Easy Shoulder Stretching for Tension and Pain Relief (20-min)

The Truth About Options for Yoga Teachers, Part 4

Many of the Yoga hybrids are combinations of Yoga with dance, martial arts, and Pilates. If you were to pursue these a bit further you could “re-invent the wheel” or become certified to teach Kripalu DansKinetics, The Method, Yoga Fusion, Yogilates, or Nia.

Yoga Exercises – Healthy Lifeline With the Yoga Experience

Yoga is helping people the natural way to ease stress/pain. Beneficial results from practising yoga is peace of mind..

The Truth about Options for Yoga Teachers, Part 3

These are not classes for Yoga students with ailments, or for beginners who just “jumped off the couch.” Power Yoga is a fantastic system of Yoga exercises, but if you are going to teach any form of Power Yoga classes, you have to be completely honest with prospective students.

The Truth About Options for Yoga Teachers; Part 2

At the very least, a Yoga teacher should have knowledge of the latest trends in Yoga classes, and the latest continuing education options for Yoga teachers. If something does appeal to you, there are many different continuing education options available for Yoga teachers.

Benefit of Yoga – The Christian Viewpoint

The Christian viewpoint is thus – if one opens the mind to clearer thinking and inner vision, they open the spirit to demonic possession. It is felt that Yoga practice borders on occultism, and that opening one’s mind and spirit to the benefit of yoga is both dangerous and against everything Christianity preaches.

The Truth about Options for Yoga Teachers, Part 1

When, or if, you decide to become a Yoga teacher, you should start with a basic Yoga teacher training course that gives you an overview of all of the fields within Yoga. If you decide to specialize, it is best to do it when the need becomes apparent.

Yoga and Personality Development

Human personality is a very complex topic by itself. There are many definitions of personality. This article explains the Yogic view of personality and its development.

Yoga Exercises – What Has Cannabis Got in Common With Yoga

What has yoga exercises and cannabis got in common – well that is simple they both relate to joints. Cannabis is smoked in a joint and yoga exercises help relax the joints. Let us focus on the how the natural way is the legal way to ease troubled minds, aches and pains.

Yoga Positions For Beginners – 2 Things You Need to Know

Beginners take to Yoga like a duck to water. Techniques that surely eases body pains and a troubled mind…

Yoga for Kids: Building Self-Image, Part 2

Children have to be taught to appreciate themselves as they are. Self-worth cannot be calculated by the skill of one single activity, and Yoga is the sum of many different activities, within a given class.

Karmic Yoga and Devotion

Through devotion we help all of humanity. We raise our own consciousness while we are helping others raise theirs. The truth is that when we truly live a devotional life, we are engaged in Karmic Yoga where we are. When we are devoted to anything positive or neutral (but not anything negative) we are doing Karmic Yoga.

The Best Yoga Techniques – Is Not to Contemplate But Concentrate

The best technique for any person contemplating to take up yoga is not to contemplate but to concentrate – on how yoga and its techniques is escalating into a world wide epidemic where yoga exercises are helping ailing patients and others who seek peace of mind. Understanding yoga is a lot less complicated than you could imagine but if you are thinking of taking up the practice then there are some yoga techniques you need to be aware of and apply through out the exercise.

Yoga for Kids: Building Self-Image, Part 1

Let’s look at the positive aspects for children within a typical Kids Yoga class. Although, Yoga is a vast subject, and there are a number of topics to discuss; children are better off being taught to focus on four components within a Hatha Yoga class.

Yoga – Practices and History

Yoga has many thoughts and practices. Yoga come from many different cultures throughout history.

The Journey from Back Pain to Yoga Class

Why are doctors referring their patients, who have chronic back pain, to Yoga classes? How many studies have been conducted on back pain and Yoga? Is Yoga a “cure all” for back pain? What kind of Yoga class is best for back pain? Let’s look at all of these issues and see if we can clear up some answers.

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