Everything You Need To Know About Yoga Teacher Training 🧘🏻‍♀️

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Hey everyone, its Caitlin and welcome to another video in this video. I’M going to be answering all of your questions about yoga teacher training. So I asked you guys on Instagram what you wanted to know and I’m gon na tell you everything you need to know about it. I feel like starting. Isn’T you with like a really odd accent?

Um, okay, I think it’s back to normal. If you didn’t know, I graduated from yoga teacher training this past November and I chose to do a 10-week program I’ll get into that a little bit more later. But I graduated from teacher training and then now I actually work at the studio where I did. My teacher training, as a teacher, so I’m going to start by getting into your questions, but I just wanted to give you that little bit of a background. I have them here on my phone.

I made a list so I’m going to go through them. I combined some and I kind of listed them in like a chronological order. That would make the most sense. So the first question that I got asked is: do you have to be good at yoga to do a teacher training program and also do most people? Do it to become a teacher order, some people do it dress for personal growth, so know you don’t necessarily have to be good good, like what even is good at yoga to be a yoga teacher.

There are so many different aspects of yoga, whether it’s the physical practice or the asana or the more spiritual practice which some people choose to get into. And you really don’t have to be an expert at anything. Obviously, because you’re going into a teacher training program which is designed for like being an entry-level yoga teacher, so with that being said, you obviously need to have a desire to learn, and you also need to have some level of experience. So obviously, if you’ve never taken yoga before you’re not going to sign up for a teacher training program, but most programs will have listed on their website what’s required. I think the one that I attended was saying about like a year or two of just yoga experience.