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Yogic Solutions – Finding the Source of Negativity

Recognizing your own destiny, through self-realization, is a foundation of Yoga. We often hear terms such as – “I need time to get it together,” or “I need to find myself.” This is the beginning of self-realization and the recognition of a need to find solutions.

Yoga in Practice – Solutions for Negativity

One method for releasing negative energy, from within, is to practice Yoga in classes. The person, who is negative, must want to change, and must stay in Yoga classes for this to work. Here’s how participating in regular Yoga classes helps purge negative energy from the body, and mind, of anyone willing to go the distance.

Second Limb of Yoga – The Second Niyama – Santosha

To some people, happiness is a fantasy. This type of thinking is what makes contentment so hard for some of us to find. You must first see the illusion of life – Everything that brings true contentment is right in front of us.

What is Yoga Asana

Regardless of what particular school or type of yoga we practice, it is unlikely that many of us are really practicing yoga. Rather we are more likely to focus on only 1 of the 8 limbs of yoga – yoga asana, the physical postures.

Yoga in Practice – Practical Application of Yoga Knowledge

Practical application of learned skills, and knowledge, is the same with Yoga, and life, in general. You could train with the ten best Yoga Gurus on the planet, but if you do not apply the teachings of Yoga to your life, or the lives of others, you are only an encyclopedia of Yogic facts.

Yoga in Practice – Hidden Opportunities to Learn

Jnana Yoga does not have to exist within the study of scripture only. We can also learn useful lessons by observing the actions of others.

Yoga in Practice – Taking Control of Your Life

Yoga has been helping people take control of their lives for 5,000 years, and counting. Taking control of your life is a daily obstacle, but you can easily start, right now.

First Limb of Yoga- The Fifth Yama – Aparigraha

Aparigraha could be translated as, “Thou Shall Not Covet.” Fair enough, but how do we accomplish this on this plane of existence? This is a material world, where we see, smell, or feel, sensations, and material. Many people feel their entire existence is based on acquisition of material goods and relationships.

Second Limb of Yoga- The First Niyama – Saucha

We often refer to Niyamas as the “Do’s” or observances of Yoga. To follow the Niyamas is to take a pro-active attitude toward life. The first Niyama, which Patanjali mentions is Saucha, means cleanliness or purity, but this is a much deeper issue. Cleanliness and purity have many levels.

Yoga Shoes And Supplies

Yoga is a fun hobby and a way of life for many. Whether you are a life-long fan of yoga, or just starting to get into the rewarding sport, you will need good supplies. Some items are required in order to do yoga, other things are optional. Our review of yoga shoes and supplies with get you started. Let us help you decide what equipment you need.

First Limb of Yoga- The Fourth Yama – Brahmacharya

To deprive the senses, tends to create frustrated people. How many of us have seen someone enter into a diet, and make everyone else miserable? The person who lives on a “lettuce diet,” out of necessity, has a right to be frustrated.

Chakrabhedan (Circle-Interception) – A New Kind of Yogic Exercise

Chakrabhedan(circle-interception) is a new kind of yogic exercise. It is simple and most effective. body becomes disease-free and mind gets concentrated.

Physiological Benefits Of Yoga – III

Apart from benefiting sufferers of respiratory illnesses, regular Yoga practice also helps manage pain as in sore joints, arthritis, rheumatism, including other aches and pains.

Yoga Benefits – Part I

As any enthusiastic practitioner of Yoga will tell you, physical and mental therapy is the most important benefit of yoga.

First Limb Of Yoga – Asteya

In 2001 US retailers lost 31 billion dollars because of theft. A substantial portion of those figures was employee theft. Please bear in mind, these statistics are from one country, one industry, and these statistics are from 2001.

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