Ep 140 Understand Chinese Medicine: Qi Gong, Accupuncture & Yang Addiction w/ Brodie Welch, L.Ac.

Universal Laws of Yoga – Part 3

Yoga was interpreted in many ways by a variety of cultures and partial facets of Yoga have grown independently. Some Hatha Yoga styles do not even practice meditation.

Yoga Teacher Certification or Registration – Part 1

Why should a Yoga teacher be certified? What about established Yoga teachers who don’t have a diploma? What is the ‘right’ Yoga credential to have? When should I become a Registered Yoga teacher? Who regulates Yoga?

Universal Laws of Yoga – Part 1

What is Yoga? Why do some religious fundamentalists fear Yoga? What is the objective of Yoga? These questions about the true purpose of Yoga always arise, but the answers are not quite clear. So, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

Yoga Teacher Certification or Registration – Part 2

What about established Yoga teachers who don’t have a diploma? Yoga teaching credentials are a relatively new concept. Many ‘seasoned’ Yoga teachers have suddenly found themselves in need of credentials.

Universal Laws of Yoga – Part 2

Here are some habits to practice on your journey toward self-perfection. Always remember that you may make some mistakes along the way.

Yoga Blankets For Comfort And Warmth

Yoga Blankets are very useful for reaching that optimum level of yoga which can benefit and be useful in every yoga poses we perform. It is the best thing which can be used for comfort and does not allow the cold floor make any difference to you.

Yoga Sandbags For Strength And Vitality

Well during your exercising days you must have lifted weight and now switching to yoga things have changed but there is an integration of both in some aspects of the yoga poses. These are very useful in increasing your strength and to know your endurance level.

Yoga Bolster An Equipment To Better Your Yoga

Yoga an ancient art has penetrated into our daily lives and that too in full swing. Every other person is hooked on to it, no matter what your age or size.

Yoga Videos – Guidance And Counseling Towards Better Living

In this rush hour and hectic life every one is looking for peace and tranquility which becomes harder day by day. Many of us do not know the correct way to find relaxation which can be one of the very strenuous tasks to look for. Knowing yoga is very important and getting to learn from a proper yoga instructor is also very important.

Yoga Balls For Fitness And Stability

Yoga Balls are the new craze in the market due to its viable uses which provides the best posture and stability factor for those who practice yoga. This is an inflatable piece which is now being part of an exercise routine for many. It is made out of PVC vinyl or rubber. Once it is inflated it is used basically for basic muscles like abdomen, chest and back.

Yoga Straps – Having A Grip On Correct Yoga

As we all know Yoga can be completely accurate and possible for everyone if the necessary things like mats, clothes, pillows, straps and many more are around.

Get Rid of Sorrow and Disease

Mind can control all known and unknown forces in the body. This is achievable through Yoga. Then one wins over sorrow and disease.

Yoga in Practice: A Healthy Planet

What can one Yogi do about the planet’s health? We must all take action together, in order to be truly effective. It should be a concerted action.

Yoga Clothes – A Fit For Better Yoga

While doing Yoga, one should always keep in mind the comfort and the level of stretch one can go through. To be able to achieve that level one should be wearing really comfortable clothes which can be determined as the need of the hour.

Yoga Blankets Bringing Warmth And Energy To You

These blankets or rugs as they are called are very useful while doing the yoga poses. By folding the blanket or rug it give you the extra height to do your pose, your sweat is absorbed by these blankets and lets you maintain the pose which sometimes can be tedious for many.

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