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What Is Pranayama – It Is Much More Than You Think!

This article was written in order to give a brief description of one of the most known techniques of Yoga. It has a lot of information about pranayama and is suitable for the beginner and also for the teachers of Yoga.

Chair Yoga – Yoga For Everyone, Including Workaholics And Seniors

Chair yoga is just what it sounds like: gentle yoga done sitting on a chair or with the aid of a chair, either as part of a yoga class, or for anyone too busy to do formal yoga classes. Learn more about chair yoga in this article.

Mountain Top Retreat

Large Breasted Women Must Bring a Sports Bra!

OM – Discover What is Really is!

This article is intended to uncover the mysteries and the misconception of the OM, this symbol that is considered one of the most ancient symbols of human history.

Enjoy The Amazing Ashtanga Yoga Practice

Ashtanga Yoga is a kind of yoga which is taught by K. Pattabhi Jois. Another name for this kind of yoga is Eight Limb Yoga which started with an idea by someone name Pattanjali. It shows that eight spiritual practices are the way of purification.

Discover The Difference Between Hatha And Vinyasa Yoga

Find out the difference between hatha and vinyasa yoga, and how these differences translate into benefits for your yoga practice. Learn which style is better for beginners, and more.

Yoga Meditation

Find out how yoga can help you relax, de-stress and find clarity.

The Purpose of Yoga- Success and the Law of Karma

Some Gurus, and Master Yoga, teachers do not embrace the concept of Yogic principles being used for success, self-improvement, and for acquiring abundance. After all, many people have misused power, and abundance, ever since primal man could stand up on two feet.

Yoga Is Good For Stress Management

The original purpose of yoga which involved breathing exercises and postures was to bring relaxation and stability in order to be alert for a long period of time and to be able to sit still during meditation. It was believed that by holding the body in a steady pose and by controlling breathing, yoga created a sense of harmony and balance between the mind, body and emotions.

Office Yoga: Warm Up Exercises for Corporate Yoga

Chair Yoga is most commonly seen in senior centers, nursing homes, assisted living complexes, physical rehabilitation units and adult day care centers. On the other hand, Office Yoga is taught to the “work force,” which should be more mobile than the average senior citizen, but there are always exceptions.

Empower Your Yoga With Mala Meditation – Discover A Crystal Clear Mind

Want a mind that’s clear and calm like water, but prepared to deal with anything? Mala meditation helps you to achieve this state. When I first started to meditate, I found it almost impossible to calm my mind. “Monkey mind” never stopped jumping around.

The Five Yoga Techniques That Matter

There are five major Yoga techniques that all practitioners of Yoga are required to follow. What are these techniques and what do they do for your mind and body?

Yoga Weight Loss Benefits

Yoga is widely known and performed by many people today, mostly by health enthusiasts. The goal of Yoga is to aid a practitioner in achieving a balanced sense of being of the mind, body and spirit. Many have resorted to yoga to recover from or to prevent sickness. These days, many people also choose Yoga as a means to lose weight.

The Four Paths of Yoga

Yoga, as we know it today, dates back to ancient times in India. It is hard to specifically pinpoint the time in history when it truly originated since different versions are being passed on from one group to another. Figures of how long it has been around have relied upon the expertise of the historians who interpreted the sacred carvings found in the Indus Valley Civilization.

Yoga Mat – Choosing the Right Yoga Mat

Yoga is an extremely popular form of exercise that has origins that date to thousands of years ago. The benefits that can be achieved from practicing yoga are numerous and medically proven. But in order to gain the said benefits, a proper and efficient performance of the exercises is needed. In order to help in that aspect, it is highly recommended to avail of a yoga mat.

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