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Trinity – The Three Levels of a Yoga Or Qigong Practice

Yoga and Qigong practice is traditionally spoken of as occurring on three levels: the outer, the inner & the secret. These three levels of practice have similarities to what in Taoist practice are known as the Three Treasures (Jing, Qi & Shen); and also to what in Buddhist practice are known as the Three Bodies (Tri-Kaya) of the Buddha/Awakened Mind (Nirmanakaya, Sambhogokaya & Dharmakaya). [They also have a less precise but still resonant relationship to the Hindu yogic system of the “five sheathes.”] This articles explores these three levels of practice, from the perspective of: the practitioner; the teacher; and the world-view which they invite/support.

Dhauti – An Excellent Stomach Cleanser

Dhauti is a shuddhikriya which means the act of cleaning. It specifically cleans the stomach. Since is one of the main organ in the human body and the health of the human being is dependent on the condition of the stomach. Hence it becomes very important for you to clean your stomach. Dhauti is the useful activity for this cleansing.

Points To Be Followed Before Learning Yoga

Once you have decided to practice yoga for better living and spiritual health, you need to take care of the following points so as to prevent injuries to your physical self:

How To Perform Yogic Exercises

When you have decided to start with your yoga practice, it is imperative for you to learn how to perform a pose properly. Thus it is advisable for you to find a right teacher who will guide you in the correct manner of performing these poses.

Insights into the Benefits of Yoga

An interesting article on the physical and spiritual benefits of practicing Yoga.

Importance of Controlling Your Mind

Since ancient times, the human philosophers have realized the importance of mind in governing the human affairs. They knew that a person’s external circumstances were the result of his internal thoughts

Tenets of Yoga Philosophy

In the ancient India, philosophy has been traditionally divided into two main groups. These groups are called as the orthodox group and heretic group. The orthodox group believes in the authority of Vedas in all the philosophical matters. These orthodox systems are six in all. One of the most popular systems of philosophy is yoga.

Yama and Niyama in Yoga

Yoga defines yama and niyama as the positive and negative aspects of behaviour respectively. Traditional texts mention ten yamas and ten niyamas but Patanjali’s Yogasutra, which is considered the original treatise on yoga, defines five yamas and five niyamas.

Karma Yoga – The Art of Living

The ancient book of Gita, which is the treatise on the living has led a great stress on the karma. Karma is defined as the action and its fruits. Ancient Hindu saints have believed that a man’s life is the direct result of his karma. Good thoughts, words and deeds lead to good and happy life while bad thoughts, words and deeds lead a person to disaster

Mudras For Good Health

We present some brilliant, very effective and simple mudras, which you can practice anytime and anywhere:

Find the Right Yoga Teacher and Yoga Class for You

Though there are most likely at least half a dozen yoga studios and gyms that offer yoga classes in your neighborhood, finding the one class and the right teacher to suit your needs is not always easy.

Yoga – A Cure for Modern Day Stress

As we walk the tightrope between modern life and our animal instincts, the human race strives to find balance. In our bodies, our minds, our environment, in our lives. With our brains over-stimulated and our bodies more sedentary than ever, many of us suffer from the fatigue and imbalance that comes from chronic stress without sufficient recovery. A yoga practice is an excellent way to soothe nerves that are in a constant state of overdrive. Yoga can help give us the ability to live healthy amidst hectic schedules and bustling environments.

Yoga Paths

Since human beings began practicing yoga thousands of years ago, the symbol of a tree has often been linked with the discipline – and for good reason! Yoga has a multitude of branches when it comes to how you choose to practice and all of them are based on the same philosophy, or trunk, of spirituality.

Fireworks after Yoga Day USA

There is an interesting press release from Medical News Today. The article is titled, “Yoga Day USA and The Distortion of Yoga in America.”

Yoga – Breathing Correctly A Simple Exercise To Help You Feel Better Instantly!

Breathing is one of our basic non-voluntary bodily functions, and is our connection to life itself and we also have control over it, so if we learn to breathe correctly we can actually maximize our health and energy levels. The correct breathing exercise can be done by anyone you don’t need to know anything about yoga and it is a quick an easy way to look and feel better instantly.

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