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Yoga Teacher Training Online – The Hidden Catch

People are used to “hidden catches” in everything, so where is the hidden catch in an online Yoga certification course? Have you ever priced a personal computer or software, only to see the price double or triple? People get used to the idea of surprises when ordering anything these days.

Where Do I Find the Confidence to Teach Yoga Classes?

Life is full of surprises. Even in established Yoga schools, there are times when Yoga teachers become ill, have a family crisis, or have to leave because of obligations. Most often, the senior student, or an established substitute Yoga teacher, will “fill in” for as long as it takes.

Becoming a Yoga Teacher in Your Semi-Retirement

Becoming a semi-retired Yoga instructor is much more appealing in today’s job market. All of us reach a point where we want to spend our time making a contribution to our families and communities. The option of part-time work, as a Yoga teacher, is one of many for a new breed of retirees.

Yoga Gear – Choose the Right Gear For Yoga

Yoga is an ancient technique that have been practice by a lot of people for over 5000 years. Yoga is able to make our body healthier. Not only our body, but also our Mind as well. Three main things to do when exercising Yoga is doing poses, breathing technique and meditation.

Yoga Tours & Retreat

Yoga is an exercise that help us to maintain our body healthy. By doing some poses, breathing technique and meditation, we could achieve our healthy life. Yoga is not all about achieving healthy physical body, but also make our mind healthy and always Fresh.

Yoga For a Healthier Life

Yoga has many faces and you will be confused to choose which one! The different styles and variations have their own characteristics, so I think you are too confused and letting yourself down. Don’t get disheartened as I will just give you a synopsis of few of the most popular yoga.

Office Yoga – Practice Yoga in Your Office

Office Yoga can improve health and productivity. Constant sitting is not healthy for your circulation or for the skeletal structure. Most of us know that excessive sitting can cause poor circulation in the legs and blood clotting.

Shoulder Pain Secrets Part 5

Of course the most common way to injure your spine is by lifting heavy weights or lifting them incorrectly. Fortunately there area number of natural neck/shoulder pain relief remedies that can help without a reliance on prescription medication. Stretching can be effective at reducing back as it relaxes the muscles which are often tense.

Beat Stress! Be Successful! Three Simple Yoga Breathing Practices to Help You Succeed in Life

Have you ever been in a situation where your mind is so cluttered and full off “things to do” you feel overwhelmed and stressed? Yoga breathing exercises can help you to move through your worries, reduce your stress and increase your sense of control and inner calm.

Shoulder Pain Secrets Part 4

Visualize your body as being similar to a three story building. If one of the supporting beams is shifted and pulled downward, over time, even the top floor of the building will start to sag downward, too. If you leg muscles are tight, they can cause a perpetual pull on your upper body. Over time, this constant downward pull can cause a variety of chronic pain conditions including shoulder pain.

Read Yoga Books For Wellness

Yoga can help you refresh your soul, mind and body. Since it is not possible for everyone to join yoga classes, yoga books can be a great help. This article is about the benefits of yoga books.

Why Yoga?

Why are so many people getting into Yoga? While most of us are not really into the philosophical, metaphysical or religious basis of Yoga, although many of us are, the one thing that no-one can deny is the incredible rewards of greater health, vitality and balance that result from a regular Yoga practice.

Shoulder Pain Secrets Part 3

With shoulder pain a forward head can eventually damage neck and upper back structures, as they bend and rub at angles they were not built for. Chronically holding neck muscles in an overstretched position weakens them. The forward head creates shortened, contracted muscles in front, and a stretched, weakened back.

Yoga and the Heart

Going within–exploring the hidden chambers of the heart to find one’s true Self–is really the first step in yoga. Continuing from that step, we can take the next one: bringing forth the latent divinity that we discover within, so that we may fully serve our individual dharma, or life purpose.

Yoga Exercises a Great Way to Relieve Stress

Many times in todays society, the demands of life just cause stress. How do we overcome these stressors? This article provides the answer that while practicing Yoga, one will not only reduce stress in their life but increase a healthy fit life style.

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