Yoga Positions where pioneered by Bikram Choudhury. Learn the basics of the system, as well as why this may be the only “copyrighted Yoga” in existence.

Anatomy Of Yoga – Getting A Solid Foundation

The anatomy of Yoga is an important part both for Yoga as a science and for learning it correctly. Regardless of Yoga style, Michael Hawkins has some suggestions on what to look for.

Yoga Teacher Training: Becoming a Yoga Teacher after 40

How is it possible that a veteran student with decades of experience and practice cannot see his or her self-worth, as a Yoga teacher? Where does this self-doubt originate from? Could a young Yoga teacher graduate understand the pains, aches, medical conditions, and limitations of older students?

Yoga Teacher Training: Am I Too Old to Become a Yoga Teacher?

All too frequently, I am asked by middle-aged or senior students, who aspire to become a Yoga teacher, “When is the best time to become a Yoga teacher?” Has the window of time passed for this opportunity, and is a younger Yoga instructor better suited to teach Yoga to the public?

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