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Facts on Yoga

Yoga has become an increasingly popular form of exercise and meditation the last several years. Many people look at yoga as just that, though. But yoga encompasses more than simply exercise and meditation. This article will “enlighten” you to some facts about yoga.

Dangers of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is particular path of yoga, which amongst other things can offer a seeker tremendous occult power. Kundalini yoga seeks to open up the different charkas or energy centers. If an aspirant is successful he will be able to have access to these yogic powers at the same time the Kundalini powers can easily be misused and harm both the seeker and other people

Yoga A Timeless Culture For A Healthy Lifestyle

Yoga, the art and science of the ancient Indian civilization is dowsing the modern society to find outbreaks of followers. This short extract serves not only to provide a general background about it but also outlines certain essential tips regarding its beneficial use.

Yoga and Pregnancy Benefits

Yoga is claimed to be a good exercise for everyone. Yoga is also a good exercise for pregnant women and provides them with many benefits. So whether you are pregnant or know someone who is, read on to learn the many positive benefits of yoga for pregnant women.

Kripalu Yoga-Learn the Benefits

Kripalu Yoga can have a profound effect not only in your body, but also on your emotions and your mind. It’s a tremendous tool for self-empowerment and personal growth.

Are You Lacking Concentration and Discipline In Your Life? If So, Try Yoga for More Focus

In today’s modern and fast paced life, we often need to reign in our habits surrounding food, drink, emotions, relationships, money and spirituality to achieve balance. When our lives are out of balance, it’s just like a tire on your car that needs balancing, it vibrates through the steering wheel telling you it is wearing poorly and won’t last as long as it should. Our bodies are the same, when they need balance they often fall ill with poor blood pressure, a heightened sense of stress and unhappiness, and bad eating habits that throw our systems into a tail spin of obesity. Yoga will help you balance your mental and physical accounts and the rest of your life will take on a new sheen as well.

What can a Hatha Yoga Teacher Offer a Middle-aged Student for Optimum Physical Health?

What can a Hatha Yoga teacher offer for those who are interested in improved fitness? Hatha Yoga teachers offer many things including exercise where students learn to bear their weight. This Yogic weight bearing exercise is good for middle-aged Yoga students, right now, and when they become seniors, as this will help increase bone density.

Yoga Center, Finding The Right Center For You

With a more health conscious population there has been a resurgence of fitness for all ages, not just those who like the gym work but all levels of fitness and so we have seen yoga centers popping up all over the country.

An Honest Description of Yoga

Yoga is a basic part of Hindu philosophy where the aim is complete liberation from the physical world. The true goal of traditional Yoga practice is the attainment of knowledge and the practitioner will pass through eight clearly defined stages before achieving liberation. This can take several lifetimes to achieve.

How to Stay Motivated in Your Yoga Practice

Okay, so you’ve decided that this is the year you are going to get into shape, both physically and mentally – you’ve decided to take up yoga or to recommit to your current yoga practice. Maybe you’ve signed up for a new class or purchased some new yoga DVDs, or maybe you want to begin your daily yoga practice at home. You’re feeling enthusiastic about making some healthy changes in your life, but how can you keep that motivation going throughout the year?

Treat Your Acne With Yoga

Everything about yoga is good, but the best part of yoga is that it is a great stress reliever. If you had a proper exercise and yoga schedule, acne would have been miles away from you.

Sacred Love- Yoga and the Mystery of Real Life Love

What more can Yoga be than a relationship, a deep and pure window through which spirituality can be experienced, practiced and challenged. Here the five keys to SACRED LOVE help to bring yoga from the studio to real life. There is a deeper meaning to yoga, one that extends outside of the four walls in which a yoga practice is performed, or a meditation is experienced. That deeper meaning is, according to ancient texts, love.

Yoga From The Inside Out – New Perspectives In A Personal Practice

Are you feeling stuck in your yoga practice? Or you’ve just started out but find it frustrating? Here I describe how I found – and moved through – the limits of my own flexibility, and rediscovered my own body in the process.

The Philosophy of Yoga and How It Applies to Modern Society

Yoga in the west is primarily associated with hatha yoga postures. Hatha yoga is actually only a small part of an ancient system of spiritual practices grouped together under the term yoga. The Sanskrit meaning of yoga is yuj; to yoke or unite.

Hatha Yoga’s Attraction for Middle-Aged Students

Why are more, and more, students, over 40 years of age, discovering Hatha Yoga classes for the first time? What can Hatha Yoga do for a “couch potato?” What can Hatha Yoga offer the active person, who is over 40? Let’s take a closer look at each of these issues for the deeper answers, which Hatha Yoga contains.

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