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Yoga For Older Adults – 6 Amazing Health Benefits

One of the extraordinary things about practicing yoga is that yoga strengthens all different areas of the body: heart, lungs, muscles, joints and nervous system. Discover 6 amazing health benefits that the practice of yoga can offer the older adult.

Sun Salutations – Yoga Practice Easily Performed in Any Comfortable Space

Have you ever wanted to experience yoga within the comfort of your own home, but have no idea how to put together a simple practice? Sun salutations is easy to learn, and can be practiced anywhere with very little instruction. In today’s time pressed world, a fitness regime that is simple and can be done without a gm or fancy equipment will fit right into most people’s schedules.

How to Choose a Great Yoga Instructor – 7 Attributes

Choosing the best yoga instructor can be daunting, as there are many available practitioners and styles today. A great yoga instructor will provide an experience which nurtures, awakens and challenges you at all levels.

Pranayama – The Practice of Yoga Breathing

Yoga places great emphasis on breathing. The breathing exercise is called pranayama.

What Yoga Has Taught Me So Far

Being a Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor and having dabbled in gymnastics and dance, fitness competitions and figure skating for a number of years I thought I was pretty fit, and pretty flexible, and pretty strong. But I noticed when I started yoga, that things I thought I knew had a funny way of turning into “sh!t I didn’t know that I didn’t know”.

Using Weights With Yoga – 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing It

Yoga with weights is a very powerful combination of two well tested exercise regimes. To achieve overall physical fitness weight training is up there at the top, and yoga is known the world over as a regime of personal development and fitness too. By putting these two together you are fulfilling the wants and desires of your body but even more importantly it goes beyond the physical side of your well being.

Yoga As a Profession

Yoga is greatly helpful in calming the mind and body. Yoga certifications make the person a dedicated practitioner of yoga who understands the meaning of each and every exercise. Many institutes provide good and effective training. These courses increase the confidence of the teacher and enable them to transcend their limits through self-discovery.

Yoga Dance Teacher Training: Can You Be Certified in Yoga and Dance?

In some ways, yoga complements dance perfectly. The flowing poses can be dancelike. Yoga also provides a way to loosen muscles tightened by doing a dance routine. But what if you want to teach both? Can you get Yoga dance teacher training?

Yoga Is Not Necessarily Religion And Spirituality

Looking to submit my new blog to some directories this morning, I was mildly annoyed to see that yoga was only filed under religion and spirituality on some of the well-known directories. Really, what about health and fitness?

Yoga and Masculinity – Misconcepts About Stretching and Strengthening the Body

While yoga has gained somewhat of a false reputation for being something that only women do, the truth is that there are a number of men who do it as well in order to stay in shape and perform well in certain sports. Yoga can certainly help with increasing flexibility, so you will be able to do more physically.

Yoga With Children – How to Practice Yoga At Home With Your Child

Practicing yoga at home on the living room floor is not only for moms who need to get back in shape – also the little ones can enjoy participating in yoga, thus achieving a stronger and more flexible body as well as enjoying the calming effects of yoga. This article will explain why yoga is also good for children and it will give you some tips on how to get started on yoga with children.

Benefits Of Good Yoga Mats For Fitness

Yoga plays a vital role in Hindu philosophy, for genuine yogis, Yoga is their way of life. It is amazing how this practice can generate so much energy in the mind and overcome the limits of human body. Yoga is distinguished from traditional philosophy as it marvels through bodily control ascribed to its devotees.

Is Yoga Good Or Bad For You?

Yoga is very popular in the United States. Studios are popping up all over the place. Some people swear by it and others have been injured by it. So is it good or bad for you? This article shares view points from each side so you can be armed with information when you decide if you want to try yoga out for yourself. It also shares poses that cause the most injury so you can avoid them and offers alternatives for poses that need a little extra support.

Exercise On Your Own With Yoga And Weights – Top 5 Tips How It Can Be Done

Learn how it can be fun to exercise on your own and stay motivated. No more huge gym costs or embarrassment at your yoga class. Discover how you can gain the confidence to do your own routine at home every week.

Why Should You Go for Hormone Yoga Therapy?

Hormone yoga therapy is great for women who are suffering from the problems during the different stages of menopause. During these stages, the hormone levels of your body keep gradually decreasing as you gradually near the end of your reproductive years.

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