Easy Yoga for Your Feet and Ankles (15-min) Simple Light Stretching For Runners

A Fresh Look at Mantra Yoga

The whole universe is Consciousness vibrating at different frequencies. All the varying techniques of yoga(union) and meditation are based on the underlying principles of resonance and sympathetic vibration.

Is Maslow’s Hierarchy A Plagiarism On Chakras & Kundalini Yoga, Known About For Thousands of Years

Chakras are about the parallel processors of the mind. Only one of these processors is Intellectual. The rest comprise the emotions, the unconscious, the subconscious, the inner child and the id.

Benefits And Importance Of Yoga For Elderly

Time and again we have been saying Yoga is not too old or too young for anyone. The sooner you start its better, but if you haven’t had your time of glory in young age then you still can do it at your current age. Age, Sex, Religion, Race, Caste or Creed is no bar with yoga. You will only gain from it and not loose anything in life.

Self Remains in Four States of Consciousness

Self of a man remains in four states of consciousness i.e. waking, dreaming, deep sleep and true self. The aim of Yoga is to realise the true self.

Bikram Yoga – Hot, New Energy Source

As people search for curative and restorative effects to combat the impact of a chaotic world, Yoga has become very popular in our culture. Yoga is for everyone and can be done by every body. Yoga is the only exercise from which you gain energy instead of burning it …

Facts About Yoga Business Coaching Services

There was a time when the use of the words, ‘Yoga’ and ‘business,’ in the same sentence, would have been considered ‘shameful.’ However, when you have a Yoga studio, pay for a lease, advertising, insurance, utilities, and more – you know this is serious business. Whether you own a Yoga studio, or are an independent contractor, your money is ‘on the line,’ and possibly your life savings.

Yoga Eye Pillow – A New Light Towards Relaxation

Yoga is all about relaxation and relieving your stress which can make a drastic change in your life. To see that reflect in your life you can do start off by doing some of the basic yoga. Usage of the props and accessories like blankets, rugs, mats and eye pillow are of great help.

Yoga Wedges- Boosting Your Yoga Skills

Yoga is an all time medicine to every part of your body. It is very popular and has become an important part of our lives. It is very important to do all the yoga poses correctly so as to avoid any injury. To make that process smoother you can make use of the different props and accessories which are available in the market.

Yoga and Pregnancy – Why Do Yoga At This Time?

Pregnancy is a natural time for taking care of yourself. For a first time mother a yoga class will offer a chance to be comfortable in the changes taking place physically and mentally.

Yoga For Men

Yoga is a mind – body experience which enhances health and general well-being. It can help improve concentration, contribute to weight loss and redistribution of fat and improve muscle tone.

Yoga Clothing for Yoga Mamas

Yoga has become part of an important lifestyle trend towards greater health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as the new “yoga mama” is beginning to replace the “soccer mom.” Clothing is an important part of achieving the most from the practice of yoga.

Going Gaga over Yoga

Pop icon Madonna is probably one of the most popular bi-products of commercialized yoga. Since she started to come out…

Yoga for Fibromyalgia

Yoga is an excellent health resource for patients seeking Fibromyalgia Relief. Yoga for Fibromyalgia Syndrome not only energizes the body, but also relaxes the mind.

Yoga: Far More Than a 5,000-Year Old Trend

When many think of yoga, images of zoned-out new-agers in pretzel-like positions chanting mantras, may come to mind, but consider this: Yoga is an ancient practice that can help you deal with the stress of modern life.

Yoga and Your Health

The practice of Yoga has a number of biochemical advantages. Such advantages include lower glucose levels, lower HDL and LDL cholesterol levels, a higher haemoglobin count, a reduction in the level of sodium in your body, a lowering of white blood cells in your body, a lowering of Triglycerides, and an increase in certain vitamin levels in your system.

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