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Enhance Your Life With Yoga

Like everything, practice makes perfect. Yoga requires discipline and ongoing work in order for you to enjoy the benefits. However if you do stick at it, I can guarantee you it will bring about a positive change in your life that you probably haven’t experienced yet.

Yoga Classes For Children – 5 Common Questions Asked by Parents

As a parent you want the best for your children. You want them to be happy, settled and confident at school, choose positive friends and be successful in their chosen careers. However, if you are like me, a busy mum of three teenagers, you also want your children to be healthy, to know how to care for themselves, how to relax and use their time constructively.

Can Yoga Relaxation Techniques Help to Calm Your Busy Mind and Achieve Balance in Your Life?

When was the last time you felt calm and at peace with your life? Or experienced a sense of calm at the end of a busy day?

Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali – The Beginners Guide to the Yoga Sutras

If you are new to yoga or even a seasoned yogi, chances are you have heard your yoga teacher mention the words “the yoga sutra’s” or the “eight limbs of yoga” or even mentioned the great yoga teacher, Patanjali. Did you realise that the Yoga Sutras form the philosophical basis of your physical yoga practice?

How to Relax – 3 Yoga Postures to Help You Relax Between Poses

Learning how to relax is often a key reason for people taking up yoga. Life is busy and as a yoga teacher I hear many of my students say that they are stressed and need to relax.

Is Wii Fit Yoga Really Yoga?

The Wii Fit Yoga program by Dreamcatcher is probably the most controversial yoga product on the market. Many yoga purists dismiss it as a gimmicky game, while others rave about it, saying it is a great introduction to yoga. Who’s right?

Is the Manduka Yoga Mat Worth Its Price?

If you’ve been shopping for a yoga mat, your jaw may have dropped when you stumbled across the Manduka yoga mat. At a list price of $90, the top of the line BlackMat Pro is the Rolls Royce of yoga mats. Is it worth it?

A Free Yoga Online Course That Actually Offers Value

One of the most frequent marketing ploys offered by online businesses is the “free course.” Sometimes, these courses offer valuable information, but more often than not, they offer a “teaser” and in order to get anything information of value, you have to pay for the whole course.

Yogitoes Skidless – More Than a Yoga Accessory

Brightly colored “Yogitoes Skidless” adorn the floors of yoga studios everywhere these days. Ask users what they are and the responses will vary.

Asana – Yoga Discipline

In the Asana (in Samskrta / Sanskrit, the ancient language base of YOGA) people manage to reach the stage of maximum personal capacity, an exacerbated development, an exceptional concentration and a powerful personal growth, all particularities of YOGA. The movement that follows the stop should be complementary to this and completely smooth, completely dominating the Gravity.

Yoga For Stress Relief – 3 Key Yoga Tips to Avoid Getting Stressed Out at Work

Work place stress comes in many shapes and disguises. Depending on the nature of your job and level of support and resources available to you, life can be very stressful at work. For instance, you may have to manage a heavy case load as well as supervise colleagues; or you might be head of a large complex division and constantly have to battle with other heads of departments for access to funds or more staff to complete your work.

Hatha Yoga and Meditation – Practicing Dhyana Through Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a powerful tool to help strengthen both you body and mind. Using powerful postures and correct breathing techniques you can better focus your mind in meditation.

Nude Yoga – What You Should Know About Naked Yoga

Practice of nude yoga started in 1960s. With the popularity of this form yoga, many people started joining naked yoga classes. Aaron Star became an underground sensation when his Hot Nude Yoga that hit the market in 2001.

Yoga Inversion Swing – Steps on How to Get Started

How to set up and use a Yoga Inversion Swing in no time! You will learn what steps to do first to ensure your success and build your health for a balanced body on a daily basis. There are many health benefits for those who use a Yoga Inversion Swing. Find out how you and your family can benefit now! This article tells which way is the best and safer ways to hang your swing in your home and how to start using your new swing for the benefits that it will provide.

Yoga With a Balanced Diet For Better Results!

If you have started doing Yoga, then it is also important that you understand the need to eat the right quality of food. Eating a healthy and balanced diet would help you to be fit and achieve the weight you are working for. Sattvic foods are one of the categories of food, which should be adopted by everyone.

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